Broken Sword: The Shadow Of The Templars Strategy Guide

Important Notes
Broken Sword is very well designed, and rich in plot, graphic adventure game that will give you more than 20 pleasant hours of playing. However before reading the solution make sure you read this paragraph. The game play is very easy and enjoyable: a magnifying glass will appear every time you can talk to somebody or examine something. Finally the image of two gears will appear every time you can operate something.

When you are talking to someone the screen will be divided in three zones. In the upper zone your inventory will be open all the time in order to offer, show or combine items. The middle zone is your usual interactive window and finally the bottom zone is where the topics available for discussion appear. Click every topic as many times are needed for it to disappear completely or you may lose important piece of information. When I mention a topic for discussion that are not active yet in your screen do not panic. It will certainly appear after some time while you are talking about something relevant. Sometimes an answer from you is needed: fist up means yes and fist down no. Do not forget to save often for the fear of getting yourself killed due to a wrong answer or approach to a puzzle as well.

Playing the game for a second and third time I decided to approach some topics, riddles and discussions differently. I was surprised to find out that there were many alternatives provided by Revolution making the game fun to play again and again. So if you are stuck at some point and what I suggest cannot apply to your situation (due to a different approach you made before) do not become discouraged. Hints are available all the time. Nicole always makes a suggestion as what to do next provided you ask her (try calling her). The other characters are as willing to help you too. Click on every single thing available in your screen, relevant or not. You may not find out anything useful but it will make the game more enjoyable. Have fun.

An explosion leaves you outside the cafe. Look at the bottom of the lamp and you will find a newspaper. Pick it up and go inside the cafe. Examine the dead man and then the girl. It does not matter how you respond to her questions (fist down for no and fist up for yes). If you want to give her a drink, use the bottle on the bar. Interrogate her about every single topic active at the bottom of your screen. Leave and go outside. Try to go left (in the direction of the telephone booth). A policeman will draw a gun at you. Answer their questions any way you like. If you mention the clown the waitress will deny any knowledge of him. If you do not, she will inform them about the clown's suspicious behavior. Go outside again and introduce yourself to Nicole Collard, the young photographer who is taking pictures. (You may skip this part for now and follow a different approach: later on the game when you are all done with the cafe site you can go and ask sergeant Moue about her. He will be very happy to provide you with her telephone number). Go towards the worker again. Talk to him and before starting to ask questions show him Rosso's card. He will mistake you for a policeman and be a little more cooperative. Ask him about the active topics. Give him the newspaper and he will leave his site to place a horse race bet. Go by his tent and search inside his tool box. You will get yourself a seward tool. Go back to the cafe and then across the square right where you saw the clown heading. Use the seward tool on the seward lid and go down. Pick up the red thing in front of you. It's a clown's false nose that indicates that you are on the right trail. Go straight ahead and in the next screen pick up the tissue and the cloth. Go up the ladder. You will find an ex-military man yelling at you. Show Rosso's card once more to deceive him. Interrogate him about every subject available. Show him the cloth you found and he will mention a suit he found. A similar discussion topic will appear. Ask him about it and he will give you a new lead. When you are done talking to him, you will find yourself outside in the street again. (If you did not introduce yourself to Nicole before now is the time to talk to Moue about her.) Use the box next to where the worker used to stand. It's a telephone. You must have two telephone numbers available by now: Nicole Collard and Totryx. Call Nicole and she will give you her address. A new site will appear on your map called Rue Jarry. Go there.

Rue Jarry: Nico's Apartment
You will find yourself talking to Nico. Show her the cloth you found in the sewards. She will give you a photo of the killer. Ask her about it. Show her the clown's false nose. She will notice something inside it. A new site will be added to your map. Try all the conversation topics available. You will find out that the dead man's name was Plantard and the background story of two similar killings. Use her phone by clicking on the telephone topic and call Todryx. He is not very cooperative but after talking to him he will offer to help you if you tell him the killer's name. Leave Nico's apartment and go to La Risee Du Mond.

La Rissee Du Monde
This is the costume shop where the false nose was bought by the killer clown. Talk to the shop owner. Ask him about the clown: too many clown costumes were hired. Try showing him the photo Nico gave you. It sure helped. Show the photo once more: you just got the killer's name 'Khan'. You also found out that he will be killing again dressed as a pixie. Show him the tissue. Leave the place. The shop owner will give you a hand buzzer. Go back to Nico's apartment.

