Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards

  • Add 100 points to deck capacity

    Enter 98025229 as a code at the machine in the card shop. Note: This can only be done once.

  • Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon (alternate version)

    When you get to the part where you have to duel Kaiba to pass Ishizu's test, defeat him and he will give you The Blue Eyes Ultimate Dragon.

  • Cyber Harpie

    Before taking part in the tournament (before meeting in Trusdale's shop), go to the aquarium. You will see May Valentine talking with a Hollywood actor. She will let you do the fighting with him. Defeat him, then take part in the final tournament. At the stadium waiting for Odion, talk with May and she will give you the card, Cyber Harpie.

  • Joey Wheeler and T'ea Gardner

    After defeating Mako Tsunami and getting the sixth Locator Card, talk to Tristan Taylor and defeat him. Then, defeat every Ghoul in Battle City. When Tristan reappears at your house, defeat him again. When Tristan says something about the park, go there, where Weevil Underwood would mostly be found. You will see Banid Keith attacking Weevil Underwood with Zera the Mant. Weevil Underwood will have no monsters, magic, or trap cards to protect his Life Points. Bandit Keith challenges you to a duel. When you defeat him, you will go to the building where Mokuba is located. He is wih Lumis and Umbra. You can choose who to duel against. When you defeat either one of them, go to the Art. This is where Seto Kaiba will be. Your map will now have the Pier where Marik Ishtar has Joey Wheeler and T'ea Gardner captive. Both are under the control of Marik' s Millennium Rod. Yugi will duel against controlled Joey Wheeler. Yugi does not want to duel against his best friend and falls in the water. You can either go in the water and rescue Yugi or leave him there. You will duel against controlled Joey Wheeler. When you defeat him, you will return to Yugi's house. While you are there, Joey needs one more Locator Card to finish in the Battle City finals. While you are waiting, go to the Art where Ishizu is waiting. She will duel against you. When you defeat her, you will face Seto Kaiba. After you defeat Seto Kaiba, Ishizu will give you Obelisk The Tormenter to use in the finals. Return to Yugi's house. Everyone is waiting for you. When you are near the blimp, talk to everyone. Then talk to Seto Kaiba's manager, who is guarding the blimp. Talk to him and one more minute before liftoff, Odion will appear and start the duels. You will see Yugi vs. Bakura. They both turn into the other one. Bakura Ryou turns into Yami Bakura and Yugi turns into Yami Yugi. Yugi summons Slifer The Sky Dragon and Yami Bakura loses.

  • Mako Tsunami

    Go to the Clock Tower area bottom middle section (go to the clock itself then go down). There is a person there. Press A and he tells you that Arkana is in the card shop. Go there and when you defeat him the Aquarium, Bridge, and Building will appear as new areas. Mako is in the Aquarium. You have to duel all the people in there, including the person outside. After defeating the Silent One/Strings, the Aquarium will appear. In order to battle Mako, defeat everyone inside and outside including Joey Wheeler. If Joey is not there, go to the building and talk to him. He should now be at the Aquarium. You will be able to duel Mako afterwards and receive the final locator card.

  • Obelisk The Tormentor

    Duel Ishizu Ishtar, so she can see if you are the chosen one. After that, you have to face Kaiba to pass Ishizu's test. She will give you Obelisk to use in the Finals. Additionally, Obelisk The Tormentor has 4,000 ATK and 4,000 DEF. When he comes into play use his effect. He has a built in Raigeki, which can destroy all of the opponent's monsters. His second effect deals 4,000 of damage to your opponent's life points.

  • Slifer The Sky Dragon

    Defeat Yugi in the Finals and he will give you Slifer. Additionally, effect Slifer gains 10,000 ATK when you have four cards in your hand; three levels per a card in your hand.

  • The Winged Dragon Of Ra

    Defeat Yami Marik and finish the Finals.

    When you defeat Yami Marik, he will give you The Winged Dragon of Ra but you cannot use it because the game has already ended. You can only use Obelisk The Tormenter, and Slifter The Sky Dragon.

    When Ra comes into play, his effect is that every LP you use except for one will make the opponent lose LP defending on how much LP you have. For example, 8000-0001 = 7999 direct damage to the opponent.

  • Using Ra

    Duel Marik, allow him to summon Ra, but make sure you have Slifer on the field with a lot of attack (at least 5500) and a Monster Reborn in your hand. When Marik summons Ra, he will automatically put Ra in defense mode because your Slifer is stronger. Have Slifer attack and destroy Ra. After Ra is destroyed, immediately use Monster Reborn and you will be able to use Ra for the reminder of the duel.

  • Egyptian God card removal

    When you Finish the finals, Ishizu will take all of the Egyptian God cards from you. Enjoy the God cards before the Finals.

