Rayman Arena


  • Play as Dark Globox

    Win the first cup in Obstacle Course to unlock Dark Globox.

  • Play as Henchman 1000

    Win the first circuit in Total Fight to unlock Henchman 1000.

  • Play as Mrs. Razorbeard

    Win the first circuit in Freeze Combat to unlock Mrs. Razorbeard.

  • Play as Tily

    Win the first circuit in Time Attack to unlock Tily.

  • Extra skins

    Successfully complete the cups in single player mode to unlock new skins.

  • New special levels

    Successfully complete the Beginner and Pro levels in all single player game modes to unlock new special levels in exhibition mode.

  • Avoid slowing down

    When racing, avoid the green slime as it slows you down. Always use the walkways when available.

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