Royole Moon - 3D Virtual Mobile Theater

VR headsets are all the rage this holiday season, but what about those who want that big screen experience without the virtual reality elements? That’s where the folks at Royole come in. According to their website, their goal with was simple; “…deliver a truly immersive, 3D movie watching or gaming experience that could be enjoyed anytime and anywhere.” And thus, they bring us the Moon (figuratively speaking, of course).

The Moon headset provides a giant 800” curved screen, bringing immersion right to your home or on the go. The display size is adjustable to emulate the theater experience on one end, and it also provides a HUD for those looking to use it for a little gaming on the other. But the dual 1080p displays are not the only sleek aspect of these babies, as the active noise canceling headphones included are no slouch either. As sound is an integral part of any cinematic or gaming experience, Moon’s audio technology is second to none. These headphones provide crystal clear audio while also reducing noise by 92% (or 22dB for you audiophiles out there). While this headset is definitely on the premium end of gift giving, it provides a premium level of quality as well! Definitely consider this for the tech-head in your life this Christmas.

Royole Moon - 3D Virtual Mobile Theater