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The Magic of Movies and Games

The Magic of Movies and Games article

Sometimes movie games don't reflect the thrill of a character or their action. For example, take Ethan Hunt. The N64 Mission Impossible character looked nothing like Tom Cruise, didn't sound like Tom Cruise, and the graphics didn't come close to the effects of the movie. In other cases, you'll see games based upon small parts of a movie, such as 007 Racing. Yes, Bond has had a few cool chase scenes, but the world doesn't enjoy James Bond because he is a good driver. They wished they could be James Bond the Spy. Goldeneye, Agent Under Fire, Nightfire, etc. has allowed this and allowed them to see through Bond's eyes. These games were fairly large successes, but any of the games that let you play as Bond in third person, weren't as big of a success.

Picking the right genre for a movie character is difficult. Some people may want to see the character go on an adventure, fight, drive, etc. The action of a game is usually based upon what a character actually does in a movie. These days, as long as a game is an action game or children's movie, you'll see a game based upon it. Action and platform titles seem to do well when using the movie genre, but sometimes there are games developed when there is no cry from the world for a game based upon a movie.


I believe there is one need for a movie to have a game: due to its originality and story. There have hardly been any games released based upon movies from the 70's, so if The Omega Man was to be converted into a game, I would advise it for many reasons.

1. The game features a strong, gun-toting character, which would be perfect for a one player FPS.

2. You would be forced to access different areas of the city in order to pick up supplies.

3. You would be forced to fight enemies similar to the enemies in Resident Evil 4.

4. The movie features an amazing story about one man whose blood can save the world.

5. You would be rewarded for rescuing citizens whom you can give a cure before they mutate into cultists.

The Magic of Movies and Games article

If you haven't seen this cult classic, then here's a quick summary:

Most of the world is dying due to a disease which causes insanity, pale skin, and sensitive eyes. Those that survive the disease are weak, and can't be in the sunlight due to radiation poisoning from the sun. They believe mankind was cursed due to mankind's use of technology, so they use simple tools and burn most objects from the modern era. They hate any surviving human who has not mutated yet, so they are determined to destroy them. Unmutated humans with the disease can be cured with a solution made from the blood of a man who injected himself with the world's only cure as he may have not survived without it. He must continue making solutions from his blood in order to cure the few normal humans left on earth before the entire earth is covered with mutant cultists.

Some games don't need to be based upon a movie to have a movie quality story with wonderful drama and action. Prey is an example of such a game. It features classic action, but with unusual weapons, a dramatic relationship to the other characters in the game, and Native American inspired science fiction not seen before in a game.

The fact that is focuses on a deep story and deep character relationships before it focuses on intense action means it could easily be converted into a movie and should be. I don't deny the game is fun, but I could just as easily enjoy it as a movie, even if the game never existed.

Maybe you readers out there own movies you'd like to jump into or games you wish you could just watch. Let the game developers know about them and maybe we'll start seeing higher quality movie-based games and movies based upon games.

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