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Half-Life Episode One review

Half-Life Episode One

That Gordon Freeman is gonna be pissed that someone not only stole his top-billing, but managed to star in a darn fine game too. Episode One is a one-player co-op game (AI) which features an emphasis on action and puzzles, often simultaneously. It's high difficulty setting will challenge H-L vets, but they probably wouldn't have it any other way.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

An RPG on the PC? What the - ? Oblivion IV is THE RPG to play in 2006 and there's a solid gold chance that it will remain so for a good chunk of 2007. Exploring Avarice without being forced into doing anything is our idea of a good time. Oblivion might be a little too "hand-holdy" for RPG vets, but noobs might appreciate the assistance. At the very least, Oblivion is accessible to everyone.

The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion review
Company of Heroes review

Company of Heroes

In my house, two's company, three's a war! Relic has re-invented and invigorated the RTS genre with their action-packed Company of Heroes. Where other strategy games bog down into mind-numbing details, CoH throws you directly into the chaos for as realistic a battle as we've seen. Even if you've sworn off this genre, give CoH a peek. You might be pleasantly surprised. That's an order, soldier!

Star Wars: Empire At War

The RTS genre is still alive and well on the PC thanks to excellent offerings such as Star Wars: Empire At War. Play as either the Empire or the Rebels and take the fight into space or wage war across a variety of planets. If you're a Star Wars fanatic with a penchant for detail and management, Empire At War will keep you away from girlfriends and dating for as long as humanly possible!

Star Wars: Empire At War review
Guild Wars: Factions review

Guild Wars: Factions

Guild Wars is the MMO that doesn't charge a monthly subscription fee and Factions is the expansion released in April 2006. If you're one of those gamers that doesn't quite understand MMO's or are worried about having to endlessly level your character to do anything, Factions just might be the MMO for you to cut your teeth on.


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