Mining Minecraft: Journal Entry 1

Mining Minecraft: Journal Entry 1

I managed to collect three pieces of wood before I noticed the sun was getting pretty low. I knew I needed to find some sort of shelter or I would be swiftly destroyed by skeletons and zombies.

I was in luck. There was a tiny island near my position that had a tall sandy hill on it. I climbed onto the hill and whittled down the hillside so that I was completely surrounded by cliffs. It was dark when I finished. I could see the gorgeous night sky and knew I was safe.

Mining Minecraft: Journal Entry 1

I learned, from my cliff-top hiding place, that Minecraft's creatures of the night were not deterred by water as I had hoped they would be. It was fine, though, since I was pretty sure they could not climb up to me. I took a few arrows fired from some overly ambitious skeletons, but I survived that first night.

I cannot describe with words the satisfaction of seeing that sunrise the next morning. I had a small collection of wood started, and I was ready to spend the rest of the day gathering as much more as possible.

Another important discovery came to me that second day: I could refine the wood I had gathered. By doing so, one log would become four blocks of lumber. By the end of my second day, I had plenty of wood to begin building my first house.


I returned to my island, building a staircase out of sand that I promptly destroyed once I was safe on top the cliff. As skeletons hurled projectiles at me, unable to strike me except for the occasional lucky shot, I built a wall around myself. I realized that I was high enough off the ground that I could leave a small opening in each wall without risking harm. I watched the moon go down from inside my very first Minecraft house. It was tiny, but it felt like home.

Mining Minecraft: Journal Entry 1

By this point, I realized I was becoming completely immersed in the world of Minecraft. Time was flying. I began obsessing over all the things I could build once I had more resources. My addiction to Minecraft had officially begun. I finally knew why there was so much fuss about this funny-looking little game.

I had fallen in love with the pixelated cube.

By Josh Wirtanen
CCC Freelance Writer

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