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  • While the Halo series has faded a bit with age, the Destiny franchise is doing amazingly well. Could one Bungie series be on the verge of surpassing the other? Is Halo about to...wait for its Destiny?!

  • The latest PewDiePie controversy has blown up in very unexpected ways, with his fans now going to war with the creators of Firewatch. What started out as them picking a fight with one YouTube celebrity has resulted in their game getting flamed on Steam. Or in other words...roasted, toasted and burnt to a crisp.

  • FIFA 18 is subtle in its delivery, but impactful where it counts. Gameplay upgrades, visual boosts, and a few surprises along the way make this a must have for Fall 2017.

  • Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus is going to be huge! This game has so much potential, it could be considered one of the most anticipated titles of the year. Why you might ask? Here are ten reasons it'll rock!

  • NBA 2K18 delivers once again with a wealth of content and enough replay value to last the most hardened gamer until next Spring. It keeps delivering with single and multiplayer modes, as well as options to play basketball or manage a team.

Ex-Valve Artist Reveals Team Fortress 2 Concept Art

A longtime artist at Valve revealed concept art for Team Fortress 2 and an unannounced game after leaving the company.

Nintendo Confirms DLC for Fire Emblem Warriors

Fire Emblem Warriors will get a season pass and have DLC support going into 2018.

Ridiculous Batman Mod Released for Skyrim

A large-scale Batman mod has been released for Skyrim, adding Alfred, Bane, and a Batcave.

PUBG May Eventually Include Single-Player

PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds is only a multiplayer affair now, but that could change in the future!

Legend of Zelda DLC Coming to Monster Hunter Stories

Epona, the Master Sword, and Majora's mask are coming to Monster Hunter Stories.

Nioh Getting a Complete Edition in Japan

Nioh's complete edition will link the game with all its DLC in one package.

The Chinese Room Becomes a Team of Three

The creators of Dear Esther laid off all but three members of their team to re-evaluate their goals.

Nintendo Network Adds New Security Feature

Those worried about their Nintendo Network security now can implement two-factor authentication.

Should Designers Like CliffyB Be Trusted?

People get all excited when a game has a major developer like Randy Pitchford, David Jaffe, or Cliff Bleszinski attached to it. But history has shown that big names can't be trusted.

What's Nintendo’s Secret Sauce?

Nintendo's hidden strategy to make a huge comeback is paying off in spades. What does it involve? Male nipples.

Has Destiny Finally Killed the Halo Series?

Destiny 2 is doing amazingly well. But the Halo series has faded a bit with age. Could one Bungie series be on the verge of surpassing the other?

Is the Console War Finally Coming to an End?

It's time to find a new hobby! Perhaps people should be playing games instead of arguing about them.

South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Official Trailer

South Park: The Fractured But Whole has gone gold and is almost here. Get ready for release on October 17th 2017!

Is Microsoft Solving the 4K Problem?

Xbox One's Intelligent Delivery might make concerns about 4K fade away. Could Microsoft have solved a major problem?

The Evil Within 2 Creator Wants It on the Switch

The creator of The Evil Within 2, Shinji Mikami, would love to see his game somehow come to the Nintendo Switch.

Here's How to Get Your Pokemon Silver/Gold Free Celebi

A code for a legendary for Pokemon Sun and Moon comes with the Gold and Silver digital releases, but it's a little hard to find.

Super Bomberman R Updates with New Characters and Mode

Super Bomberman R continues with regular updates including some cutesy new Bombers.

The Duke Sees a Rival

For those who miss a meatier controller, Hyperkin is bringing back the Duke.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Isn't Happy About Fortnite

Drama is afoot in the video game battle royal space.

Four Halo Games Now Playable on Xbox One

A group of Halo games has been added to the Xbox One's backwards compatibility list.

SteamVR Home Updated with Trophies and Screenshots

SteamVR Home is being updated with tons of new ways to display your games.

EU Commission Attempted to Hide Piracy Study Results

A European study on piracy with intriguing results has been unearthed by the German Pirate Party.

Pinball FX 3 - Back to the Future Table

Great Scott, this is heavy! Relive Doc and Marty’s timeless adventures from the Back to the Future™ movie trilogy!

dbrand Is THE Brand for Quality Skins

Skins are fantastic. They make electronic devices look better and keep them safe. But where can people go for a good skin? Check out dbrand!