Madden NFL '99

  • Faster runningbacks

    Enter "TURBOTIME" at the code entry screen. Then while playing the game, press A to run faster.

  • Tomato quarterback

    Enter "SPLAT" at the code entry screen.

  • Dancing referee

    At the coin toss screen, press B(2), A, C-Up.

  • Always win coin toss

    At the coin toss screen, repeatedly press Start.

  • Pass automatically

    Press A to snap the ball, then wait without pressing any buttons or directions. The quarterback will automatically throw a pass to the receiver that is most open.

  • High step into the endzone

    Get within 10 yards of the endzone and press Jump (default is C-Up) to high step if there is enough room between the player and any defenders.

  • Random stadiums

    At the stadium selection screen, press R or Z.

  • Hidden teams

    Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen:

    All-Time Stat LeadersIMTHEMAN
    60s GreatsPEACELOVE
    70s GreatsBELLBOTTOMS
    80s GreatsSPRBWLSHUFL
    90s GreatsHEREANDNOW
    All-Time GreatsTURKEYLEG
    75th Anniversary TeamTHROWBACK
    NFL Equipment TeamGEARGUYS
    1999 Cleveland BrownsWELCOMEBACK
    Tiburon HAMMERHEAD

  • Hidden stadiums

    Enter one of the following codes at the code entry screen:


    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Time Outs Home Team8005CF89 0003
    No Time Outs Home Team8005CF89 0000
    Home Team Scores 508005CF87 0032
    Home Team Score Modifier8005CF87 00??
    Infinite Time Outs Away Team8005FA49 0003
    No Time Outs Away Team8005FA49 0000
    Away Team Scores 508005FA47 0032
    Away Team Score Modifier8005FA47 00??
    Unlock AFC Team8004ADD0 00FF
    Unlock NFC Team8004ADD1 00FF
    Unlock Madden 1998 Team8004ADD2 00FF
    Unlock Madden All-Time Team8004ADD3 00FF
    Unlock All-Time Stats Leaders Team8004ADD4 00FF
    Unlock 75th Anniversary Team8004ADD5 00FF
    Unlock Equipment Managers Team8004ADD6 00FF
    Unlock All 60's Team8004ADD7 00FF
    Unlock All 70's Team8004ADD8 00FF
    Unlock All 80's Team8004ADD9 00FF
    Unlock All 90's Team8004ADDA 00FF
    Unlock Tiburon Team8004ADDB 00FF
    Unlock EA Sports Team8004ADDC 00FF
    Unlock '99 Browns Team8004ADDD 00FF
    Unlock Hidden Teams8104ADD0 FFFF
    8104ADD2 FFFF
    8104ADD4 FFFF
    8104ADD6 FFFF
    8104ADD8 FFFF
    8104ADDA FFFF
    8104ADDC FFFF
    Unlock '76 Radiers Stadium8004A7F0 00FF
    Unlock '72 Dolphins Stadium8004A7F1 00FF
    Unlock EA Sports Stadium8004A7F2 00FF
    Unlock '64 Browns Stadium8004A7F3 00FF
    Unlock '80 Oilers Stadium8004A7F4 00FF
    Unlock Tiburon Stadium8004A7F5 00FF
    Unlock '91 Redskins Stadium8004A7F6 00FF
    Unlock '79 Bucs Stadium8004A7F7 00FF
    Unlock Hidden Stadiums8104A7F0 FFFF
    8104A7F2 FFFF
    8104A7F4 FFFF
    8104A7F6 FFFF
    Character Creation Codes [Note]
    Max 1st Position Attribute883FFEFF 0063
    Max 2nd Position Attribute883FFF01 0063
    Max 3rd Position Attribute883FFF03 0063
    Max 4th Position Attribute883FFF05 0063
    Max 5th Position Attribute883FFF07 0063
    Max Str883FFF17 0063
    Max Acc883FFF1D 0063
    Max Awr883FFF23 0063
    Max Thp883FFF25 0063
    Max Tha883FFF27 0063
    Max Kpw883FFF29 0063
    Max Kac883FFF2B 0063
    Max Tak883FFF2D 0063
    Max Imp883FFF2F 0063
    Max Pbk883FFF31 0063
    Max Rbk883FFF33 0063
    Max Inj883FFF37 0063

    Note: Press the GS Button at the points distribution screen, then exit, and re-enter for the stat to be maxed. You also cannot use all "Max" codes together.

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