The 10 Worst Ways The World Has Ended In Video Games

The 10 Worst Ways The World Has Ended In Video Games

If you believe some of the rumors that have been going around for the past few years, you might be worried that the world is going to end in about a year in a horrible Mayan apocalypse. Well, we aren't going to try to convince you that everything is going to be okay. Instead, we're going to show you ten of the ways the world could possibly end, according to video games.

Star Ocean: Till the End of Time
10. Star Ocean: Till the End of Time

If you don't think Star Ocean: Till the End of Time was a horrible way for the world to end, just think about the existential ramifications for a minute. In this game, you realize that your whole world—nay, the entire universe—is just a game created by a software company for the purpose of allowing players to blow off steam. Everything you have ever known, from the Big Bang to your mother and father's marriage, is one gigantic lie made up by a futuristic Square Enix. Even if you do save the world from what is essentially a computer virus on your server, your only choice is to go back to living your meaningless life inside virtual space. It's lose lose.

9. Terranigma

At the beginning of Terranigma, the world has already been destroyed, and you live in a small village in Hell. After you open up what is essentially Pandora's box, you destroy that Hell world too. So you go on a journey to resurrect the surface world, recreating all of history, before finally unwriting yourself from existence. What a bummer! That's basically three apocalypses for the price of one.


8. Darksiders

The basic story of Darksiders is that War screws up the entire world, starting a war between the forces of light and darkness, all because he happens to be a little confused about the end of the world's schedule. That dude seriously needs to get a day planner.

7. Fallout

I'm not sure which weapons World War III will be fought with, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones. And bottle caps. And laser guns. And flamethrowers. And two-headed cows. Come to think of it, World War III was probably fought with nuclear weapons. Anyway, the point is that mankind has been terrified of the nuclear apocalypse for decades. All it takes is one pissed off dictator to say he's going down with the ship and the world is over. Fallout gives us a glimpse of what life might be like after the nukes fall. Everything is dead, we all live in squalor, simply drinking water might kill us with radiation poisoning, and giant roaches roam the world free. It's not a pretty sight.

Final Fantasy VI
6. Final Fantasy VI

I find the Final Fantasy VI apocalypse so frightening because it wasn't caused by nature or warring factions or even by a villain with a semi-plausible motive. Kefka simply destroys the world because he is bored and he wants to. That's it. Everyone dies for no purpose other than to satisfy this one crazy man's whims. That's evil, pure and simple.