PAYDAY 2 Will Contain More Awesome Than You Can Handle

PAYDAY 2 Will Contain More Awesome Than You Can Handle

Overkill Software’s PAYDAY 2 releases today, and because of this, we here at CheatCC bounce with the excitement of a thousand sugar-infused squirrels. We enjoyed playing through the original PAYDAY for the first time so much that the thought of going through the experience again brings joy into our lives. If the readers of this article find themselves included in the group of unfortunate lost souls who never played this unique shooter, allow us to help you find your way by telling you what you’ve been missing.

The high-octane action of PAYDAY: The Heist filled a hole that existed both in the DLC gaming market and the gaming market as a whole. Its fast-paced, brutal action forced players to approach each mission with a tactical mind; any player that plays like an over-zealous Rambo will never grasp the holy grail of the ultimate payday.

Overkill, when crafting PAYDAY, adhered to the four-player co-op formula that can be found in many successful multiplayer games such as Left 4 Dead and Borderlands. However, the formula in PAYDAY improved on its predecessors, forcing cooperation where other games just encourage it. It takes more than luck to repair a malfunctioning drill while fending off a tsunami of boys in blue. It takes a little help from your friends.

To help you and your team stand your ground against the crashing waves of police officers, Overkill provides players with an arsenal of unique weapons. The impressive cache of death-dealing lead-pumpers includes the standard 9mm handgun, a stockless quick-action 12-gauge shotgun, a hand cannon, a trip mine, and, of course, a tripod-required machine-gun without the tripod. The one major drawback of having so many awesome weapons in PAYDAY is choosing which one to use. Luckily, each player has room for three weapons: a primary weapon, an SMG or sawed-off shotgun, and a handgun.

However, to score that ultimate payday, you need more than just firepower. Each player has a variety of different pieces of equipment to assist them in completing each mission. Cable ties will secure troublesome civilians, preventing them from triggering an alarm or running for help; body armor will help you survive for just that one more split second you need to find cover or make your great escape; ammo and health bags provide essential support at crucial times, and the mines, essential weapons for the strategic thinker, provide a way of disabling enemies without getting into a direct firefight.


Not only does PAYDAY have a plethora of badass weapons and pieces of equipment, it also sports a skill tree to help players improve their skills as they navigate through the game’s explosive and unique levels. Each of the three branches in the skill tree unlocks progressively sicker weapons and essential upgrades that will not only make you an unstoppable force, but your teammates as well. The different branches are called Assault, Sharpshooter, and Support. If you want to unlock the ability for your team to be more accurate, go for the Sharpshooter branch; if you want to do more damage, go Assault.

In a lot of games, upgrading a skill tree can be a chore, and choosing a path limits what you can do for the rest of the game. Overkill, however, didn’t want players to be bogged down by the irrevocable skill point. Players gain skills by increasing their reputation. Reputation, in true PAYDAY fashion, increases by collecting cash. When you level up, you automatically unlock the next upgrade in line for the branch you’re playing on, and if you want to switch branches, feel free, and then the next time you level up, you’ll unlock whatever the next upgrade is on your newly selected path. Pretty clever, right?

PAYDAY 2 Will Contain More Awesome Than You Can Handle

Unique and intense levels set the stage for players to use their abilities. Each of the six original levels in the first PAYDAY provides different challenges to test the players’ wits and skills. Whether it’s business or personal, PAYDAY’s team of four will conduct heists in a variety of thrilling settings. From retrieving cash from a highly secured panic room in the middle of a meth lab to extracting the son of a wealthy businessman from a prison transport using a skyhook, there’s no challenge these guys won’t face.

Even though the action of PAYDAY satisfied our desire for pure, video-game adventure, we can’t help but look forward to what the sequel has to offer. PAYDAY 2 has more levels, more weapons, more abilities, and more awesome co-op perfection. With the inclusion of the ingenious system, not only does the game have more missions, but more ways to approach each mission as well. If you haven’t picked up the game before today, the sequel presents the perfect chance to dive into the one-of-a-kind chaos, mayhem, adventure, and cash that is PAYDAY

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Date: August 13, 2013

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