The 10 Worst Ways The World Has Ended In Video Games

The 10 Worst Ways The World Has Ended In Video Games

Chrono Trigger
5. Chrono Trigger

The Chrono Trigger apocalypse is just awesome. A giant Lovecraftian porcupine bursts through the Earth's crust and destroys everything. By the way, this porcupine might be the progenitor of the human race. When you travel forward in time to prevent the absolute chaos this thing is capable of causing, you create a time paradox. The moral of the story: Time travel never makes anything simpler. Never.

Left 4 Dead
4. Left 4 Dead

Zombies. As awesome as we all think they are, it would suck to have your brains eaten by one. End of story.


Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne
3. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

It's just a plain old normal day when your teacher suddenly decides to invoke a ritual to destroy the world as you know it. Your house descends into an inside-out demon world. To survive, you must become part demon yourself and start making pacts with the other demon residents of the realm in an attempt to kill god and return the world to how it was. And if you're not a fan of happy endings, you can bring even more destruction upon it, becoming even more evil than the thing you just killed.

Missile Command
2. Missile Command

Missile Command is a game with a very simple premise. Your job is to shoot down missiles that threaten to blow you up. There's only one catch though. This is an old game. An Atari game. In the end, there is no possible success. There is no saving the world. The missiles will endlessly fall until they eventually overcome you. Everyone you know and love will die in a horrible fiery explosion brought on by the inability for people to live peacefully together on this planet. It's a painful allegory about the human race, and it's all done with a few lines and pixels.

One Chance
1. One Chance

One Chance is a flash game in which you take on the role of a scientist that has created a cure for cancer. But this cure eventually gets out of control and starts devouring every living thing on the planet. It's not like a monster movie though; there's no horrible grey goo monster involved or anything. It's just that every single living thing on the planet is slowly dying, and you only have a few days before—absolutely for certain—the world is going to end. How will you spend your time? Think hard, because you only get one chance. And I mean it. After you play the game, you can't play it again (barring cheating or deleting your browser cookies). Your choices have actual weight. So how will you spend your final days? Play the game to find out.

By Angelo D'Argenio
CCC Contributing Writer

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