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Top 5 Weapons and Vehicles of Halo

Top 5 Weapons and Vehicles of Halo article

Speaking of the vehicles, how do some of them shape up according to the same rules for the weapons of Halo? Let us see.


Top 5 Vehicles:

5. Banshee

One of those vehicles you don't want to see flying towards you, the Banshee delivers a nice streamline of death as you sit waiting for the harbinger of doom. It's is not impossible to take out, but with a speed of a midnight devil the Banshee can sometime deliver un-pleasantries to even the hardest of hardcore. Moreover, it is a purple machine and only ruthless killers can fly around in a purple machine with their heads held high.

4. M808B (Scorpion)

If you need to take out a few enemies with a delicacy only a bomb can deliver, then you might have always wanted to drive a tank. The Scorpion gives the player the destructive force of the rocket launcher, extra armor for those that feel a little exposed in a Warthog, and the travel accommodations of up to four other compatriots. Who wouldn't love to have a vehicle like this on their way to work? While all of these features are necessity in a behemoth vehicle, another truly captures the carnage enthusiast's heart.

3. Wraith

Yep, the Covenant's Wraith is what I am referring to. It is the sheer volumes of carnage you can cause with this vehicle that can churn the malicious side of you out into the controller. However, with such a powerful punch you will feel the effects of the slow moving machine. The Covenant, never wanting to be outdone, designed the tank to be able to take short burst every few seconds. There's no sense in having all that firepower and the speed of a Covenant with one leg.

2. Ghost

If speed is what you are looking for, the Ghost delivers in body bags. It may be the most difficult vehicle to drive while in its speed boost mode, but if there's a few opponents in your way it certainly pays off. If speed is not your thing, I would dare say that the super heated plasma cannons will have you frying up the competition before matches end. Moreover, it is purple and I have already said what I thought about those who enjoy driving around slaying the opposition in a purple vehicle.

1. M12 LRV (Warthog)

Much like the reason I had for choosing the Assault Rifle, the Warthog is your vehicle to hone your skills with. Not only does it provide the means to rescue some of your friends but also it will enable them to hop onto the back and mow down a few Covenant and opponents alike. Add another friend to the mix and between the sending shells all the while you head straight for an opponent is sure fire way to equal road kill in your dust. Another advantage to the Warthog is its nimbleness on the map. Yeah, you might occasional overturn it because you took a cliff dive, but for the most part, you'll be ripping up the fields looking for your next victim to leave your tread marks on.

By Matthew Walker
CCC Project Coordinator

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