  • Stop Defense effect

    When you use "Stop Defense", all of your opponent's monsters well be in attack mode for two turns. This includes this turn and the next turn.

  • Reaching the Finals

    To get to the Finals, you must have Obelisk The Tormenter, six Locator Cards, and at least a 3,000 Deck Capacity.

  • Winning the Finals

    If you have already entered the ship, get off of it and save. Next, go to the pier, the graveyard, and the park to duel the duelists there. When your deck capacity has reached over 3,000, get back to the ship and duel Marik. Make sure you have either fiends or magicians. If that is not your style, use your own but make sure you have at least three copies of the field magic card that you are using. You should also have Obelisk and Slifer in your deck. Their cost is 0 each.

  • Fight Marik again

    Before you start dueling in the final match against the evil side of Marik, go back to your (player's) home and save your game. Afterwards, return to the Kaiba Tower and duel Marik. After winning the duel, the game will end. However if you want to duel Marik again, simply turn off the game and turn it back on. Select the option at the main menu to continue the game. Go to the Kaiba Tower to Marik and duel him again. Note: When you are using this trick, do not select "New Game" at the main menu or you will start a new game with or without saving. You can also do this with other duelists if you want duel him or her again.

  • Run very fast

    While walking, hold B to run very fast.

  • Easy money

    When you defeat Duel Robot you will get 5,000 Domino. If you defeat Duel Robot a lot, you can buy every card at the Card Shop.

    When in the part with the Ghouls, fill your deck with light monsters. When they attack any of your face down monsters, they will automatically destroyed. You will now have a free shot at their life points. Try using Hourglass Of Life (raises all monsters attack on your side of the field by 500 points, no matter what type), Ancient Elf (strong light monster for powering up), Hoshiningen (powers up light monsters on your side of the field by 500 points), Gemini Elf (also a strong light monster), Skelengel (when using its effect, allows you to draw one card from your deck), and Revival Jam (can duplicate itself; with 1500 ATK points it is very useful). Try to get at least two of each of these cards into your deck. By doing this, you can get a lot of money easily. The Ghouls will give you 2,000 to 5,000 Domino in each duel (and you also get a card).

    Duel Mako. He gives you cards such as Fortress Whale Amphibian Beast, and you will get 4,000 Domino when defeated. Use Revival Jam, Immortal Of Thunder, Rare Fish and similar cards that to defeat him.

  • Easy way to remember what beats what

    There are two circles; the Element circle and the Day/Night circle. In the Elemental circle, there are Pyro, Aqua, Forest, Thunder, Wind, and Earth. In that, Pyro beats Forest, Aqua beats Pyro, Thunder beats Aqua, Earth beats Thunder, Wind beats Ground. and Forest beats Wind. The Day/Night circle has Light, Shadow, Dream, and Fiend. Fiend beats Dream, Dream beats Shadow, Shadow beats Light, and Light beats Fiends.

  • Increase deck capacity

    Battle Bonz at the cemetery for an easy win. You will get 10 points when you defeat him.

  • Opponent loses more LP

    When you draw a level 5 or higher monster, play that card face down in defense mode with high DEF. Your opponent will attack your strong monster, then he or she will lose LP. If the attack power is not high enough, keep doing this every time. Your foe's LP will soon be gone.

  • Change your hand

    To change your hand at the beginning of the duel, change your ante.

  • Ante cards

    Ante cards are cards that the other duelist will take if you lose. If you "bet" a strong card and win, you will win a strong card. For example, a Magician Of Faith may get you a Curiboh. A Blue Eyes may get you a Dark Magician, etc. Save your game before a duel. Then, enter a duel, set your ante card, and if you lose, turn off your Game Boy Advance. Then, go back and try again. Note: Your Domino, duelist level, and your deck capacity will not change if you lose a duel.

  • Card shop

    After you are done in Clock Tower you can reach the card shop. To get more Domino, increase duelist level and deck capacity duel Bonz ten times. Keep ante-ing to get more cards. After ten duels, sell the cards you do not need and you will get a lot of Domino. As you keep doing this, you will get a lot of deck capacity. As you win, your level will go up by 2 or 3. By the time you get to 4500 capacity, your level will be 999 and you can put any card in your deck. It is recommended that you maximize your capacity to 9999 so that you can make any deck desired not worrying cards that you cannot put in your deck. You should put more effect monsters such as Mythical Beast Circuit, Revival Jam, Dark Necrofear, etc,. in your deck.

    Go to the machine at the card shop and enter 99267150 as a code. Buy the Five God Dragon at the front counter. Also, enter 62873545 as a code to buy Master of Dragon Soldier at the front counter. You will need to sacrifice three monsters.

