CheatCC’s Look at 2017 and Beyond!

Welcome to 2017! It's going to take a lot to clean our palates of the train wreck that was 2016, but darn it we're gonna try! The New Year arrives with optimism and brings along all new excitement and speculation within the industry. So kick back as CheatCC brings you all the info you crave on the hottest new releases coming over the next 12 months. It's going to be a fun ride, so strap in as we present the best of the best just on the horizon!

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Industry Figure Tommy Tallarico Teasing Huge Announcement

Tommy Tallarico is teasing a major announcement on his official Facebook page he says could change his life forever.

Visual Novel Issues on Steam Lead to Moves to GOG

After all the visual novel troubles on Steam, MangaGamer has expanded to GOG.

Yakuza 3,4, and 5 Remasters Coming to PS4

A set of three Yakuza remasters are coming to PS4 through 2019.

Paladins Strike Creators Admit to Using Overwatch Art

Some suspect outsourcing has led to art assets from Blizzard making their way into Paladins Strike advertising.

Nintendo Starting to Ban Switch Hackers from Online Services

A wave of bans might be coming to people working with homebrew on the Nintendo Switch.

Epic Games Heavily Funding Fortnite Tournaments

Epic Games says they are very focused on the competitive scene and have $100,000,000 for Fortnite competitions this year.

NBA Playgrounds 2 Delayed at the Buzzer

NBA Playgrounds 2 was supposed to be out today. It is not, and pre-orders were canceled.

Fortnite's Jetpacks Are Temporary

Jetpacks are now available in Fortnite, so log in to use them before they're gone.

Final Fantasy XIV Sends Players Back to Ivalice

The newest patch for FFXIV packs a punch, including a raid that takes people to Ivalice.

The Crew 2 - Coast to Coast Trailer

Get to know the various motor families of The Crew 2 and get ready to explore all of America the beautiful, racing through the various landscapes in all types of vehicles – cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats and planes! Start Small. Dream Big. Race Hard..

Battlefield 5 - Teaser Trailer

Never be the same. Join us for the Battlefield V Live Reveal on May 23 at 1 p.m. PT / 4 p.m. ET / 10 p.m. CEST, presented by The Daily Show host Trevor Noah and the DICE development team.

Why Video Game Consoles Still Matter

Have people ever wondered why playing a game on a console feels so good? Let's talk about that tangible sense of engagement that gamers just can't get from an emulator.

What’s Next After Physical Media Dies?

Physical media is dying. Digital is the future! Does that mean digital used games are next?

How the Rumored Superman Game Could Be Epic

A new Superman/Rocksteady project might be in the works. But Superman games have a terrible legacy in the world of gaming. What would a new title in the future need to make it work?

Alolan Forms Come to Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go will receive new tropical forms of Pokemon in Summer 2018.

Rainbow Six: Siege Operation Para Bellum Update Detailed

The new update for Rainbow Six: Siege will be one of the largest yet when it launches tomorrow.

Rumor: Jetpack Mode Coming Soon in Fortnite

Dataminers may have unconvered some secrets about a new limited time event in Fortnite

Gotta Go Fast? Sonic Edition PUMA Sneakers Out in June

PUMA and SEGA have come together to design two pairs of Sonic-themed sneakers.

Best Buy Shuts Down Gamers Club Unlocked

It might be time to say goodbye to Best Buy's GCU and its many pleasant discounts.

Persona Magazine Teasing New Persona 4 Port

A new version of Persona 4 could be coming, with what could be a new port, animated series and more.

Resident Evil 7 Coming to Switch via Cloud Streaming

Resident Evil 7 is coming to Switch, as long as you have a good Internet connection.

Battlefield V Teaser Trailer Released

A new teaser trailer has given us a hint at what to expect from Battlefield V, a new entry that may have WWII influences.

LEGO The Incredibles - Gameplay Trailer

**BREAKING NEWS** Syndrome is on the loose! In order to stop him, the Parr family needs to work together and take back the city.

R.I.P. to the PlayStation Vita

The Vita is headed towards the light at the end of the tunnel. Let's look back and the highs and the lows of a great handheld.
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