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Play Xbox Originals on the 360!

Xbox Originals article

Just a little bit ago Microsoft decided to renovate the Xbox 360 dashboard, including several new features and a new section within the Xbox Marketplace named Xbox Originals. Microsoft is giving you a new taste of old-school gaming. Check out these fan-favorites and see if you fall in love all over again!

Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex - Xbox Original Crimson Skies: High road to Revenge - Xbox Original Fable - Xbox Original Fuzion Frenzy - Xbox Original Halo: Combat Evolved - Xbox Original Indigo Prophecy - Xbox Original Psychonauts - Xbox Original


Developer: Traveler's Tales
Publisher: VU Games

Crash has always had a bad way to go. In his early days of bandicoot life, he was stricken to be the marked target of a mad man, Doctor Neo Cortex. With the beginning of this adventure, Cortex is concocting a plan to destroy the orange marsupial once and for all. What is the main reason for the desire to destroy him? He and other various villains including Uka Uka believe that it is Crash's fault they have not been successful in spreading their evil ambitions on the world.

Xbox Originals article

In order to bring the destructive power to his new weapon of incomparable measure to fruition, Cortex needed a power source, and with the help of Uka Uka they set out to find the Elementals. These Elementals are a group of destructive masks that represent Earth, Fire, Air, and Water. Unfortunately for Cortex and crew, Crash's friend Aku Aku discovers their evil plans and sets Crash and Coco off on a journey to find the ancient crystals. With only five crystals, Crash can return each of the Elementals to their hibernation state.

While this may not be one of the greatest Crash games ever, it does have it's moments of enjoyment which would make this a great addition for anyone who likes the Bandicoot or looking for a nostalgic platform game. Either way, Crash Bandicoot: The Wrath of Cortex is fun for all ages.


Xbox Originals article

by Matthew Walker

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