River City Ransom EX

Strategy Guide

Note: This game is also titled Downtown Nekketsu Monogatari EX.

  • $999,999

    Change your name to "PLAYA" (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

  • Maximum stats

    Change your name to "DAMAX" (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

  • Custom char

    Change your name to "XTRA0" (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

  • Custom move

    Change your name to "XTRA2" (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

  • Custom self

    Change your name to "XTRA1" (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

  • Deleted saved games

    Change your name to "ERAZE" (case-sensitive) in the status menu.

  • Super passwords

    Change your name to one of the following case-sensitive entries at the status menu to begin with the corresponding bonuses:

      WAZZA: Boomerang, Charge It, Bat Bang, Flying Kick, Speed Drop, Bomb Blow, Killer Kick, Bike Kick, Slam Punk, Dragon Knee, God Fist, Hyper Guard

      FUZZY: Mach Punch, Dragon Kick, Acro Circus, Grand Slam, Javelin Man, Slick Trick, Nitro Port, Twin Kick, Deadly Shot, Top Spin, Helicopter, Torpedo

      WUZZY: Slap Happy, Pulper, Headbutt, Kickstand, Big Bang, Wheel Throw, Glide Chop, Head Bomb, Chain Kick, Jet Kick, Shuriken, Flip Throw

      BEAR: Phoenix Wing, Inlines, Springlines, Rocketeers, Air Merc's, Narcishoes, Magic Pants, Pandora Box, Skaterz, Custom Fit

  • Custom character appearance

    Successfully complete the game to unlock the Kasutamu Kaozura item for purchase for ٻ,000. It will allow your character's appearance to be customized.

  • Increase reputation

    Repeatedly run into a wall to increase your reputation by one point each time.

  • Boss locations

    To face a boss, you must first defeat all gang members from each turf at least once before entering a Boss' turf. Also, you must defeat the bosses in the order below to enter Reihou High School.

      Sawaguchi: Hanazo Second District (just before the second shopping arcade), and again at Marukaunsou Haisoko Higashiguchi (back gate of the warehouse after defeating Nishimura).

      Kamijou and Yamamoto: Below Shintakaragawa (below the bridge after the 2nd town) & again at the sauna (after defeating Nishimura, Mochizuki, and Taira).

      Nishimura: Marukaunsou Haisouko (inside the warehouse)

      Mochizuki: Marukaunsou Haibiru Shoumenguchi (outside the tunnel)

      Taira: Midorimachi Third District (just before the third shopping arcade)

      Kinoshita: Hanazo Park (after defeating Taira)

      Kobayashi: Kobayashi Sangyo Kojou (inside the factory, after defeating Kinoshita)

      Kunio or Riki (only when playing a solo game): Kobayashi Sangyo Kojou Uradeguchi (back of the factory, just before the last shopping arcade)

      Himada: Yumemichou Second District (after the sauna)

      Gouda: Outside Reihou High School

      Onizuka: Reihou School Gym

      Gotai: Reihou Classroom Third Floor

      Ryouichi and Ryouji (Billy and Jimmy Lee: The Double Dragon Twins): Reihou Classroom Top Floor

      Yamada: Reihou Classroom Rooftop

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