Rue Jarry: Nico's Apartment
Talk about the clown, Khan. Use Nico's phone and call Todryx. He will help you and give you a new clue. Hotel Ubu is added to your map. Leave the apartment and visit the Hotel.

Hotel Ubu
You will not find out anything from the guys outside so there is no need to talk to them. Go inside. Talk to the receptionist. Ask him about the clown, Plantard and Khan. Show him the picture. No matter how hard you try he will not tell Khan's real name. Notice the keys on the board on the wall. Try to pick them up. Talk to the man reading the paper. Ask about Plantard and the clown. Show him Khan's picture. Ask about Khan. Talk to the woman playing the piano. Ask about Khan, herself (keep repeating this topic 3 or 4 times and she will tell you about Moerlin). Show her Khan's photo. Bingo: Khan's real name is Moerlin. Ask her again about Khan and you will find out that he put documents in the hotel's safe. Try the keys topic now. She will offer to help you get the keys. While the receptionist is retrieving her jewelry from the safe, get the keys from the board and go upstairs. Try the doors. You have the keys for the first room and Khan is staying next door as Todryx told you. Use the keys on the first door to get inside. You will not find anything in the closet. Open the window and step outside on the ledge. Walk to the right to get into Khan's room. Open the drawer: there is nothing inside it. Pick up the briefcase by the bed: it's empty. Now you know that the documents in the safe are probably what you are after. Search the bed: once more you find nothing. Leave the room using the door. Moerlin is coming. You will hide inside the closet and after Moerlin leaves go search the pair of trousers he left on the bed. You will find an id pass with his name on it and a matchbook. Leave the room using the door. Go down to the receptionist and talk to him. He will refuse to give you the documents Moerlin put in the safe even though you have his id pass. Perhaps the Lady playing the piano can prove herself useful once more. Show her Moerlin's pass and she will take over. If you show her the manuscript she will advise you to hide it. If you try to leave the Hotel the two gangsters outside will search you, take the manuscript and then kill you. Go upstairs again. Open room 21 using the keys on the door. Step on the ledge again and throw the manuscript to the alley. Go inside the room, leave through the door, go downstairs and leave the hotel. Those two gangsters will search you but will not find anything on you. Go to the left side of the Hotel where the alley is and picks up the manuscript. Go to Nicole's apartment.

Rue Jarry: Nico's Apartment
You will examine the manuscript and find out the story behind the Templars. Show Nicole the Matchbook. Ask her about the briefcase and the manuscript. Nicole will advise you to visit her friend Andre Lobinau who is able to help you. The museum he is working in will be added to your map. Ask her about the four figures. Each one is a clue that will prove itself useful in time. Leave the apartment and go to the museum.

Musee Crune
Talk to the guard. He will tell you Lobinau is not there at the moment. Ask about the manuscript and the Templars. Check all the exhibits one by one and check frequently with the guard. He is no good in history. Finally check the tripod. You will find out it was discovered in Ireland. Ireland is added to your map. Leave the museum and go back to Nicole's apartment.

Rue Jarry: Nico's Apartment
Nicole will tell you more about Lobinau and Ireland. You will also learn about professor Peagram who is conducting a dig in the castle connected to the Templars. Ask about Peagram and then leave. Choose the airport site from your map and then Ireland.

