TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre Prefers Brains Over Bullets

TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre Prefers Brains Over Bullets

Are you tired of getting spawn camped? Quick scoped? Knifed in the neck? Maybe you are simply sick of getting bitten by surprisingly well-rendered and motion-captured attack dogs? Do you pine for the old days of shooters, when twitch reflexes weren’t the only things that decided games? Do you want to go back to the days of GoldenEye 64, when you could win a game through strategic mine placement and patient waiting without ever coming into your opponent’s line of sight? Are you tired of me asking you these questions? Then you might want to check out the newest indie shooter to come out of Kickstarter land: TAKEDOWN.

TAKEDOWN is branded as the “thinking man’s shooter” because it’s not going to reward you for being the first guy that can aim a reticle at someone’s head when there are still five other guys waiting to pick you off. Instead, it rewards you for slow and methodical planning. In TAKEDOWN, you aren’t a one-man army that saves America alone by killing thousands of foreign soldiers. You are the captain of a squad who has just as much firepower as anyone else with a gun. Your only advantage is your brain and the cunning strategies that it comes up with.

The design team describes TAKEDOWN as somewhat of a spiritual successor to games such as Rainbow Six and the SWAT series. Instead of big set pieces, quick-time-event mini-games, and cinematics with huge explosions, TAKEDOWN focuses on close-quarters combat, putting a very small coordinated team against a number of other less organized insurgents. Maps in TAKEDOWN are non-linear, offering several different routes, cover locations, and points of attack. Studying the map will be important to your success as you attempt to attack from your opponent’s blind spots. Timing is also important, as you can distract an enemy with one soldier only to have another take them out from behind.

Of course, the plan doesn’t stop with just a map and a route of attack. You will be able to customize everything: your team’s equipment, weapons, and more. Your teammates won’t be able to hold infinite guns and gadgets. Instead, they will have a very important purpose that they will have to fulfill as designed by their load out. It’s important to make sure your team isn’t in the wrong place at the wrong time.


Speaking of wrong place at the wrong time, getting shot sucks! Art imitates life, as getting shot in TAKEDOWN doesn’t mean you can wait behind cover and regenerate your health. It means you are injured and likely taken out of commission, or worse, killed. If one of your team members falls, you don’t get another one to replace him. Instead, you simply have to do without him for the remainder of the mission. This usually means staying back and rethinking your entire plan of attack. Once again, this isn’t a game that you can play Rambo style.

“But wait!” you are saying, “AI in games sucks. How can a game punish me that heavily for characters that I am not even controlling?” Well Mr. Whiney Pants, you can actually control whatever character needs controlling at the time. Not only that, but the map sizes in TAKEDOWN are absolutely huge, allowing you more than enough time to plan each team member’s attack. That’s not the only “not only that,” but the detailed satellite briefing that you get before each mission will lay out the whole map for you.

TAKEDOWN: Red Sabre Prefers Brains Over Bullets

But if you still want to complain about the lack of effective AI in this day and age, TAKEDOWN allows you to fill out every member of your squad with living, breathing human beings. The game will allow teams of six to eight people to take on missions in co-op. Then, it’s not a matter of how to control the AI, but rather a matter of how well you control an actual squad of people. Just hope that no one goes Leeroy Jenkins on you.

Of course, TAKEDOWN will feature competitive multiplayer as well, which will always put you in a team versus team scenario. You won’t find Team Deathmatch here. Instead, the two teams will be given opposing objectives and will be tasked with completing them. Competitive multiplayer will support 12-16 players, each a member of their own tactical squad.

And that’s TAKEDOWN in a nutshell, a game more about brains than bullets. If you are a huge fan of old-school shooting experiences, then definitely check this game out. While the Kickstarter itself is over, the game is still being made available to the masses. It’s definitely one to watch.

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Date: August 28, 2013

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