Kotobukiya Marvel Civil War Set

Whose team would you have been on if you were in Captain America: Civil War? It doesn’t matter what your choice would be, because you’d be able to get a Kotobukiya ArtFX+ figure regardless. These $69.99 highly detailed figures of Captain America and Iron Man are great either separate or apart.

Both of the Captain America: Civil War ArtFX+ figures are 1/10th scale, making them each about 7” tall. They’re meticulously detailed, with sculpts that capture every detail and perfect paint jobs. Each one is inspired by the movie, with true to life designs. If you get both Captain America and Iron Man, you’re able to do something incredibly cool. Their bases connect, letting you create a scene that looks like the two are fighting one another. It’s almost like you’re able to recreate one of the most important moments from the movie and immortalize it forever!

Kotobukiya - Captain America

Kotobukiya - Iron Man