Donkey Konga

Strategy Guide



  • Control title screen

    Clap at the title screen to move the letters in the "Press Start Button" message.

  • Easy coins

    Do a song that has many rolls (for example, We Will Rock You or the Pokemon Theme). Those songs have lots easy rolls, and on only Monkey Mode you can at least rack 300.

  • Clap roll

    When you do a clap roll, just blow into the clap sensor. It will let you get massive coinage. This does not damage the sensor. To do a clap roll with your mouth, just purr or do something similar.

  • Fast coins on rolls

    This trick requires a controller with a macro feature. Turn on the macro and use the controller setting where all of the symbols are on the buttons and not the control sticks or triggers. Hold down that button during that roll.

  • Soft clap

    Instead of having to clap loudly or take your hands off the bongos, just snap your fingers or give the right side of the bongo (side not surface; the plastic part) a good tap. This will respond as a tap. Also, instead of clapping or hitting the side of the side of the Konga, you can just yelp a small but loud noise.

  • Gorilla Songs

    To get Gorilla Songs, just go into Ape Town and purchase them from the Jungle Jam menu. They all cost different prices.

  • Never miss bongo beats

    Whenever a red, yellow, or pink barrel appears, just hit both bongos. It will show up as a yellow, red or a pink. This helps for the Gorilla songs.

  • Bongos A Go-Go Sound Sets

    New sounds can be bought at the Bongos A Go-Go store at DK Town:

      Barnyard: 1050 coins
      Big Band: 88 coins
      Car: 66 coins
      Classical Orchestra: 2220 coins
      Cold: 460 coins
      Country: 49 coins
      Dogs: 11 coins
      Electrical Drum: 25000 coins
      Jingle: 333 coins
      Kirby: 2599 coins
      Konga Crew: 64 coins
      Laser Space: 77 coins
      Latin Percussion: 1900 coins
      Mario: 4599 coins
      Quiz: 912 coins
      Toy: 14900 coins
      Whip It: 707 coins
      Zelda: 4599 coins

  • Gorilla mode songs

    The following Gorilla mode songs can be bought at the Jungle Jams store at DK Town:

      All The Small Things: 1313 coins
      Bingo: 25 coins
      Busy Child: 800 coins
      Campfire Medley: 580 coins
      Dancing In The Street: 1745 coins
      Diddy's Ditties: 365 coins
      DK Rap: 6800 coins
      Donkey Konga Theme: 100 coins
      Hungarian Dance No.5 In G Minor: 1848 coins
      I Think I Love You: 99 coins
      Kirby: RIght Back At Ya!: 848 coins
      Like Wow: 1898 coins
      Louie Louie: 1990 coins
      Mario Bros. Theme: 4900 coins
      On The Road Again: 1600 coins
      Oye ComoVa: 2250 coins
      Para Los Rumberos: 380 coins
      Pokemon Theme: 250 coins
      Right Here, Right Now: 1200 coins
      Rock Lobster: 980 coins
      Rock This Town: 644 coins
      Shining Star: 1005 coins
      Sing, Sing, Sing,(With A Swing): 12 coins
      Stupid Cupid: 1599 coins
      The Impression That I Get: 1399 coins
      The Legend Of Zelda Theme: 4900 coins
      The Loco-Motion: 2060 coins
      Turkish March: 331 coins
      We Will Rock You: 69 coins
      What I Like About You: 590 coins
      Whip It: 707 coins
      Wild Thing: 580 coins
      You Can't Hurry Love: 3395 coins

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