    When buying, make sure that you buy a very strong card, probably after getting locator cards from Roba, Bonz, and Rex. Also, make sure to buy level 4 monsters with 1400+ or more instead of just buying a card with an attack of 900; you will save more money. Also, buy some trap and magic cards such as Raigeki, Torriental Tribute, Sword of Revealing Light, Monster Reborn, and Change of Heart.

  • Summoning level 9 and above

    Have three Doron and three Swords Of Revealing Light in your deck. Use Doron effect and it will make a clone of itself. Use it until you have what you need to summon it. For example, on the third turn summon the Egyptian God monsters (first turn two monsters Dorn's effect, second turn four Monsters, third turn one Doron God Monster).

  • Summon The Dark Sage and Thousand Dragon in one turn

    Have both Dark Magician and Baby Dragon. Keep a Torrential Tribute face down to protect Baby Dragon. On your next turn, summon Time Wizard. It can make Dark Magican and Baby Dragon turn into an even more powerful form. Dark Sage has 2,800 and ATK 3,200 DEF. Thousand Dragon has 2,400 ATK and 2,000 DEF.

  • No ante

    If do not want to give up an ante card during a duel, press B during the ante selection screen. Select "No" and you will battle without an ante.

  • Monsters that can clone themselves

    Doron and Revivel Jam can clone themselves. Use their effects to make copies of themselves, then summon level 6 and above, and also have a very high deck capacity (at least 4000) and 4000 duelist level. By that time your deck will be unbeatable.

  • Recommended cards

    Try having at least three of the following cards in a deck: Doron, Revival Jam, Swords Of Revealing Light, Mammoth Grave Yard, Spellbinding Circle, Pot Of Greed, Pinch Hopper, Insect Queen, Destiny Board, Spirit Message I, Spirit Message N, Spirit Message A, Spirit Message L, Raigeki, Dark Hole, Exodia The Forbidden One, Left Arm OF The Forbidden One, Right Arm OF The Forbidden One, Left Leg Of The Forbidden, Right Leg Of The Forbidden One.

  • Ending and credits

    When you, Yugi, and Joey go back to Battle City and say goodbye to each other, credits will appear, along with character art. Note: To know when credits end, when Yami Yugi appears with a duel disc in his arm, in the bottom left corner it will say "The End".

  • Dueling Kaiba

    You will duel Kaiba at the Art place.

  • Dueling Mako

    You will duel Mako by dueling everybody in and out of the Aquarium.

  • Defeating Bonz

    Use a lot of Light monsters as Bonz's deck is totally filled with Fiend monsters. Light beats Fiend, Pyro beats Insect, and Aqua or Water beats Pyro.

  • Defeating Mako Tsunami

    Use Thunder and Wind monsters. Thunder defeats all Aqua, and he has some Earth monsters. Use Wind against them.

  • Defeating Marik Ishtar

    Get Light monsters and Dream monsters. Also, if you have a good enough duelist level, you should put in Flash Assailant.

  • Defeating Odion (Marik)

    Use a lot of flying monsters such as Harpie Lady or Harpie Ladie Sisters. Do this because Odion has all Rock and Ground monsters. He really does not use trap cards like in other games and the television show.

  • Defeating Weevil

    When dueling Weevil, his entire deck is full of Insects. Use Pyro Monsters against him. This even works with Pyro Monsters that have low attack points. Use Fire/Pryo Monster against him, even if they do not have ATK points.

  • Defeat Ghouls with purple cloaks

    They use Fiends. If you use Light Monsters, you will defeat them easily.

  • Duelists that give you locator cards

      Rex Raptor
      Wevil Underwood
      Espa Roba

    The Duelist that you get the final locator card from is Mako Tsunami.

  • Getting good cards

    The following people give good and semi-good cards:

      Joey Wheeler (at aquarium)
      Bonz (at graveyard)
      Yugi (at toy shop)
      Rex Rapter (at clock tower)
      The Duel Machine (at Kaiba Corp.)
      Weevil Underwood (at park)
      Tsunami (at aquarium)

    In the beginning of the game, battle Tristan repeatedly. You will get five deck capacity points and about 100 gold and a good card. Additionally, go to Tristan (the person in front of your house) and use a high level card as an ante. When you defeat him you will get very good cards.

  • Weaknesses

      Wind defeats Earth.
      Earth defeats Thunder.
      Thunder defeats Aqua.
      Aqua defeats Pyro.
      Pyro defeats Forest.
      Forest defeats Wind.
      Shadow defeats Light.
      Light defeats Fiend.
      Fiend defeats Dream.
      Dream defeats Shadow.

