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KUF: Circle of Doom Interview

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Interview

Interview with Henry Lee, Director of
Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
by Joseph Catalanotto

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Interview

December 19, 2007 - Kingdom Under Fire is a series well-known for its fantastic tactical RPG gameplay. The newest iteration of the popular series takes a different turn, focusing on creating a more action-oriented game experience while still holding on to the role-playing elements that have made the series so well-regarded. The brilliant graphics, incredibly deep and customizable gameplay system, and fun, engaging four-player online certainly make Blueside's latest Kingdom Under Fire game, subtitled Circle of Doom, a must have for any action/RPG fan. We get a chance to talk with the developers about their hotly anticipated title.

HL: Henry Lee - Director of Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom
CCC: Cheat Code Central

CCC: Is there any particular video game or other media from which you drew inspiration for this game series?

HL: There wasn't any particular concept or mood that inspired me directly. My goal was to create a game where four people would gather and have a blast, laughing and having good fun.

CCC: What significant changes will Circle of Doom feature over its predecessors?

HL: "Circle of Doom" is of a totally different genre when compared to its "KUF" predecessors. Before, our titles were somewhat focused on hardcore gamers, but "Circle of Doom" is easy to learn while retaining a measure of depth when you delve in further.

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Interview

CCC: What demographic do you think Circle of Doom is targeted for? Are there any implementations in this game that you think may attract people outside your target demographic?

HL: Within the gaming population, roughly two thirds would be male with an average age in the mid twenties who plays mostly RPGs and likes to see gore. We'll also target full-time gamers as well as fans of previous KUF games. Because "Circle of Doom" is not an immensely difficult game to play, we're hoping that more relatively casual gamers of all ages would also be attracted. The core idea of "Circle of Doom" is network co-op play that is both fun and easy-going, so this could appeal to a wide variety of gamers.

Kingdom Under Fire: Circle of Doom Interview

CCC: How did you decide to balance which elements to keep simple and which to assign a large amount of depth?

HL: The basic idea was to make the game as simple as possible structure-wise. So, there are only three stats in the game, and the weapon names have attack powers attached at the front.

With that simple foundation established, I wanted the game to be complex and variable, should the player wish to delve in deeper. We have 60 to 70 Enhancements that players can attach to equipment for almost infinitely varying results, and these are all tied in with Skill Point mechanics.

In the same sense, the initial game difficulty mode (Normal) is balanced so that players can complete the game with the aforementioned 'simple' play. Once the player completes the game on normal difficulty, they have a choice to play on Hard and Extreme difficulty modes requiring drastic use of Enhancements and Abilities, as well as strategic acumen.

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