Talk to the boy outside the pub. Introduce yourself either way you want. Ask about the clown, Peagram, the Castle, and after that, ask about the ghost and the dig. Go inside the pub. Talk to the man wearing glasses. Offer him a drink and ask about the dig, Peagram and the castle. Ask about the gem. Show him the photo. Go talk to the old man in the right side of the screen. Offer him a drink and ask about the castle, Peagram and the ghost. Abort the conversation. Notice that every time he takes a sip from his drink he leaves something on the table in front of him. Pick it up. It's a string and you never know when it may come handy. Go talk to the fat man at the left corner of the bar stool. He is Mr O'Brien. Ask him about the Castle and Peagram. Ask him about the tripod. Ask about the ghost, the gem and the owner of the pub. Tell him you are not a reporter (they do not seem to like them). Talk to the man who has his back turned to you. Ask him about the Castle, Peagram and the dig. Ask about the gem. Offer him a drink and then ask about Sean Fitzerald. You will now know for sure that Sean Fitzerald (the man wearing the glasses) worked at the dig although he denied it. Talk to Fitz again and ask him about the dig. Talk to the landlord. Tell him you need a vacancy. Ask about the Castle, the clown, Peagram (it does not matter what your answer will be) and finally ask about Fitz. Go outside and talk to Maguire. Ask about the gem and the dig (you will find out that Fitz was given a box by Peagram). Ask about Fitz. Go once more inside the pub and talk to Fitz. Ask about the dig, Peagram, the package and then Marquet. You really pulled his leg cause he will rush outside and a few seconds later Maguire will burst in to inform you about a car accident. Go outside to check it out. Maguire will tell you what happened and you should notice that the lid was broken by the car. The pixie hit as expected. Ask Maguire about Fitz. It's only logical to assume that the box fell down the grate. You must gain access to the pub's cellar. Use the fuse box that is now uncovered. You just messed up with the beer pump. Go inside and ask the landlord to fetch you a drink. Show him Moerlin's card. Use the wire on the washing machine plug. The machine will start operating again and the pub owner will ask you to fix the pump in the cellar as well. Go downstairs and you will find a lever. Use it once. It probably released the lock that gave you a hard time outside the pub. Go again outside the pub and Moerlin will make his appearance. Lift the trapdoor. Go inside the pub and then down to the cellar. Look around you. You will find a torch and a package containing the gem. Go upstairs, pass Maguire and follow the trail to the castle. You will find Fitz's uncle sitting in front of a haystack. Talk to him. Ask about his book, the castle. Ask about the Templars, Peagram, the Ferrari and then Fitz. He will leave to seek out for Fitz and ask you to guard the haystack. Use the haystack to climb up the castle's wall and the seward tool in the hole to your left. Now you can climb farther up and go inside the castle. You will find a nasty goat. It took me about an hour of trying to get past it. You must head towards the ladder. Billy will knock you down and just as he is retrieving to his original position use the pole in the left side of the screen. You will jump there and use the pole trapping Billy. Go down the ladder now. On the desk you will find some plaster of Paris. Pick it up. In front of the altar a little statue is standing. Try to pick it up and it will fall on the ground. Move it once more and you will notice five holes. Use them. Use the plaster on them. Now you need some water. Go back to the pub cellar. As you enter the pub you should notice a towel in front of the man sitting with his back turned to you. Pick it up when he lifts his hand to drink his beer. Go downstairs and use the faucet. Use the towel twice on the running water. Go back to the altar and use the towel on the plaster. Pick up the plaster and fit it at the left of the altar. Go inside. You will see a tapestry writing Montfaucon on it. Next thing you know you will find yourself in Nico's apartment. Leave her apartment and visit Andre.

Musee Crune
Talk to Andre. Ask him about Montfaucon, Peagram (you will learn he was connected to the other victims) and the Templars. Talk to him about Nicole and then leave. Go to the police station.

Poste de Police
Talk to Moue. Ask him about Plantard, Marquet (he will provide you with a new lead and a new site on your map) and then about the two gangsters. Ask about Khan and Rosso. Ask Rosso about his Psyco-investigating methods, Marquet, the Templars, Khan Peagram, gangsters and Plantard. Leave the police station and head for the hospital.

Go inside. Talk to the receptionist and ask about Marquet (answer no). Show her Moerlin's id pass. Ask about the clown, the gangsters and the nurse. Go down the corridor. Talk to the man with the vacuum cleaner. Pull out the plug by the water cooler and then open the red door. Go down the ward in front of you dressed as a doctor. Talk to the patients as the nurse instructs you. When you are done with them, head to Marquet's room. The patient in the first bed will not let you anywhere near it unless you take his blood pressure. However as hard as you may try you do not qualify to do it. Go back to the reception desk and talk to the old doctor. He will mistake you for another doctor he is been expecting and assign you to take care of his nephew Bunny. Go back to Marquet's room. Bunny will follow you. Hand him the pressure gauge and talk to him. Instruct him to the first patient and he will take over. You may now visit Marquet. Watch the video.

Rue Jarry: Nico's Apartment
Talk to Nicole about the Templars, Marquet, and the Hashashasin. Go to Andre.