  • Order of Finals battles

      1. Yugi vs. Bakura
      2. You vs. Odion
      3. Marik vs. Joey Wheeler
      4. Kaiba vs. Mai Valentine
      5. You vs. Yugi
      6. Marik vs. Kaiba
      7. You vs. Marik

  • Rare Hunter/Ghouls appearances

      Arkana: Card Shop Basement.

      Controlled Bandit Keith: Park and then at the Pier.

      Exodia RareHunter: Cemetery.

      Marik Ishtar/Namu: In Yugi's grandfather's shop when you first meet him. Sis second appearance will be at the finals.

      Normal Rare Hunters: They will appear in every location when you reach a certain part of the game.

      Strings: The back part of the bridge when watching Kaiba defeat someone, and after you finish talking or dueling most of the people in that area.

      Umbra and Lumis: In the front of the "Building", which is the place where you see Mai and Joey for the second time. Note: Umbra and Lumis only appear after you ask, then duel the Security Guard in front of Kaiba Corp. when you get up to the part where you and Yugi have to search for Joey and Tea since they have been kidnapped. When you finish dueling him he should tell you where Mokuba is. When he does so, go to the location called the "Building" and you should see them there.

      Yami Marik: He will appear in the Finals after you beat Odion in the Semi-Finals.

  • Card passwords

    Enter one of the following codes at the machine in the card shop to get the corresponding card:

