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Ten Games to Play on Valentine's Day

Ten Games to Play on Valentine's Day article

The Sims and The Sims 2 series (PC, PS2, Xbox, GC, Wii)

Will Wright broke the mold with this series. The Sims created the "Virtual Life" genre and they're here to stay. Whether you pick up an old version or decide to go for the latest, this game might become the most addictive game you've ever played, at least for a month or two! Create your own characters and take them into town for a nice virtual dinner; then go home, do some salsa dancing, and who knows! Before you know it, there will be sparks all around you.

Ten Games to Play on Valentine's Day article


Animal Crossing (GC, DS)

If there was a videogame genre called "cute," this would be the number one game on the list. Meet all the cute characters in town, speak with them, go for a nice walk under the moonlight, pick up some flowers, go shopping, go fishing, and more! And remember, it's all real-time; when the clock hits twelve, it will also be midnight in the game. Of course, you can continue playing as long as you want. You can make it your secondary lifeif you're into living virtually, that is.

Ten Games to Play on Valentine's Day article

Tomb Raider Anniversary (X360, Wii, PS2, PC)

Lara Croft received a serious facelift to celebrate her ten years of existence, and so did her first game. If you enjoy the Tomb Raider series, you'll have to love this one. It's, as always, full of action, platforming, and puzzle-solving that will keep you busy all night. Just trade the controller back and forth so you can both enjoy it!

Ten Games to Play on Valentine's Day article


Big No-Nos:

  • Don't Play Grand Theft Auto games together: if one of you is not a gamer, I'm sure this kind of game won't be appreciated. There's too much cursing and violence going onnot very romantic.
  • Avoid competitive games where you prove your skills, knowledge, etc. Whether it's Mario Kart, Tekken or Big Brain Academy, you don't want to throw the controller at each other!
  • Playing horror games might sound like a good idea, since she/he might end up holding you tight or sitting right next to you. However, scary games often turn people off. It's tough to go back to reality after a strong dose of anxiety!

    Good Ideas:

  • Even though the list only mentions ten videogames you could play, there's plenty out there that might be worth looking at, including karaoke games, MMOs, virtual life simulators, and more.
  • If your girlfriend (or boyfriend) doesn't like videogames, you can always go to a movie and call it good. Of course, there's nothing bad in trying, and this might be the start of a great adventure for the two of youas gamers!

    Whatever you do tonight...Have fun!

    By Maria Montoro
    CCC Site Director

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