Musee Crune
Ask Andre about Lui de Bele, the Hashashasin and the Templars. Next to the window you can see a window mechanism. When the guard is not paying any attention to you, use the mechanism. He will go there to close the window again. Just then hurry to operate the sarcophagus. You will hide inside it and the museum will close. When the night falls the two gangsters will come to steal the tripod. Use the totem when the two goons appear. The totem will fall breaking the glass case protecting the tripod and setting off the alarm. At the same time you will fall unconscious and a pantomime cat will enter the room from the roof and steal the tripod. Next day you will find yourself at Nico's apartment explaining her what happened the night before. Guess who was the cat woman. She will hand you the tripod and inform you about Andre and the manuscript. Hurry there. At the museum talk to Andre and ask him about the manuscript until the topic disappears. You have a new clue. Go to the airport and then choose Villa de Vasconcellos.

Villa de Vasconcellos
Talk to the gardener. He is determined not to let you see the Countess de Vasconcellos. Tell him that she did not won the lottery. You should try to distract him. Since he seems so occupied in watering the garden, go mess with his hose. At the left hand side of the house you can see a window where the hose comes out. Attach the pressure gauge on it. When he leaves go inside the house. In front of you by the armor you can see an iron gate. Go there to upset the dogs to and right after that use the armor to hide behind it. It worked. Time to go upstairs to visit the Countess. Talk to her about the Templars. Ask about the chess. Examine the altar. On removing the Bible you find something interesting. Examine the pattern. Talk to the Countess. Ask again about the Templars and then the chess board. Ask about the chess figures. Ask about the Templars again (it will help you understand the background story if you have not read the game manual). When Lopez arrives you will find yourself facing a chess puzzle. A piece of cake for those of you who know how to play chess. For the rest of you, here is what you have to do. The middle column of the chess board is moveable and you can see three white figures in the following order the horse (up), the king (middle) and the officer (down). You must move those three figures in the middle column and put them in such an order that the red will not threaten you. Put your king between the two red horses (square no. 4 counting from the top) and place your officer on the first square (up). Finally place your horse on the 3rd square. Check mate on the red. This way you will recover a grail and find yourself once more in Nico's apartment. It looks like Nico is jealous. Leave and go to Montfaucon.

You can find there a policeman, a crowd and a jogger. Ask about himself. It's obvious that you do not qualify for a jogger. Talk to the policeman. Ask about the jogger, the red nose. What he tells you should give you an idea what to do next. Go talk again to the jogger and try to joggle once more. The jogger seems raged. You got rid of the crowd and the officer. You can now lift up the seward lid and go downstairs. On the right wall, by the boat, there are three inscriptions. Examine all three of them and then use the seward key on them. The first one is hollow. Examine it once more. Go on the boat and use the handle (a friend of mine was unable to use the handle so he demolished the door by using once more the seward tool on it). Pick up the chain and attach it on the wall you demolished. Use again the handle of the mechanism on the boat. There goes the door. Enter now the passage you revealed. If you go down the stairs you simply are killed since you bumped into the conspirators. Try instead to spy on them by using the small shiny crack on the rock. They seem to have problems of their own. When the first part of the conversation is over, spy them once more. This time you will see them leaving and by then you will know for sure you have to follow Klausner's trail in Syria, but where exactly should you go? Since they left you can go down the stairs. Examine the circle. Use the stump in the center. Put the tripod on the stump and after that the gem on top of it. Marib is what you get and Nico will enlighten you on that. Leave and go to the airport. Destination Marib.

