WWE Wrestlemania X8

Strategy Guide


  • Wrestle as Chris Benoit

    Win The WWE Undisputed Championship to unlock Chris Benoit. -From: Rickey_Jones@msn.com

  • Wrestle as Raven

    Win The WWE Light Heavyweight Championship to unlock Raven. -From: Shawn.Engelke@Metavante.com and kmsbean@hotmail.com

  • Wrestle as Rhyno

    Win The WWE Hardcore Championship to unlock Rhyno. -From: Shawn.Engelke@Metavante.com and kmsbean@hotmail.com

  • Wrestle as Ric Flair

    Win The WWE European Championship to unlock Ric Flair. -From: kmsbean@hotmail.com

  • Wrestle as Stacy Keibler

    Win The WWE Tag Team Championship to unlock Stacy Keibler. -From: PHiLlYgUy71613@aol.com and criselda9@bigpond.com

  • Wrestle as Vince McMahon

    Win The WWE Intercontinental Championship to unlock Vince McMahon. -From: PHiLlYgUy71613@aol.com and criselda9@bigpond.com

  • Original WWE SmackDown Arena

    Win The WWE Undisputed Championship with The Rock to unlock the original WWE SmackDown Arena. -From: PHiLlYgUy71613@aol.com and criselda9@bigpond.com

  • WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena

    Wrestle in all other arenas in exhibition mode to unlock the WWE WrestleMania X7 Arena. -From: PHiLlYgUy71613@aol.com and criselda9@bigpond.com

  • WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena

    Win the Royal Royal with any superstar to unlock the WWE Royal Rumble 2001 Arena. -From: PHiLlYgUy71613@aol.com and criselda9@bigpond.com

  • Extra create-a-wrestler points

    Successfully complete Path Of A Champion mode with a created wrestler to get ten additional creation points. Every time you defend your title you will receive another two creation points. You can defend your title an unlimited amount of times. Also, create a wrestler and win all the titles or win one and defend it many times. Then, swap it to another memory card. You can change just that person's appearance and they will have all their CAW points increased.

  • Easy match with weapons

    In a match that you are allowed to use weapons, get good, tall weapons (chair, trash can, stick, etc.) and hit your opponent on the ground. Continue to do so until they are in the dark blue. Then, drop the weapon and use your moves and get your special, or at least close to it. Then, do your submission (special or not) and they should quit if you have problems making them submit.

  • Easy hardcore match win

    Beat your opponent until he is in the blue. When he stands up, either do a move off the top or run and do a move (Clothesline, Elbow Smash, etc.) on top of him or her. Then, go for the pin.

  • Easy ladder match win

    Pummel your opponent with a weapon until they are in the blue. Set up the ladder in the middle of the ring and climb. Alternately, pummel your opponent for a while. Wait until they get the ladder, set it up, and climb it. Climb it also and punch them off. Then, jump to get the belt.

  • Easy Royal Rumble match win

    When you enter the Royal Rumble and the match starts, quickly clothesline your opponent, then press X to pick him up. Then press X + A to throw him into the ropes. Keep kicking after he falls until his meter is in the light blue. Keep doing this and it will get in the dark blue and you will eliminate him.

  • Easy table match win

    Pick up the table and press Y near the corner of the ring. Your character will set up the table against the ring post. Next, whip your opponent into the corner in which the table is placed. Run at him and press A to slam him through the table. Note: This also works with ladders. Also, grab a table with X + A and walk to a corner. Press X to place it on a slant. Grab your opponent and press Y + A in the direction of the table. When the opponent connects with the table, press Y to run. Near the opponent, press B and slam your him or her to break the table.

  • Escape grapple

    To get out of a grapple, press L.

  • Escape punch or kick attack

    To get out of a wrestler's punch or kick attack, press R.

  • Escape special

    To get out of a wrestler's special move, press L + R.

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