PowerA Fusion and mini Controller

Do you like controllers that are portable and customizable? You need a PowerA Fusion controller if you do. Normally with an Xbox One controller, you’re used to having eight traditional action buttons available. You work with what’s available. The Fusion gives you an extra two on the back of the controller. You can configure these however you’d like. It also has dual trigger locks, allowing for faster attacks when enabled. Picky about analog sticks? It has six different sorts of analog sticks of different sizes, with two even having convex surfaces instead of concave.

As for the PowerA Xbox One mini Controller, don't let its name convince you it's not up to playing all your games. Size doesn’t matter. It’s still as comfortable as a regular controller, with a hexagon micro-textured undercarriage. It has personality, with multiple color schemes. It has a 3.5 audio jack, so you can still talk with people. Plus, the impulse triggers and dual rumble motors you expect are still all there. This little guy is absolutely good to go for anyone who doesn’t think the more standard size controllers are right for them.

PowerA Fusion Controller

PowerA mini Controller for Xbox One