Talk to the boy who looks like Aladdin. You are in for a surprise. Ask him about the stand and then the Templars and himself. Ask about the knight. When you are done talking show him the red bell you got from the jogger. Show the ball to him once more since he got so excited the first time. He offers to do something for you as a trade for the ball. Keep this in mind cause it might prove useful in the process. Talk to the tourist man. His name is Duane Henderson and ask him about himself, his wife Pearl, the bull, the woman with the mirror, the Templars, the knight with the crystal ball and finally Nejo. Talk to Pearl now. Ask about herself and to her poem, Duane, the Templars, Nejo and the medieval wieving. You are aware of her desire to find some artifact really old. Go on the right of the screen all the way to the end up into the door by the kebab stand. There is a man selling carpets. One carpet in the middle looks familiar. It's the pattern on the matchbook. Show it to the man who sells the carpets and you will gain access to club Alamut. You will find a rather untalkative bartender and a taxi driver. Talk to Ultar the taxi driver. Ask him about the bartender, Nejo, the Templars and Duane and Pearl. Try the door in the right. Examine the spit bucket and read the note on the door. Talk to Ultar again. Show him the photo of Khan. Ask about bulls head hill. Answer yes (you definitely want to visit the place). Ask about the note on the door. It's time you discovered the brush. Use the door once more. Go down to the market. Examine the kebab stand. You will out find out that he is using the toilet brush for brushing his kebabs. It's time you asked Nejo a favor. Ask about Duane and Pearl, Ultar, the man selling the kebabs and offer him again the ball. Ask what the phrase he told you means. Go try it with Arthur. Talk to him and tell him what Nejo told you. I think you saw that coming. Go again down the market and directly to Nejo. He used you as a diversion to steal the brush. Go to the Alamut club and offer the brush to the bartender. He will give you the toilet keys. It's only logical to explore the toilet. Use the keys on the locked door. Use the toilet booth and the flush. Use the roller toilet dispenser and get the towel. Leave the toilet. Go to the market again. Nejo's playing with the ball. Did you notice the cat in the stand before? It's not what you call cute. Try to pet her and when it jumps on the self hurry and ring the bell. Nejo's father will appear. Pick up from the ground the broken statue. Didn't Pearl mention that she wanted something old? Use the tissue with the greasepaint on it and then offer it to Pearl. She will tell you to talk to Duane. By doing so you will sell him the statue and gain 50 bucks. Go to Alamut Club and just talk to Ultar about Bull's head then pay Ultar to get you there. You may even find out what you said to Arthur means. Bad luck seems to be your middle name. The taxi (if you can call it that way) needs repair. Offer the towel to Ultar.

Bull's Head Hill
Go to the tree and pick up a branch. Attach the half towel you have on it and use what you just created on the hole in the ground in the right side of the screen. Use this handmade ladder to go down to Bull's head. In the upper left corner you will find a hole. Stick your hand in it and then use the metal ring. Go inside the cave. Walk to the left to you will find Klausner's body. You will become trapped inside the cave. Search Klausner and you will get hold of the lens mentioned before. Examine the idol in Klausner's right side. Now, the picture on the left. It must be Britain. By then you must hear the door mechanism operate. You will not give Khan the lens play it no matter which way you choose to respond (bad or good). IN NO CASE choose to die like a dog cause you will die. Tell Khan you will die like a man and shake hands with him using the hand buzzer. While he is lying down, do not hesitate to jump from cliff. It will save your life. Do not go for his gun or you will be killed.

Rue Jarry: Nico's Apartment
Show her the lens and then pay a visit to Montfaucon site.

Go inside the church. You will see a priest there. Talk to him about himself, the Templars and the stained glass window. Show him the grail and when he offers to polish it, accept his offer. While he is doing so, check the statue and operate the script it is holding. You will see a frame from the stained window. Use now the lens on the scroll only this time you will see the image of a Knight Templar burning at the stake and a date. Talk to the priest again. He will tell you that the coat of armour on the grail matches one on the tombs. Ask about the stained window again. Examine the second tomb in front of the rear wall. You have discovered the resting place of Don Carlos. Additionally, you have something new to go on investigating. Go visit Andre.

Musee Crune
You will learn more about Ceasar's Latin phrase you read on the cave wall by talking to Andre. Ask about Baphomet. He will tell you about a digging site in Paris. Visit the Site de Baphomet

Site de Baphomet
Talk to the worker. You can talk about himself, the Templars and the dig but he will not be of great help. On your right you can see an open iron gate. Go in there and talk to the man guarding the door. Ask about himself and the Templars. You know for sure he will not let you in. This means that you must obtain the key to the dig and send the guard away for a while. Try the locked toilet door and then talk to the guard. Ask him about the toilet and he will give you the keys. Use the keys on the door to enter. On the sink there is a bar of soap. Pick it up after examining the sink. Use the keys on the soap to make an impression of the key. Use the plaster on the soap. Use the soap on the sink. You now have a substitute key to the real one however it looks and feels like plaster. The greasepaint will not help you this time. Go to the guard and give him the keys. Go outside to use the paint in the bucket by the painter. He will not let you. Go downstairs again and use the phone to call Nicole. She will agree to distract the painter so go and fetch him. Talk to him and tell him he has a phone call. While he is away, use the key on the bucket. It looks like the real one but it still feels like plaster. Go to the guard downstairs. On his left there is a thermostat. Examine it and talk to the guard about it. Ask for the toilet keys again. Use the thermostat to turn the heating off and the guard will have to wear his gloves. Use the keys on the locked toilet door and when you get inside use your key on his keys. Go outside, give the keys to the guard and then call Nicole once more, only this time she will offer to distract the guard. You will go outside and when the guard and the painter start fighting rush downstairs. Use the key on the excavation door. Examine the pattern in front of the Baphomet's idol. Do you remember the icon of a woman looking inside a mirror but saw the reflection of three hideous faces? Try the chalice on the pattern. You will see the image of a church. Leave Nico's apartment and go to the airport. Choose Spain.

