Why You Should: Be Excited for the PlayStation Vita!

Why You Should: Be Excited for the PlayStation Vita!

We've had a lot of negativity here at Cheat Code Central lately with the "Why You Shouldn't" series. And while I'll stand by every single one of those articles, I couldn't help but feel that it was time for a change in pace. So that's why this week we're introducing "Why You Should," which will be a more positive experience with just a hint of occasional sarcasm. We gamers can't truly abandon all our cynicism, can we?.

The PlayStation Vita was just recently announced at E3, and though the crowd's reaction was fairly positive, several critics have questioned the potential of Sony's second attempt to capture the handheld market. And though there are still several things we don't know about the PlayStation Vita, after some extensive hands-on time with the system, we're excited. Here are five reasons why you should be too.

5. An OLED Screen Makes for Pretty Graphics

Look, I love my 3DS as much as the next person, but if you want a truly hardcore experience on a handheld platform, you need an OLED screen. Sure, LCD gets the job done, but the PlayStation Vita's OLED screen is the feature that I believe will sell more systems. The screen is bright, features zero lag or ghosting, and really brings games to life in a way not seen before on handheld consoles. Even home consoles can't compete with the Vita's OLED out of the box. Cinematic games like Uncharted: Golden Abyss and the rumored handheld BioShock game will thrive off the beautiful visuals produced by the Vita

Why You Should: Be Excited for the PlayStation Vita!

4. No More UMDs

Though Sony really tried with their proprietary UMD format, it never caught on. Its poor design and cheap plastic casing made it very unpopular with gamers. Fortunately, the Vita is ditching this format and is going for something a little more classic: the cartridge. Cartridges are extremely mobile, durable, and can hold quite a lot of data. We don't know exactly what kind of cartridge the PS Vita will use, but we're guessing it will be something based on Sony's Memory Stick format. This would be a smart move, considering they are capable of holding 25GB of data—the capacity of a Blu-ray. The cartridge will also have the ability to have data written to it, which leaves the possibility open for DLC that downloads directly to a cartridge. That would be cool.


3. New Control Methods

In order to stay competitive, you need to innovate. That's a lesson I think Sony learned the hard way with the PSP. You can't have a handheld that tries to replicate the console experience any more, as most people who have handhelds also have consoles. Instead, you need to offer something that is only possible on the handheld, and I think the Vita will finally accomplish that goal. The touchscreen/touchpad and motion control offer great control options, and I have had some hands-on time with several games that use all of the control methods to give players an experience that feels unique to the handheld platform. And when you are selling not just a game, but an overall experience, gamers get excited.

Why You Should: Be Excited for the PlayStation Vita!