    7 Colored Fish23771716
    Abyss Flower40387124
    Acid Crawler77568553
    Acid Trap Hole41356845
    Air Marmot Of Nefa75889523
    Alligator's Sword64428736
    All-Seeing Goddess53493204
    Alpha The Magnet Warrior99785935
    Amazon Of The Seasons17968114
    Amazon Sword Women94004268
    Amazoness Archer91869203
    Amazoness Blowpipe73574678
    Amazoness Paladin47480070
    Amazoness Tiger10979723
    Amphibious Bugroth40173854
    Ancient Brain42431843
    Ancient Elf93221206
    Ancient Jar81492226
    Ancient One of the Forest14015067
    Ancient Sorcerer36821538
    Ancient Tool49587396
    Ancient Tree of Enlightenment86421986
    Ancient Water Turtle11714098
    Anti Raigeki42364257
    Aqua Dragon86164529
    Aqua Madoor85639257
    Aqua Snake12436646
    Arma Knight36151751
    Armed Ninja09076207
    Armored Lizard15480588
    Armored Rat16246527
    Armored Starfish17535588
    Armored Zombie20277860
    Axe of Despair40619825
    Axe Raider48305365
    Baby Dragon88819587
    Bait Doll07165085
    Barrel Dragon81480460
    Barrel Lily67841515
    Barrel Rock10476868
    Basic Insect89091579
    Battle Ox05053103
    Battle Steer18246479
    Battle Warrior55550921
    Beaked Snake06103114
    Bean Soldier84990171
    Bear Trap78977532
    Beast Fangs46009906
    Beast King of the South99426834
    Beast of Talwar11761845
    Beastly Mirror Ritual81933259
    Beautiful Beast Trainer29616941
    Beautiful Headhunter16899564
    Beaver Warrior32452818
    Beta the Magnet Warrior39256679
    Big Eye16768387
    Big Insect53606874
    Big Shield Gardna65240384
    Binding Chain08058240
    Bio Plant07670542
    Bite Shoes50122883
    Black Dragon Jungle89832901
    Black Illusion Ritual41426869
    Black Luster Ritual55761792
    Black Luster Soldier05405694
    Black Pendant65169794
    Black Skull Dragon11901678
    Blackland Fire Dragon87564352
    Blast Juggler70138455
    Blast Sphere26302522
    Blue Eyes Silver Zombie35282433
    Blue Eyes Ultra Dragon23995346
    Blue Eyes White Dragon89631139
    Blue Flame Kagemusha15401633
    Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon53183600
    Blue-winged Crown41396436
    Bolt Escargot12146024
    Bolt Penguin48531733
    Bone Mouse21239280
    Boo Koo68963107
    Book of Secret Art91595718
    Bottom Dweller81386177
    Boulder Tortoise09540040
    Brain Control87910978
    Brave Scizzar74277583
    Breath of Life20101223
    Bright Castle82878489
    Buster Blader78193831
    Candle of Destiny47695416
    Cannon Soldier11384280
    Castle of Dark Magic00062121
    Catapult Turtle95727991
    Celtic Guardian91152256
    Change of Heart04031928
    Change Slime18914778
    Chaos Necromancer01434352
    Chaos Sorcerer09596126
    Charubin the Fire37421579
    Chimera the Flying04796100
    Claw Reacher41218256
    Clown Zombie92667214
    Cockroach Knight33413638
    Cocoon of Evolution40240595
    Commencement Dance43417563
    Contruct of Mask02304453
    Corroding Shark34290067
    Cosmo Queen38999506
    Cosmo Queen's Prayer04561679
    Crab Turtle891782219
    Crass Clown93889755
    Crawling Dragon67494157
    Crawling Dragon #238289717
    Crazy Fish53713014
    Crimson Sunbird46696593
    Crow Goblin77998771
    Crush Card57728570
    Curse of Dragon28279543
    Curse of Millenium83094937
    Curse of Tri-Horned Dragon79699070
    Curtain of the Dark22026707
    Cyber Commander06400512
    Cyber Raider39978267
    Cyber Saurus89112729
    Cyber Shield63224564
    Cyber Soldier44865098
    Cyber Soldier of Darkness75559356
    Cyber-tech Alligator48766543
    Dancing Elf59983499
    Dark Artist72520073
    Dark Assailant41949033
    Dark Chimera32344688
    Dark Elf21417692
    Dark Energy04614116
    Dark Gray09159938
    Dark Hole53129443
    Dark King of the Abyss53375573
    Dark Magic Ritual76792184
    Dark Magician46986414
    Dark Magician Girl38033121
    Dark Mirror Force20522190
    Dark Plant13193642
    Dark Prisoner89558090
    Dark Rabbit99261403
    Dark Shade40196604
    Dark Titan of Terror89494469
    Dark Witch35565537
    Dark-eyes Illusionist38247752
    Darkfire Dragon17881964
    Dark-Piercing Light45895206
    Darkworld Thorns43500484
    Deal of Phantom69122763
    Deepsea Shark28593363
    Deepsea Warrior24128274
    Destroyer Golem73481154
    Dharma Cannon96967123
    Dian Keto the Cure84257639
    Dice Armadilo69893315
    Dig Beak29948642
    Dimensional Knight37043180
    Disk Magician76446915
    Dokuroizo the Grim25882881
    Doll of Demise91635482
    Doma the Angel of Doom16972957
    Dragon Capture Jar50045299
    Dragon Human81057959
    Dragon Master Knight62873545
    Dragon Piper55763552