Villa de Vasconcellos
This time Lopez will be a lot friendlier. With Lopez on your side go upstairs to see the Countess. Talk to her about the chalice and herself. She can help you with the biblical references but you must first obtain a Bible. There was one inside the tomb in the garden. Before going to the garden, look inside the utility room for something useful. You will find a mirror there. Pick it up and go to the tomb. Get the Bible. While you are still inside the tomb, get the rod and use it to close the window. In the center of the ceiling a yellow candle is hanging. To lit it get the rod, use the greasepainted tissue on it and then use the rod on the candles by the altar. Light the candle now by using the rod. It will burn for a few minutes revealing some sort of key. Go back to the Countess and talk to her. Give her the Bible and she will match the quotations you memorized with the religious references inside the Bible. Show her the key you found by burning down the candle. Go talk to Lopez. Ask him about the well and then how to find it. He will point at a hazel tree but if you examine it you will not find any Y shaped branches on it. Go to the left side of the house where you messed up with the watering hose the last time you visited Spain. By the window you can see a hazel tree. Use it to get the Y shaped stick for which you were searching. Go back to Lopez and give him the stick. Watch what happens. In the right side of the well there is a lion's head. Examine it, then use it twice but hurry away from the door or you will be killed. Examine what was behind the lion door. It's too dark. If you go upstairs and talk to Lopez he will tell you that he does not have batteries for the torch but he will give you a hint as well: "light spreads in straight lines". Go down the well again and use the mirror on the well's wall by the rope. Use the key on the door and enter. You just found the kids and the missing chess figure. You will return to Nico's apartment.

Rue Jarry: Nicole's Apartment
Andre is there as well. It's your turn to get jealous. After a short discussion with Nico and Andre you will decide to visit Bannockburn in Britain. You will travel by train and Nico will escort you this time.

Inside The Train
You are sitting by Nicole and an old lady is sitting opposite to you. Talk to Nicole since the Discussion zone is available. Talk to her once more when you are done for the first time and you will flirt with her (since I did not try to skip this part to see what happens in the end the second time I played the game, I suggest that you do not either). Talk to the old woman if you want. You will not find out anything useful. Leave your compartment (you will have to try it twice since the ticket collector will appear on your first attempt to do so) and walk left all the way. Keep walking until One of the gangsters appear and blocks your way. Head back to your compartment to inform Nicole about their presence but you will see she is missing. So is the old lady. Get inside the compartment in the middle where the two drunk guys are. Talk to the one that is not sleeping but he will not be of much help. Mention Nicole and then Operate their window. This time he will help you to climb outside and then onto the roof. Do not go left or you will be electrocuted. Go right instead and when you reach the next wagon use the ladder to climb inside it. The situation looks nasty. Someone is pointing a gun at Nicole and Khan. Use the emergency break to make him loose his balance and then you will find yourself talking to Khan. You will find out the truth about the neo-Templars. Hurry outside in the same way you entered. Nicole will ask you to help her and you will take advantage of her situation in a way. Do not worry she will not mind. Walk inside the ruins of the church. It's the same one you saw in the reflection of the pattern that stood in front of the Baphomet idol. Search the ground by the left wall in front of the window and you will find a lot of useless things: a plastic pen top, a clay-pipe, an old coin and a cog. Use the wooden machine on your right hand side. It's divided in two operable parts. Use the one that is closer to Nicole. You now have a handle in your inventory and use the same machine part to get a second cog. Put the cog in the eyes of the statue that is just behind Nicole. Put the second cog in the other eye as well. Now put the handle in its mouth. Enter the door you just opened. I will not describe to you what happens from now on afraid that you may read this part by mistake and spoil you all the fun. Go down the door on your right. You will see a video and realize what I meant about spoiling the fun. Use the torch. Watch the final video. I hope that you will not mind if I tell you that the good guys always get the girl in THE END.

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