Mario Kart 64

Strategy Guide

  • Mirrored courses

    Win the gold cup in the 150cc class. Then, reset the Nintendo 64 system. If done correctly, the title screen will change to confirm that mirrored courses are enabled. Enter the 150cc option under GP mode to access the courses. Note: When racing the mirrored Toads' Turnpike, you will be going against the traffic.

  • Mario 64 castle

    On the Royal Raceway course, follow the yellow road to the right of the big jump to reach the castle from Mario 64.

  • View Mario Raceway record

    At the title screen, press R to see the best time trial record for Mario Raceway.

  • Course ghost racers

    Enter time trial mode and complete a course, beating the time indicated below. Then, choose "Retry" to race the course again. The phrase "Now Meet the Course Ghost" will appear. The course ghosts are automatically saved to the cartridge for future replay without beating the course time again.

    Mario Raceway1'30"00
    Luigi Raceway1'52"00
    Royal Raceway2'40"00

  • Hints
      Air increase

      Line your kart up directly behind another next racer. Wisps of air will appear from the sides of your kart. The small speed increase that your kart will gain should be enough to pass the racer that is being followed.

      Turbo start

      At the instant between the dimming of the second light and the flashing of the blue light at the start of the race, press A to accelerate. If done correctly, your kart will rapidly accelerate ahead of the other racers. Note: Accelerating too soon will result in a spin out.

      Turbo boost slide

      To slide around a corner, hold R and press the Analog-stick to steer in the direction of the turn, then to the opposite direction. If done correctly, the smoke from your kart will change from white to yellow. Continue to hold R and repeat the steering motion with the Analog-stick to change the smoke from yellow to red. Release R once the smoke becomes red. Now the speed of your kart should increase for a few seconds.

      Banana peel recovery

      When a banana peel is run over, immediately hold the brake for one second, then accelerate to avoid skidding or losing a balloon in battle mode.

      Quick restart

      After falling off a course, watch as Lukita places your kart back on the track. When your kart is two or three tire widths from the track, press A to immediately resume the race.

    Game Shark Codes

    P1 Always Last Place81164390 FFFF
    81164392 FFFF
    P2 Always Last Place81164394 FFFF
    81164396 FFFF
    P3 Always Last Place81164398 FFFF
    8116439A FFFF
    P4 Always Last Place8116439C FFFF
    8116439E FFFF
    P1 Cannot Use Weapons80165F5D 01B2
    80165F8A 01B2
    P2 Cannot Use Weapons8016603D 01B2
    8016606A 01B2
    Shadow Items80165F1A 0000
    Logo Loop8018EDE0 0001
    Automatic Mario8018EDE8 0001
    Cannot Select Cup8018EDEC 0001
    Crazy Items80165F1D 000F
    80165F6D 000F
    No Eighth Place (It Removes Yoshi Or Luigi)81164399 0005
    Press GS Button For Debug Menu8818EDEF 0002
    Press GS Button For a Purple Title Screen881EEDC4 0002
    Press GS Button For Smeared Title Screen881FEDC4 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen to Lower Flag8818EDD9 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For Even Lower Flag8818EDD8 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For Flag to Left818EDD1 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For Flag to Right8818EDD5 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For Tilt Flag Forward8818EDCD 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For Move Flag Up8818EDC9 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For Shrink Flag8818EDC5 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For No Flag8818EDC4 0002
    Press GS Button at Title Screen For Big Flag8818EDC2 0002
    Press GS to Play 2 Players in 1 Player Game8918EDE4 0003
    8918EDE4 0001
    8918EDE4 0005
    8918EDE4 0007
    Lap Modifier Codes
    No Laps To Race P181164390 0000
    81164392 0002
    No Laps To Race P281164394 0000
    81164396 0002
    No Laps To Race P381164398 0000
    8116439A 0002
    No Laps To Race P48116439C 0000
    8116439E 0002
    Press GS Button For One Lap To Race P1 [Note 1]89164390 0000
    89164392 0001
    Press GS Button For One Lap To Race P2 [Note 1]89164394 0000
    89164396 0001
    Press GS Button For One Lap To Race P3 [Note 1]89164399 0000
    8916439A 0001
    Press GS Button For One Lap To Race P4 [Note 1]8916439C 0000
    8916439E 0001
    P1 & P2 Mode Only
    Weapon Modifier P1 [Note 2]80165F5D 00??
    80165F8A 00??
    Weapon Modifier P2 [Note 2]8016603D 00??
    8016606A 00??
    P3 & P4 Mode Only
    Weapon Modifier P1 [Note 2]8016611D 00??
    8016614A 00??
    Weapon Modifier P2 [Note 2]801661FD 00??
    8016622A 00??
    Weapon Modifier P3 [Note 2]801662DD 00??
    8016630A 00??
    Weapon Modifier P4 [Note 2]801663BD 00??
    801663EA 00??
    Balloon Codes [Note 3]
    Infinite Balloons P18118D8C0 0002
    Infinite Balloons P28118D8C2 0002
    Infinite Balloons P38118D8C4 0002
    Infinite Balloons P48118D8C6 0002
    GS Button For Balloon Number Modifier P18918D8C1 00??
    GS Button For Balloon Number Modifier P28918D8C3 00??
    GS Button For Balloon Number Modifier P38918D8C5 00??
    GS Button For Balloon Number Modifier P48918D8C7 00??
    The Bomb Codes [Note 4]
    P1 Always The Bomb8118D8C0 FFFF
    P2 Always The Bomb8118D8C2 FFFF
    P3 Always The Bomb8118D8C4 FFFF
    P4 Always The Bomb8118D8C6 FFFF
    Character Codes
    P1 Character Modifier8018EDE4 00??
    P2 Character Modifier8018EDE5 00??
    P3 Character Modifier8018EDE6 00??
    P4 Character Modifier8018EDE7 00??
    Always Have 46 Points Codes
    Mario8118D9C8 002D
    Luigi8118D9C9 002D
    Yoshi8118D9CA 002D
    Toad8118D9CB 002D
    D.K.8118D9CC 002D
    Wario8118D9CD 002D
    Peach8118D9CE 002D
    Bowser8118D9CF 002D
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Character Modifier Codes
    01 - Mario
    02 - Luigi
    03 - Peach
    04 - Toad
    05 - Yoshi
    06 - D.K.
    07 - Wario
    08 - Bowser
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Codes
    00 - Nothing
    01 - Single Banana
    02 - Multi Bananas
    03 - Single Green Shell
    04 - 3 Green Shells
    05 - Single Red Shell
    06 - 3 Red Shells
    07 - Blue Shell
    08 - Lightning Bolt
    09 - Upside Down '?'
    0A - Star
    0B - Ghost
    0C - Single Mushroom
    0D - 2 Mushrooms
    0E - 3 Mushrooms
    0F - Gold Mushroom

    Note 1: Press the GS button after passing the staring line.

    Note 2: Sometimes this code glitches in battle mode, when using an item that you cannot normally get.

    Note 3: With this code, the amount of balloons are not reflected on the screen.

    Note 4: With these codes, you will not be a bomb on the screen, nor can you kill others by running into them.

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