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Latest on the Oculus Rift from Mark Zuckerberg

Facebook founder says VR requires an install base of at least 50-100 million units.

Lord of the Hunt DLC Announced for Middle-Earth: Shadow of Mordor

Details of new runes, skins and more inside!

Apple CEO Admits He’s Gay, Thanks God for Gift

Cook states he came out of the closet in hopes it will inspire others.

Bungie Reveals Further Details Regarding Destiny Expansion

Bungie reveals they’ve already made plans for the future of the series!

Nintendo Reveals Their First Quality of Life Product

It's a sleep sensor that you don't have to wear.

PS4 Problems Worsen With 2.0 Update

PS4 users experiencing freezes and problems turning their PS4 on.

Wii U Gets Pre-Loading Functionality

Smash Bros. will be the first game to utilize the functionality.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare - Live-Action Trailer

Check out the awesome live-action trailer for CoD: Advanced Warfare.

Assassin's Creed: Unity - Time Anomaly Trailer

Take a look at the Time Anomaly trailer for AC: Unity.

Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - Enter the Fray Trailer

Enter the fray in Final Fantasy Type-0 HD.

Halo 2: Anniversary Edition - Cinematic Trailer

Check out the mind-blowing visuals on Halo 2: Anniversary Edition.

Super Smash Bros. for 3DS - Introduction Trailer

Get an introduction to Smash on 3DS.

Microsoft Introduces The New Microsoft Band

It's a combination smartwatch and health device.

Amiibo Quality is to be Expected from a $13 Figure

The final Amiibo builds may not be as pretty as the prototypes, but they're on par with the other $13 NFC figures.

Has The Wii U Version Made the 3DS Version of Smash Obsolete?

What will the 3DS version really be used for after the Wii U launch?

Destiny's Story Left Me High and Dry

The game cut itself too short, I feel, and it did so just as things were getting serious. Arguably, that's what a "cliffhanger" does, but Destiny's ending didn't feel like a cliffhanger to me, it just felt unfinished.

The Evil Within Patch Introduces New Options

Most are just console options that have been added to the U.I.

Console Hacker Solves Backward Compatibility Problem

New portable Xbox One with backward compatibility built.

PS4 Finally Gets YouTube App

Will let you upload clips directly to YouTube.

Microsoft Will Not Sell White Xbox One Controllers Alone

Keep all of your special edition controllers because they might become collector's items.

GTA V for PC / Xbox One / PS4 Rewards Returning Players with Goodies

No doubt some of those who have already bought the game will double-dip and buy it again for their current-gen console or their PC, so Rockstar has outlined various exclusive goodies for those who’ll be returning to the game.

Gears of War Creator Vents: "Games Shouldn't Aspire to be Movies"

The creator of Gears of War and founder of Boss Key Productions, Cliff Bleszinski, offered up his two-cents on the matter of videogames imitating movies after watching a new trailer for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare.