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All around the Internet, Battlefield 4 players are chiming in with their Battlefield 4 experiences as part of BF4’s new “testimonial” ad campaign. These ads tell the stories of real players in real BF4 multiplayer matches. It just goes to show how over the top Battlefield 4’s multiplayer is that people can talk about exploding boats, crashing helicopters, and crumbling buildings as commonplace events in random matches. Well, we aren’t going to let them have all the fun. We were having Battlefield 4 experiences before it was cool. So here is our Battlefield 4 testimonial, straight from the first time the game was shown off at E3 this year.

Angelo M. D’Argenio’s Testimonial

Battlefield 4 is cool and all, but none of the matches I’ve played since the game came out compare to the demo match I got to play at E3 on the “Siege of Shanghai” map. There’s this hard-to-capture craziness of a first-time demo that you just don’t get to experience in day-to-day matches; everyone there is a journalist of some sort, with absolutely no experience with the game whatsoever, and so everyone is trying out crazy things just to see whether or not they work. You wouldn’t even see noobs try this stuff in the final release.

The Weekly Dish -  Fus Ro Dah!™

There are so many memorable moments from that game. Several of my teammates crashed helicopters into the main skyscraper, just because they didn’t know the controls. I was on a boat that actually crashed through a bridge at one point. Rockets and bullets were flying everywhere, and people were getting killed by melee attacks just because they were trying to figure out the controls.

But the crowning moment of the day had to be when the big skyscraper in the middle of the map came down. My team was losing at the time, having given up several points to the opposition. The one that was killing us the most was the central skyscraper that allowed our opponents to parachute down to where they needed to go, firing at us all the while. So for the next few spawns, I did nothing but run at the building with explosives in hand. I died a lot, but hey, take one for the team.


Literally half of the match was spent making my way to the skyscraper and dying multiple times, but when that last support came down, the carnage began. No one was sure if the skyscraper was actually falling because it was the first time we ever played the game, and there is a serious delay between the last explosion and the fall. Players were running into the base of the skyscraper to investigate, only to get caught in the falling rubble. I decided to walk away from the carnage (because cool guys don’t look at explosions), heading for a nearby boat in order to get to safety, and just as the tower came down, I leapt for the boat… and then missed it and fell into the water, dying shortly thereafter. But hey, at least I got to see the tower crumble from the nifty third-person spawn view. That was pretty cool.

CheatCC Staff
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Date: November 12, 2013

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