The Top 10 Best Boss Themes

The Top 10 Best Boss Themes

The Top 10 Best Boss Themes
5. “Settle the Score with 006” (Trevelyan – Goldeneye 007)

The 006 theme from Goldeneye is the definition of both excellent boss music and excellent chase music. The next time you decide to go for a run, pop this tune in your mp3 player and tell me it doesn't get you amped. You're chasing down the scumbag that has made your life a living hell for the entire game, and now you have one chance to get even. You'd better believe you'd be running at max speed to catch this guy. Just makes sure you have enough time to plant those explosives first.

The Top 10 Best Boss Themes
4. "Wind of Madness" (Wesker – Resident Evil 5)

When has a Resident Evil game ever given us bad music? When has it not matched the atmosphere or failed to perfectly capture the tension surrounding you? The classic Resident Evil tradition of great music definitely didn't stop with Wesker in RE5. Going up against this supernatural piece of work was about the last thing you wanted to do. But nonetheless, there came the time when you needed to just load that shotgun and take down the master of torment once and for all.


The Top 10 Best Boss Themes
3. "Duel of Swords" (Ganondorf – Twilight Princess)

The battle against Ganondorf in Twilight Princess was one of the greatest showdowns in all of gaming. After defeating Ganon's beast form (and mind-controlled Princess Zelda), you had to hop on the back of Epona and chase this guy across Hyrule. His sword was as big as you and he had some dark powers to boot, but that didn't stop you. No sir. You still drew your sword and readied your shield, even with the Dark Lord ready to chop you down. Thankfully, that epic final battle delivered one of the greatest tunes to duel by, ringing in your ears to let you know, "Don't fail or all hope is lost."

The Top 10 Best Boss Themes
2. "Final Bowser Battle Song" (Bowser – Super Mario Galaxy)

After chasing Bowser all the way across the galaxy, once you finally caught up with him you were more than ready to send him packing. And then the "Final Bowser Battle Song" came on and you forgot you were even playing a Mario game. Sure, Mario has always given us memorable music, but it's hardly ever been on the scale of epic. Way to break the mold, Nintendo. Keep it up.

The Top 10 Best Boss Themes
1. "Howl of the Departed" (Gongora – Lost Odyssey)

"Howl of the Departed" from Lost Odyssey starts out like any typical RPG Boss theme. But about 60 seconds in, it completely explodes with electric guitars and creepy vocals. That's when you realize, "This guy is trying to kill me; I'd better get in gear." Who better to give us the greatest boss music than Nobuo Uematsu himself? Time and time again he has delivered us from bland RPG music and has been able to put us in a place where all is epic and appeasing to our ears. His ability to capture Gongora's devious motives in this one song is incredible. A tyrant with truly despicable motives can only go out with a song that makes you want to take him down this badly. And that's why "Howl of the Departed" is perhaps the best boss theme of all-time.

By Brantley Nelson
CCC Contributing Writer

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