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Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Interview

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Interview

SM: Steven Masters - Game Designer of Rainbow Six: Vegas 2
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: One of the major complaints about the original Vegas was that the soundtrack didn't feel Vegas-y enough. Will there be any stereotypical Vegas music in Vegas 2 such as some Elvis or Wayne Newton?

SM: I don't think we have much Elvis stuff going on, but we have the traditional Rainbow music with the orchestral. I think it's actually closer to Raven Shield than it was in Vegas. In Vegas, we did stuff with the locations because they were on stages and things we often had rock music playing and things like that. There's less of that now, but the traditional Rainbow music is still there.


CCC: Will we still have three man squads or will we have four man squads again?

SM: The majority of the game is three man, but if you go with the co-op in the storyline you're playing four, but yeah, it is the same basic format.

CCC: Is there any change to the gameplay when you add the fourth player to the mix?

SM: Aside from being able to attack things from three different sides at once, you have your team at one door, the second player at another door, and the first player on the roof, but no, we don't change the number of enemies or anything. It is basically the same game.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Interview

CCC: What effects will the day and night levels have on the game/gameplay?

SM: It's really about the mood and how much you can see. So what it actually encourages you to do is use your vision devices a lot more. In the daytime, when you have perfect sight on everything, you don't really need to go to thermal or night vision goggles (NVG), but in the dark levels you'll want to get out the vision devices. You'll discover there are limitations; they're not great for all scenarios. It gives you a much more paranoid feeling when you can't see so well, and you know they're out there, and the terrorists also have the NVGs on. You'll just see their two red eyes chasing you and, like, the lasers come out and stuff like this. Trust me; when you're hidden behind a box and a guy is scanning over the top of it, its just like, I'm not coming out now.

CCC: Why did you guys decide to really ramp up the character customization with the P.E.C. mode?

SM: Well, we found it was a really successful thing. On the development team if we have five minutes of downtime we're like, I'm just going to change my character a little bit, let's wear this armor today. It was always slightly frustrating that I couldn't do that in single player. For multiplayer, we had this awesome customization thing, but then for single player it was locked away. In Vegas, you were Logan Keller, so you had to be a guy, and we wanted to put him on the posters and stuff so you couldn't change what he looked like. Once we made the decision to step away from a fixed primary character, we wanted to just blow that away so you'll play as just Bishop; you never know your first name. You can play as a man or a woman and as any of the races that we have, or you can just play as yourself. I find that really compelling for me to be in the game; it is my story then. Okay, they're calling me Bishop, but I'm willing to put up with that.

Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Interview

CCC: Finally, can you talk about the future plans for the Rainbow Six franchise?

SM: I think this is the last game set in Vegas. I can't really discuss the future of the franchise until any announcements are made, but like I said, Vegas' finale is here.

By Adam Brown
CCC Freelance Writer

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