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The Magic of Movies and Games

The Magic of Movies and Games article

Therefore, the ones that we need to make sure that we nail on the head right from the get go are Link and Zelda. For Zelda, the actress has to be both convincing in her desire to be rescued and can show the tough as nails side equally well and to me the one actress that can pull this off well is Sophia Bush from the recent remake of The Hitcher. Of course, she would have to dye her hair, otherwise, we would be back at square one. Then, there is Link. There is a reason that I left him last. Not because I think he is hard to cast. Instead, there are a lot of factors that one would have to consider for our favorite green clad hero. Obviously, my casting choices of Zelda would be locked in the adult Link mythos. Therefore, there is one option for Link - Justin Hartley, from the acclaimed role as Green Arrow on TV's Smallville. If you do not believe me, watch the Aquaman pilot and you will see the dumbstruck look we have grown accustomed to from Link delivered well from Justin.

To direct such a fantasy epic there is the obvious choice of Peter Jackson, but I would take a different approach to the film and ask Guillermo del Toro to direct. For the screenplay I would ask J.K. Rowling to adapt since her other fantasy epic has drawn to a close.

All in all, I believe this would make a perfect adaptation to the video game series many of us have loved since our childhood. The only question is if Hollywood would actually be ready for another medium that worked well and that fans demanded more of like superhero films. Who knows, we may see quality video game based movies sooner than we think.


Jonathan Marx, Freelance Writer

Movies and games have increasingly become inseparable. Unfortunately, at the moment games are seen as another marketing tool and engine for increased profits. Film studios and game developers have been content with the profits they make, and aren't particularly concerned with the quality of the titles that are produced. Whether a game is translated to a movie or vice versa, the quality of the 2nd platform is typically not as good as the original. The only glaring anecdote to that standard is the Chronicles of Riddick; the game was decidedly better than the movie, even though it was meant to be complimentary. I have a feeling that as the gaming industry becomes savvier, and gaming becomes even more prevalent, we will see the quality of film specific games and game specific films increase markedly.

With that in mind, I would love to see the Castlevania series made into a trilogy. I've recently read that it is coming out in 2009. Castlevania has a deep plot, and rich characters have already been fleshed out. Gamers and moviegoers alike will be able to enjoy the trials and tribulations of the Belmont family. Dracula is also a proven character, and the eerie backdrop of his Transylvania home is the perfect setting for summer blockbusters. Certainly the vampire theme has been exploited, but the story surrounding Castlevania is original, and has not yet been told. If quality writers can get their hands on the story and create a series encompassing script broken up into three parts, there should be a great movie afoot. If plot development and story telling is not the focus, then I think the movie would flop. After all, there are plenty of shallow action films that cloud the summer movie landscape. I hope Castlevania is made into a set of movies. If they're released in 2009, I hope the industry has matured enough to do the series justice.

The Magic of Movies and Games article

Devin Finley, Freelance Writer

From Dick Tracy and Back To The Future on Nintendo NES to Harry Potter on the latest consoles, movies have always been made into games. Which, more often then not, doesn't turn out to be a bad thing. The problem is that lately it has been an uprising trend to turn games into atrocious movies. Many gamers have seen the semi-recent Silent Hill flick, and some gamers know about the D.O.A. movie coming soon, and I'm sure no gamer would forget the oh-so-memorable, Street Fighter movie. The problem in making a game into a movie, much like remaking a movie, is that it may not always be a poor movie, but they all lack originality.

Nowadays, it seems that any movie that can be a game is a game. It seems that now we even look to T.V. to become games (24 for example). I would not say that the movie-to-game is a poor idea, I would, in fact, say that it may sometimes be necessary to put people as close to the movie as possible (Harry Potter). Some movie-to-games can rake in unbelievable amounts of money. The flip side of the coin, however, is not always the same case.

It cannot be denied that Resident Evil was not a great movie, and I'm sure will turn into a fantastic trilogy. It does seem, however, that more often than not, movies based on games will fall terribly short (Bloodrayne anyone?). I feel that most games turned into movies are a desperate attempt at stardom for a poor director. They prove generally under budgeted with poor writing. Resident Evil shows us that with proper funding, a game could easily make a fantastic move, more than once for that matter. I just wish that low budget films would stop putting their hands into the game world. Most games are games for a reason: they play out well, the action, adventure, etc all fits where it is supposed to. This is because it was designed to be a game, not a movie.

I think that the best games to make movies are nearly movies already. Take Metal Gear Solid or Onimusha for example: great movie sequences, intricate plots, detailed biographies on the characters, and often times, actor voiceovers. But please do not make these into movies. As I previously stated, they're only a strand away from there now; and for good reason, they are great games… just what they were written and designed to be. Great films spawn from great ideas; you cannot be legendary if your stealing an idea that's already been had and warping it to make you famous and rich. Do your own thing, write your own story, and make your own film or game be creative; be original. That is what people respect, that is what people love, and that is what will make you legendary in either industry.

The Magic of Movies and Games article

Philip Hanan, Freelance Writer

Movies and games are both entertaining on their own, but does combining the two really mean that you will get twice the entertainment? No. By combining them, you dull the entertainment value of both and you are left with a product that is half as entertaining. At least that's the case with all movies games except Spider-Man. Then again, there have been plenty of Spider-Man games around before the movie series, so there has been plenty of time to perfect the gameplay.

Usually when a game tries to mimic a movie, it doesn't mimic it well. If a movie has short action scenes, it's hard to make entire levels devoted to action without making up new scenes or if a game has little action, then game developers have to be totally original which is bad when a game must mimic the feel of the movie. Not only is it difficult to copy a movie and still make it entertaining, it can be difficult to decide what genre of game to put a movie in.

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