Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 6: Expert 2

Strategy Guide

  • Card passwords

    Enter the password to get the corresponding card. To enter the codes, press L to access to the sub-menu, then choose the second icon (Duel Assistance), press Down, choose 8 pass to enter the passwords.

    Axe Raider48305365
    Blue-Eyes White Dragon89631139
    Compassionate Nun84080938
    Cosmo Queen38999506
    Cyborg Wyvern48766543
    Dragon Capture Jar50045299
    Earthbound Spirit67105242
    Garneshia Elephantess49888191
    Gate Guardin25833572
    Giant Red Sea Snake85531685
    Giant Soldier of Stone13039848
    Goblin Strike Team78658564
    Great Moth14141448
    Harp Spirit80770678
    Harpy Feather Duster18144506
    Kaisar Dragon94566432
    Magnet Valkyrion75347539
    Masked Beast Death Guradiuss48948935
    Masked Beast Hellraiser49064413
    Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth48579379
    Red-eyes Black Dragon74677422
    Red-eyes Black Metal Dragon64335804
    Serpent Night Dragon66516792
    Summoned Skull70781052
    Time Wizard71625222
    Toon Blue-Eyes White Dragon53183600
    Ushi Oni48649353
    Wall of Illusions13945283
    Water Mage85639257

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