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Top 10 Video Game Movies That Don't Suck

Game-inspired movies have a bad reputation, but some are really great! People have to watch these ten.

Next Pokemon Movie to be Produced by Attack on Titan Studio

The next Pokemon movie shares DNA with Attack on Titan.

Bungie Addresses Locked Content Controversy in Destiny 2

Bungie is making adjustments to Destiny 2 after Curse of Osiris led to some structural issues.

Huge Final Fantasy XV Update Released

Among other updates, Character Swap is officially available for Final Fantasy XV.

Rumor: EA Working on Battlefield: Bad Company 3

According to one reputable leaker, Battlefield: Bad Company 3 will be revealed at E3 2018.

Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery Mobile RPG Announced

Harry Potter franchise gets new mobile game that allows players to live out their Hogwarts dreams.

Soulcalibur VI - PSX 2017 Trailer

History hides away more than one truth… SOULCALIBUR VI represents the latest entry in the premier weapons-based, head-to-head fighting series and continues the epic struggle of warriors searching for the legendary Soul Swords.

Angry Birds Friends - Santa Coal & Candy Claus

Rescue Santa in a new holiday tournament! Play 5 new tournaments in three weeks of holiday hijinks complete with piles of presents and a whole slew of sweets!

ARK: Survival Evolved's Aberration Gets Really Bizarre

Ready to get pregnant in ARK: Survival Evolved? Aberration can help with that!

GTA Online Launches The Doomsday Heist

GTA Online's Doomsday Heist brings all kinds of cool new stuff, including a Red Dead Redemption 2 teaser.

Call of Duty World League Delayed Due to Bomb Threats

Call of Duty's World League was threatened twice, but still managed to finish with a winner.

Is One of the Biggest MMOs a Lie?

Destiny 2 is struggling with making people happy. Is it a ripoff or having an identity crisis?

Top 10 Games We Played at PSX 2017

The 2017 PlayStation Experience was a huge event with over 80 playable games on the show floor. Which ones should people pay most attention to? Well, check out these incredible ten titles!

Should Hentai Artists Be Allowed in Gaming?

Some of Xenoblade Chronicles 2's character designers did art for adult video games and drew hentai. Is this a big deal?

MediEvil Remaster Coming to PS4 in 2018

The original MediEvil is being remastered in 4K for PS4.

Detective Pikachu Receives PEGI Rating

Detective Pikachu may yet be released on the 3DS outside of Japan.

LawBreakers Developer Boss Key's Co-founder Leaves

Boss Key's co-founder has left the company and moved back to Epic Games.

Street Fighter V Season Three Characters Revealed

The full set of Season Three characters for Street Fighter V has been revealed, with Sakura leading the pack.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection - Announcement Trailer

Over 60 characters, 40 million units sold, and 30 years later, we’re celebrating Street Fighter with the Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection for Xbox One!

PUBG Test Servers Staying Live

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds' test servers will stay live until launch, though its next update will remove a questionable female character model.

Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection Is Real

Street Fighter will be coming to all modern consoles via an Anniversary Collection in May 2018.

Monster Hunter: World Will Receive Free Post-Launch Content

Monster Hunter: World will include all kinds of extra monsters for free after launch.

Netflix's The Witcher Gets an Executive Producer

Details regarding The Witcher for Netflix are pretty few and far between, aside from Lauren Schmidt Hissrich's involvement.

Should Developers Keep Secrets?

The video game industry is like a puddle of muddy water, but could it potentially clear up? Should the creation process be more transparent?
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