    Dragon Seeker28563545
    Dragon Statue09197735
    Dragon Treasure01435851
    Dragon Zombie66672569
    Dragoness the Wicked70681994
    Dream Clown13215230
    Drill Bug88733579
    Droll Bird97973387
    Drooling Lizard16353197
    Dunames Dark Witch12493482
    Dungeon Worm51228280
    Ekibyo Darkmord69954399
    Electric Lizard55875323
    Electric Snake11324436
    Elegant Egotist90219263
    Elf's Light39897277
    Embryonic Beast64154377
    Emperor of the Lance11250655
    Empress Judge15237615
    Enchanting Mermaid75376965
    Eradicating Aerosol94716515
    Eternal Draught56606928
    Eternal Rest95051344
    Exile of the Wicked26725158
    Exodia of Forbidden33396948
    Faceless Mage28546905
    Fairy Dragon20315854
    Fairy of the Fountain81563416
    Fairy's Gift68401546
    Faith Bird75582395
    Fake Trap03027001
    Feral Imp41392891
    Fiend Kraken77456781
    Fiend Reflection #168870276
    Fiend Reflection #202863439
    Fiend Sword22855882
    Fiend's Hand52800428
    Fiend's Mirror31890399
    Final Flame73134081
    Fire Eye88435542
    Fire Kraken46534755
    Fire Reaper53581214
    Fire-eating Turtle96981563
    Firewing Pegasus27054370
    Five God Dragon99267150
    Flame Cerebrus60862676
    Flame Ghost58528964
    Flame Manipulator34460851
    Flame Swordsman45231177
    Flame Viper02830619
    Flower Wolf95952802
    Flying Penguin05628232
    Follow Wind98252586
    Fortress Whale62337487
    Fortress Whale's Oath77454922
    Frenzied Panda98818516
    Frog The Jam68638985
    Fungi of the Musk53830602
    Gaia the Dragon Ch66889139
    Gaia the Fierce Knight06368038
    Gale Dogra16229315
    Garma Sword90844184
    Garma Sword Oath78577570
    Garnecia Elefantis49888191
    Gate Deeg49258578
    Gate Guardian25833572
    Gate Guardian Ritual56483330
    Gate Sword46211326
    Gazelle the King of Dreams05818798
    Gear Golem the Mover30190809
    Gemini Elf69140098
    Giant Flea41762634
    Giant Mech-soldier72299832
    Giant Red Seasnake58831685
    Giant Rock Soldier13039848
    Giant Scorpion of Tundra41403766
    Giga-tech Wolf08471389
    Giltia the Dark Knight51828629
    Goblin Fan04149689
    Goblin's Secret Recover11868825
    Goddess of Whim67959180
    Gorgon Egg11793047
    Graveyard & Hand27094595
    Great Bill55691901
    Great Mammoth of Graveyard54622031
    Great Moth14141448
    Great White13429800
    Green Phantom King22910685
    Gruesome Goo65623423
    Guardian of the La89272878
    Guardian of the Thunder47879985
    Gyakutenno Megami31122090
    Hamburger Recipe80811661
    Hannibal Necromancer05640330
    Happy Lover99030164
    Hard Armor20060230
    Harpie Lady76812113
    Harpie Lady Sister12206212
    Harpie's Feather D18144506
    Harpie's Pet Dragon52040216
    Hercules Beetle52584282
    Hero of the East89987208
    High Tide Gyojin54579801
    Hinotama Soul96851799
    Hiro's Shadow Scout81863068
    Hitotsu-me Giant76184692
    Horn Imp69669405
    Horn of Light38552107
    Horn of the Unicorn64047146
    Hourglass of Courage43530283
    Hourglass of Life08783685
    House of Adhesive15083728
    Human-eater Bug54652250
    Hungry Burger30243636
    Hungry Ghoul95265975
    Hunter Spider80141480
    Ice Water20848593
    Ill Witch81686058
    Insect Armor with Fire03492538
    Insect Queen91512835
    Insect Soldiers of Swarm07019529
    Invader from Another Galaxy28450915
    Invader of the Throne03056267
    Invisible Wire15361130
    Invitation to a Da52675689
    Javelin Beetle26932788
    Javelin Beetle Pact41182875
    Jigen Bakudan90020065
    Jinzo #732809211
    Jirai Gumo94773007
    Job-change Mirror55337339
    Judge Man30113682
    Kaiser Dragon94566432
    Kaminari Attack09653271
    Kanan the Swordmistress12829151
    Kappa Avenger48109103
    Karbonala Warrior54541900
    Key Mace01929294
    Key Mace #220541432
    Killer Needle88979991
    King Fog84686841
    King of Yamimakai69455834
    Koumori Dragon67724379
    Kunai with Chain37390589
    Kuwagata -60802233
    Kwagar Hercules95144193
    La Jinn The Mystic97590747
    Labyrinth Tank99551425
    Labyrinth Wall67284908
    Lady of Faith17358176
    LaLa Li-oon09430387
    Larvae Moth87756343
    Last Day of Witch90330453
    Laughing Flower42591472
    Launcher Spider87322377
    Lava Battleguard20394040
    Lazer Cannon Armor77007920
    Left Arm of Forbidden07902349
    Left Leg of Forbidden44519536
    Legendary Sword61854111
    Legion the Fiend Jester25280974
    Leo Wizard04392470
    Leopard Girl49000779
    Lesser Dragon55444629
    Life Eater52367652
    Liquid Beast93108297
    Little Chimera68658728
    Little D42625254
    Living Vase34320307
    Lord of Dragons17985575
