Are The HD Remakes Worth It?

Are The HD Remakes Worth It?

The collections are selling well, which is no surprise since the timing is perfect for every gamer. Those who've played the past titles want to relive the experience and enjoy the fresh visuals, those who never started the series want an affordable excuse to go back, and a younger audience who missed out on these games due to simply being too young is ready to finally see what all the fuss was about. Developers have an easier job packaging the product, with greatly diminished cost and resources required to update the games rather than develop entirely new ones, thus giving them an appealing potential profit margin.

So far, the remakes have been fairly successful. However, this could easily spiral out of control, or developers could decide to tweak the classics to the point of mutilation. Caution must be taken when considering which titles deserve a makeover. We certainly don't want an influx of every Xbox and PS2 title slapped with an HD symbol, and if such an invasion were to happen, those publishers would be in a bigger fight to snag our dollars. This scenario likely won't come to pass, but let me just offer the warning to any of you bigwigs out there (who likely aren't reading this) anway.


Also, remember that we live in an era of consumers who want more for less, trying to squeeze as much bang as possible out of each and every buck. Straight ports with updated visuals won't cut it, so pack in those control upgrades, extra chapters, new multiplayer features, and even a t-shirt to get sweaty in during those long play sessions. If we're presented with nothing more than a barebones remake—unless it's sold as a bargain title for under ten dollars—most won't even give it a second glance.

Are The HD Remakes Worth It?

I'd like to think that we're at the peak of game variety. Sure, we have endless zombie infestations and shooters galore, but there's also an embrace of past glory with classic contemporary hybrids and the reemergence of gems from previous console generations given new life and new looks.

Not all pre-HD series can successfully make this transition, and though the vein will eventually be exhausted, I can think of a few that haven't made the HD leap that really should. Stay tuned for my Top 10 Games That Need HD Remakes, or better yet, give me your picks in the comments below, and I may just bump one or two of my choices off the list and share the credit in the upcoming article.

Sean Engemann
Contributing Writer
Date: June 21, 2012

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