Donkey Kong Country 3

  • 50 extra lives

    Enter "Monkey" as a password.

  • All bonus coins

    Enter "aqua" as a password.

  • Funky's, Cranky's, and Swanky's mini-games

    Enter "Extras" as a password to unlock Funky's, Cranky's, and Swanky's mini-games.

  • Music Player option

    Enter "music" as a password to unlock the "Music Player" option.

  • No DK and Star-Barrels in new game

    Enter "Tuffer" as a password.

  • Disable midpoint barrels

    Enter "harder" as a password.

  • View credits

    Enter "kredits" as a password.

  • Krematoa

    Go to the four rocks to the east of Mekanos and circle the rocks clockwise until the Krematoa volcano replaces them.

  • Pacifica

    Ride the jetski and turbo to go up the waterfall where the game first started. Then, swim to the K Rool Flag.

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