April 2010 Preview Guide

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April 2010 Preview Guide

PSThree Fit Preview


Developer: SCEA (SONY)
Publisher: SONY
System/s: PS3

April 1, 2010 - When Wii Fit came out a couple years ago, some thought it revolutionized the personal fitness market. They were SO wrong. Sure, it came with a "Balance Board" and helped people learn how to do "yoga" from the comfort of their home, but where was the action? Where was the excitement? Users might have exercised on Wii Fit every now and again, but there was nothing drawing them back in. Well, other than just a fitness goal, but how dull does that sound?

Enter PSThree Fit! This new title incorporates plenty of great fitness exercises, but instead of boring Segway races and rhythm punching, you'll have lots of action sequences! Running from zombies, squatting to avoid swinging razors, and striking yoga poses to avoid bullets are all part of PSThree Fit. Because no one wants to exercise just to exercise, PSThree Fit has devised some excellent ways to trick you into thinking you are just playing a game instead of exercising!


The secret to this fat-burning misdirection? The new PS3 MoveMotion board! And if you think this just looks like a black Wii Balance Board, you would be completely mistaken! This board uses technology that senses the pressure and direction of your movements, which is completely unlike anything else! When you are doing Yoga-I mean leaning out of the way of a dangerous enemy- the MoveMotion board will be able to track the pressure your toes are exerting so that you can be sure you are hitting just the right pose.

Another feature that will help motivate you to work out with PSThree Fit is the on-screen avatars. While other games use cameras to show yourself working out, or avatars that look somewhat like you, PSThree Fit uses on-screen characters from famous Sony franchises! Imagine doing yoga stretches with Kratos and dodging bullets with Solid Snake! It's a great way to forget about working out and just play !

PSThree Fit article

Of course, to truly lose some weight without thinking about it, PSThree Fit features no scale function or goals. Just action! The MoveMotion Board only reacts to pressure and directional movement, and while you are running around and performing crazy stunts, you will be blissfully unaware of what your current weight is, or if the program is actually working. But, what you will be aware of is how awesome it feels to run through platform-style courses with Ratchet and Clank!

This package already sounds great, but if you can believe itthere's more! The entire game will be presented in 1080i HD and will work with 3D televisions. No other fitness game can compare! Sure, the argument can be made that other fitness games on inferior consoles with Non-HD graphics allow you to "track progress" and do "real exercises", but they don't feature awesome action sequences. And that's why you should pick up PSThree Fit when it releases this fall-unless you want to spend your time looking at bar graphs... and that's just not cool.

PSThree Fit article

The PSThree Fit will release this fall and will have five different bundles. There will be the "basic" bundle which includes the MoveMotion Board and the game and will retail for $195. You can also get the Move special edition, which comes with an extra Move controller (required for most mini-games). The third bundle will have two Move controllers, which will enable you to use the boxing modes. Another bundle will have a Move controller and a Sub-controller, which is needed for all fitness games involving archery. Of course, if you want to be able to play all the mini-games in PSThree Fit, you will need the ultimate bundle, which has two Move controllers, the MoveMotion Board, and two Sub-controllers. This bundle will retail for $400, but fitness is worth the price, right?

So what are you waiting for? Pre-order your PSThree Fit now! It may be an overpriced and unproven as a fitness method, but heyat least it will be fun! Right?

By Amanda L. Kondolojy
CCC Staff Contributor

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