7 Tips For Surviving Mob Of The Dead

7 Tips For Surviving Mob Of The Dead

As much as I loved the original Nazi Zombie mode, the semi-secret Easter egg in Call of Duty: World at War, its massive popularity and radical evolution is mind-boggling. No one could have predicted what it would eventually become.

With each release, the folks at Treyarch have consistently created something to top the previous installments. In fact, Call of Duty's zombie mode practically exists outside of the central CoD franchise. Sure, it's part of the package, but it feels like an entirely separate entity.

However, with evolution comes complexity, and the most recent incarnations of Treyarch's take on the zombie apocalypse have become pretty convoluted. Undoubtedly, those of you who have attempted to slog your way through Tranzit without an instruction manual know what I'm talking about. Now that the latest Black Ops 2 DLC, Uprising, is finally available, we've got another mystery on our hands.

Luckily, Cheat Code Central wants to help you prepare for Uprising's Alcatraz-themed zombie map, so we've put together a collection of tips to get you started. You're welcome.

7 Tips For Surviving Mob Of The Dead

Explore the map in Afterlife mode.

Mob of the Dead is different from its predecessors in a number of ways, but the most glaring separation has to be the addition of an afterlife. This isn't the zombie-related afterlife that you would probably expect from a zombie game. It's far more supernatural.

Historically, ghosts have been a centerpiece of Alcatraz's lore, so you shouldn't be alarmed when you actually become one. Being dead isn't as terrifying as you might think, and it offers several advantages Mob of the Dead is a complex map, and Afterlife mode will allow you to explore the map without being disturbed by zombies. So, if you find yourself being overrun by zombies, don't panic. Becoming a ghost should help you get your bearings.

Being devoured by zombies has never been a positive experience, but things are a little different on Alcatraz Island. However, as you're exploring be sure to keep an eye on the Afterlife timer. Once this blue meter has been depleted, you'll be dead.

Take Brutus down quickly.

Brutus is a former guard whose recent transition to zombie has made him extremely grumpy. He carries a nightstick and uses it to smash your face. Unlike the bosses in previous CoD installments, Brutus doesn't have his own round. He spawns randomly with the rest of the horde. So, keep your eyes peeled.

Aside from being a particularly strong enemy, Brutus also has the ability to lock Workbenches, Perk Machines, and the Mystery Box. Once they've been locked, you'll have to shell out 2,000 points in order to re-activate them, but every time Brutus re-locks an item, the price doubles. So, if he locks a workbench three times before you manage to kill him, you'll have to spend 6,000 points to build your precious items.

Pro tip: shoot him in the head as many times as possible.


Plan your route to the mystery box.

As with Treyarch's previous zombie maps, the mystery box can be a real game changer, so knowing where the box is hidden is obviously a priority.

From the starting area, you should be able to determine where the mystery box is located by looking through the skylight above. You'll see a gigantic, red spotlight through the glass. It won't tell you specifically where the box is, but it should give you a general idea. If you follow the light, you'll find the mystery box.

Also, the developers were kind enough to provide us with a map of Alcatraz in the starting area. It would probably be a good idea, at least initially, to plan your route to the mystery box, and have a few escape routes in mind if things start to get rough.

Use your knife as long as it's effective.

Bullets aren't always readily available on Alcatraz, which means that conservation is key. Using your knife during the early rounds will help you manage your money more effectively later.

Be careful, though. As you complete rounds, the knife becomes less effective. The number of swipes that it takes to kill a zombie is roughly equivalent to the round number. So, if you're on round five, it should take about five swipes to get a kill. That might be fine if there's only one zombie left, but it's obviously not an ideal weapon if you're in danger of being overrun.

Plus, if you manage to find an insta-kill power-up, switching back to the knife in order to conserve ammo is a very good idea.

Conserve your power-ups.

As you explore the prison, you'll find several power-ups hidden throughout the cellblock. These can be incredibly helpful, but they are easy to waste. So be careful.

In the past, collecting power-ups has practically been automatic, but in Mob of the Dead, you have a little more control over how they're doled out. The power-ups that are found in the prison cells don't respawn, which means it's a good idea to save them until they're absolutely necessary.

Remember how your mom always told you to be patient? Well, now it applies to video games.

7 Tips For Surviving Mob Of The Dead

Teleport those zombies.

It will probably be a while before science proves that ghosts have the ability to teleport zombies, but until then, we have Mob of the Dead.

In Afterlife mode, you can attack the hordes of defenseless zombies with bolts of psychokinetic electricity. This doesn't actually kill them, but it does teleport them to another part of the map.

Feel free to use this technique to clear some space around your corpse, but don't go crazy. Remember, the zombies aren't actually dead. So, you're going to have to deal with them at some point.

Workbenches are your friends.

Those of you who have played Tranzit are obviously familiar with Treyarch's complex construction system. Certain items can be built using specific parts and workbenches, but given the map's scale, things can get a little complicated. However, in Mob of Dead, the workbench system has been streamlined.

Now, any bench can be used to construct any piece of gear, and you can easily check to see which parts have been collected by opening the status screen. This newfangled system allows players to approach item construction with a little more strategy, but it also complicates things. In Tranzit, many of the items are located within a short distance of their corresponding workbench. However, in Alcatraz, items are spread throughout the entire prison.

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Date: April 24, 2013

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