    Lord of the Lamp99510761
    Lord of Zemia81618817
    Lucky Trinket03985011
    Lunar Queen Elzaim62210247
    Machine Attacker38116136
    Machine Conversion25769732
    Machine King46700124
    Madjinn Gunn43905751
    Magic Cylinder62279055
    Magical Ghost46474915
    Magical Labyrinth64389297
    Magician of Black30208479
    Magician of Faith31560081
    Maha Vailo93013676
    Maiden of the Moon79629370
    Malevolent Nuzzler99597615
    Mammoth Graveyard40374923
    Man Eater93553943
    Man-eating Black Shark80727036
    Man-eating Plant49127943
    Man-Eating Treasure Chest13723605
    Manga Ryu-ran38369349
    Marine Beast29929832
    Masaki the Legendary44287299
    Mask of Darkness28933734
    Mask of Shine & Da25110231
    Masked Clown77581312
    Masked Sorcerer10189126
    Master & Expert75499502
    Mech Bass50176820
    Mech Mole Zombie63545455
    Mechanical Snail34442949
    Mechanical Spider45688586
    Meda Bat76211194
    Mega Thunderball21817254
    Megasonic Eye07562372
    Megirus Light23032273
    Metal Dragon09293977
    Metal Fish55998462
    Metal Guardian68339286
    Meteor Black Dragon90660762
    Meteor Dragon64271667
    Midnight Fiend83678433
    Millenium Golem47986555
    Millennium Shield32012841
    Milus Radiant07489323
    Minomushi Warrior46864967
    Mon Larvas07225792
    Monster Egg36121917
    Monster Eye84133008
    Monster Tamer97612389
    Monstrous Bird35712107
    Moon Envoy45909477
    Mooyan Curry58074572
    Morphing Jar33508719
    Mountain Warrior04931562
    Muka Muka46657337
    Mushroom Man14181608
    Mushroom Man #293900406
    Musician King56907389
    Mutant Crab86495330
    M-warrior #156342351
    M-warrior #292731455
    Mysterious Puppete54098121
    Mystery Hand62793020
    Mystic Clown47060154
    Mystic Horseman68516705
    Mystic Lamp98049915
    Mystical Beast Serkit89194033
    Mystical Capture Chain63515678
    Mystical Elf15025844
    Mystical Moon36607978
    Mystical Sand32751480
    Mystical Sheep #130451366
    Mystical Sheep #283464209
    Neck Hunter70084224
    Needle Ball94230224
    Needle Worm81843628
    Nekogal #101761063
    Nekogal #243352213
    Neo the Magic Swordsman50930991
    Night Lizard78402798
    Nightmare Scorpion88643173
    Novox's Prayer43694075
    Obese Marmot of Ne56713552
    Ogre of the Black Shadow45121025
    Old Lizard Warrior43230671
    One Who Hunts Soul03606209
    One-eyed Shield Dragon33064647
    Orion the Battle King02971090
    Oscillo Hero82065276
    Oscillo Hero #227324313
    Pale Beast21263083
    Panther Warrior42035044
    Parasite Paracide27911549
    Parrot Dragon62762898
    Patrol Robo76775123
    Pendulum Machine24433920
    Penguin Knight36039163
    Penguin Soldier93920745
    Perfectly Ultimate48579379
    Performance of Swords04849037
    Petit Angel38142739
    Petit Dragon75356564
    Petit Moth58192742
    Phantom Dewan77603950
    Phantom Ghost61201220
    Phantom Thief24348204
    Pinch Hopper26185991
    Pot of Greed55144522
    Pot the Trick55567161
    Power of Kaishin77027445
    Premature Burial70828912
    Prevent Rat00549481
    Princess of Tsurug51371017
    Protector of the Throne10071456
    Psychic Kappa07892180
    Pumpking the King29155212
    Punished Eagle74703140
    Puppet Ritual05783166
    Queen Bird73081602
    Queen of Autumn Leaves04179849
    Queen's Double05901497
    Rabid Horseman94905343
    Rainbow Flower21347810
    Rainbow Marine Mermaid29402771
    Raise Body Heat51267887
    Rare Fish80516007
    Ray & Temperature85309439
    Reaper of the Card33066139
    Red Archer Girl65570596
    Red Eyes Black Dragon74677422
    Red Eyes Black Metal Dragon64335804
    Red Medicine38199696
    Reflect Bounder02851070
    Restructor Revolution99518961
    Resurrection of Chimera39399168
    Reverse Trap77622396
    Revival of Sennen16206366
    Revival of Skeleton31066283
    Revived Serpent Night39411600
    Rhaimundos of the62403074
    Right Arm of Forbidden70903634
    Right Leg of Forbidden08124921
    Roaring Ocean Snake19066538
    Rock Ogre Grotto #168846917
    Rock Ogre Grotto #262193699
    Rock Spirit82818645
    Rogue Doll91939608
    Root Water39004808
    Rose Spectre of Dune32485271
    Royal Guard39239728
    Rude Kaiser26378150
    Ryu-kishin Powered24611934
    Saber Slasher73911410
    Saggi the Dark Clown66602787
    Sand Stone73051941
    Sanga of the Thunder25955164
    Satellite Cannon50400231
    Sea Guardian85448931
    Sea Kamen71746462
    Sea King Dragon23659124
    Sea King of Fury.18710707
    Sectarian of Secre15507080
    Serpent Marauder82742611
    Serpent Night Dragon66516792
    Shadow Ghoul30778711
    Shadow Specter40575313
