1/4 Scale Donatello NECA Figure

Now that we’re adults, we can appreciate the finer things. For example, when we were kids, we could only get the cheap, plastic Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. If we were lucky, that is. Now that we’ve matured, we can upgrade to something like the NECA Donatello figure. This is a 16.5” tall, 1/4 scale action figure.

Here’s what makes the NECA Donatello figure so great. It’s a complete upgrade from the figures you see in regular stores. There are 30 points of articulation, allowing for incredibly detailed poses. The paint job is impeccable, offering all sorts of unexpected accents. It even comes with interchangeable hands, which you can use to pose him gripping and using his staff. These are all the sorts of things that you would have thought were cool as a kid, but appreciate more now due to them being so incredibly detailed and meticulously designed.

1/4 Scale Donatello NECA Figure