Earthworm Jim 3D

Strategy Guide

  • Earthworm Kim

    Collect 1000 marbles and successfully complete the game with a Smart Superhero rank to unlock Earthworm Kim. The difficulty of the game will increase when played as Earthworm Kim.

  • Infinite lives

    Go outside the entrance to "Hungry Tonight?" Collect the Power Parp Tin from Snott and use it to collect the nearby extra life. Enter "Hungry Tonight?" and immediately exit. Talk to Snott again to get another Power Parp Tin, then collect the extra life again. Repeat this process to get as many extra lives as desired.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Lives800C6913 0063
    Infinite Health800C690F 0064
    Infinite Laser Ammo800C6917 00FA
    Infinite Egg Chucker Ammo800C69BF 00FA
    Infinite Cleaver Ammo800C6A1F 00FA
    Start With 100 MarblesD00E9FF3 0000
    800E9FF3 0064

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