    Shadow Spell29267084
    Shield and Sword52097679
    Shining Friendship82085619
    Shovel Crusher71950093
    Silver Bow & Arrow01557499
    Silver Fang90357090
    Simochi Allergy40633297
    Sinister Serpent08131171
    Sinister Shadow63125616
    Skull Guardian03627449
    Skull Night02504891
    Skull Red Bird10202894
    Skull Servant32274490
    Skull Stalker54844990
    Skull-mark LadyBug64306248
    Sky Dragon95288024
    Sleeping Lion40200834
    Slot Machine03797883
    Sonic Maid38942059
    Sorcerer of the Doomed49218300
    Soul Exchange68005187
    Soul Hunter72869010
    Soul of the Pure47852924
    Space Megatron39181897
    Spellbinding Circle18807108
    Spider Crab34536276
    Spike Seadra85326399
    Spiked Snail98075147
    Spirit of the Book14037717
    Spirit of the Harp80770678
    Spirit of the Mountain34690519
    Spirit of the Wind54615781
    Stain Storm21323861
    Star Boy08201910
    Steel Fan Fighter13616074
    Steel Ogre Grotto #229172562
    Steel Ogre Grotto #290908427
    Steel Scorpion13599884
    Steel Shell02370081
    Stone Armadiller63432835
    Stone Dragon68171737
    Stone Ghost72269672
    Stone Ogre Grotto15023985
    Stone Statue of the Ancients31812496
    Stop Defense63102017
    Stuffed Animal71068263
    Succubus Knight55291359
    Summoned Skull70781052
    Super War-lion33951077
    Supporter in the South41422426
    Swamp Battleguard40453765
    Sword Arm of Dragon13069066
    Sword Hunter51345461
    Sword of Ruin37120512
    Swords of Revealing72302403
    Swordsman frm a Far85255550
    Swordsman of Lands03573512
    Tainted Wisdom28725004
    Talons of Shurilan74150658
    Tao the Chanter46247516
    Temple of Skulls00732302
    Tentacle Plant60715406
    Terra Bugroth58314394
    Terra the Terrible63308047
    The 13th Grave00032864
    The Bistro Butcher71107816
    The Drdek08944575
    The Emperor's Holiday68400115
    The Fiend Megacyber66362965
    The Immortal of Thunder84926738
    The Inexperienced81820689
    The Judgement Hand28003512
    The Last Warrior from86099788
    The Little Swordsman25109950
    The Melting Red Sh98898173
    The Snake Hair29491031
    The Statue of East10262698
    The Thing That Hides18180762
    The Unhappy Maiden51275027
    The Wandering Doom93788854
    The Wicked Worm Below06285791
    Thousand Dragon41462083
    Thousand-eyes Idol27125110
    Thousand-eyes Rest63519819
    Three-legged Zombie33734439
    Thunder Dragon31786629
    Tiger Axe49791927
    Time Wizard71625222
    Tiny Guardian90790253
    Toad Master62671448
    Toon Alligator59383041
    Toon Dark Magician Girl90960358
    Toon Mermaid65458948
    Toon Summoned Skull91842653
    Total Defense Shogun75372290
    Trap Master46461247
    Tremendous Fire46918794
    Trial of Nightmare77827521
    Tri-Horned Dragon39111158
    Tripwire Beast45042329
    Turtle Bird72929454
    Turtle Oath76806714
    Turtle Racoon17441953
    Turtle Tiger37313348
    Twin Long Rods #160589682
    Twin Long Rods #229692206
    Two-headed King Reaper94119974
    Two-Headed Thunder Dragon54752875
    Two-mouth Darkruler57305373
    Tyhone #256789759
    Ultimate Dragon17928958
    Unknown Warrior of97360116
    Ushi Oni48649353
    Vermillion Sparrow35752363
    Versaga the Destroyer50259460
    Vile Germs39774685
    Violent Rain94042337
    Violet Crystal15052462
    Vishwar Randi78556320
    Wall of Illusion13945283
    Wall Shadow63162310
    War-Lion Ritual54539105
    Warrior Dai Greapher75953262
    Warrior Elimination90873992
    Warrior of Tradition56413937
    Water Element03732747
    Water Girl55014050
    Water Magician93343894
    Water Omotics02483611
    Waterdragon Fairy66836598
    Weather Control37243151
    Weather Report72053645
    Whiptail Crow91996584
    White Dolphin92409659
    White Magical Hat15150365
    Wicked Dragon with Teeth02957055
    Wicked Mirror15150371
    Widespread Ruin77754944
    Wind Djinn97843505
    Wing Eagle47319141
    Wing Egg Elf98582704
    Winged Cleaver39175982
    Winged Dragon #257405307
    Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 87796900
    Winged Egg of New Life42418084
    Winged Trumpeter94939166
    Wings of Wicked Flame92944626
    Witch of the Black Eye78010363
    Witch's Apprentice80741828
    Witty Phantom36304921
    Wodan the Resident42883273
    Wood Clown17511156
    Wood Remains17733394
    Wow Warrior69750536
    Wretched Ghost of Darkness17238333
    Yado Karu29380133
    Yaiba Robo10315429
    Yamadron Ritual29089635
    Yamatano Dragon Scroll76704943
    Zera Ritual81756897
    Zera the Mant69123138
    Zombie Warrior31339260
    Zone Eater86100785

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