The Weekly Dish – Ich Bin Ein Gamer

The Weekly Dish – Ich Bin Ein Gamer

Gamescom, Europe's answer to E3, has been in full swing in Germany this week. Our friends on the other side of the pond have thus had the chance to chat with plenty of game industry luminaries. Let's take a look at what they've gotten various companies to talk about.

The Last Guardian Still Exists, Sony Promises

Sony's highly anticipated but oft-delayed opus, The Last Guardian, has been in the news recently as the company allowed the game's patent to expire in the United States. Some commentators took this to mean that the company may have canceled the game, but that's not at all the case, according to Sony.

The Weekly Dish – Ich Bin Ein Gamer

In a discussion with Eurogamer at Gamescom, the company reiterated that The Last Guardian is still in development and is still slated to come out for the PlayStation 3, not a next-generation console. Although the project's lead designer, Fumito Ueda, has left Sony, he continues to work on the project as an independent contractor.

Considering the many times that The Last Guardian has missed announced "release windows," it's unlikely that we'll see any more release date announcements for the game until Sony is extremely confident of its impending release. I predict we won't be befriending any giant ferret-hawk creatures until the holidays in 2013 at the earliest.


Ubisoft Banks on the Wii U

Ubisoft was a big name when it came to third-party games being shown off for the Wii U at E3. Wii games did well for the company, and Ubisoft appears to be truly embracing the Wii U's tablet controller. As of Gamescom, we now know that Rayman Legends, the follow-up to last year's critically acclaimed Rayman Origins, will be exclusive to the Wii U. This marks a change from Origins, which was ported to every platform short of a toaster oven, and shows how the GamePad tablet controls are a vital part of the game's design.

The Weekly Dish – Ich Bin Ein Gamer

Ubisoft tends to have its eggs in many baskets, and has plenty of other games and franchises that will keep the company sailing smoothly should the Wii U fail to launch well. Still, it's one of the few third parties that have been willing to go whole-hog on the Wii U before release, planning exclusive new games for the system (like Rayman Legends and Zombi U) that are designed with the GamePad in mind. It's certainly a better showing for core gamers than Ubisoft's "Rabbids games and shovelware" strategy on the Wii.