Monster Truck Madness 64

  • Low rider trucks

    Enter "YRDR" as a password.

  • Gut bomb

    Enter "BRPS" as a password.

  • Full-time missiles

    Enter "Y_WNT_T" as a password to have unlimited missiles. Note: "_" indicates a space. Then while playing the game, press Left to use the missiles.

  • Turbo mode

    Enter "CFFNYN" as a password.

  • Alternate textures

    Enter "JMPNG" as a password to change all textures in the game into pictures of one of the programmers of the game.

  • Change track color

    Enter "JMPR" as a password. Select "Done" and "JIM" will appear in the square. Press Start, select "New Game", then choose "Summit Rumble". Select any number of players, but many CPU trucks. When the game begins, there should be black squares with aliens or other objects in the middle. -From:

  • Aztec Valley track

    Successfully complete a circuit on the easy difficulty setting.

  • Alpine Challenge track

    Successfully complete a circuit on the medium difficulty setting.

  • Death Trap track

    Successfully complete a circuit on the hard difficulty setting.

  • All tracks

    To access all tracks in time trial or custom race, unlock the Death Trap track, then press B at truck selection screen. Start your own race or time trial on the expert difficulty setting and all tracks will be available.

  • Horn

    While driving, press Down to use the horn. Note: There are many different type of horns that are randomly assigned at the beginning of a race.

  • Sound effects

    While driving, press Up to hear "Yahoos", burps, and farts.

  • Hints
      Entering the Ancient Temple

      Go to the Ancient Temple located at the southwestern part of the Ruins Track. There are four entrances but only one can be used to enter. The real entrance is on the side farthest away from the track. Once in the entrance, turn left and accelerate to enter the temple.

      Crushed truck

      Get the shrinker power-up. Then, shrink your opponents and crash into them. When they become large again they will be crushed. Note: The trucks will only be crushed for a short period of time. They will slowly regain their original size.

      Big tires when hovering

      Note: Two players are required to perform this trick. Have player one get the hover power-up and player two get the shrinker power-up. Then, have player one use the hover and begin to fly. While player one is in the air, have player two use the shrinker. The truck will shrink but the tires will remain the same size.

  • Level passwords

    RuinsG[Up Arrow][Star]NJ2L0
    Junk YardJ[Star]XQYN4G
    The HeightsM[Star]OT1Q9R[Left Arrow]
    Voodoo IslandP[Left Arrow]3W4TC[Star][Left Arrow]F[Up Arrow]
    Greenhill Pass5[Up Arrow]627WFX9[Left Arrow]23G
    WastelandV[Left Arrow]92[Up Arrow]2[Down Arrow]0CL56B5V
    Aztec ValleyYYC5D2L3F[Right Arrow]89[Down Arrow]8[Right Arrow]B7
    Junk YardJNJMQL7S
    The HeightsMJMPT[Right Arrow]XRN
    Voodoo IslandPJPSWR0[Star]89R
    Greenhill PassSBSV2[Star]3XBC[Up Arrow]4[Down Arrow]
    WastelandVBVY2X60[Down Arrow]FD7B2M
    Aztec ValleyYFY15093H[Left Arrow]G[Up Arrow][Down Arrow]5675
    Alpine Challenge1N1483C6KLJDH89[Up Arrow]G4N
    RuinsGKGH[Up Arrow]G[Star][Left Arrow]
    Junk YardJGJKLJP[Star]
    The HeightsMSMN[Right Arrow]M7QW
    Voodoo IslandPKPQRP[Up Arrow]T793
    Greenhill PassSKST[Star]SDW[Up Arrow]C61R
    Aztec ValleyYGY209YJ2G[Left Arrow]C796462
    Alpine Challenge101231M5JLF[Up Arrow]C979S0D
    Death Trap404564P8M[Right Arrow][Left Arrow]DFC[Up Arrow]CV32KC

    Game Shark Codes

    Unlock Aztec Valley Track801256BF 0001
    Unlock Alphine Challenge Track801256DF 0001
    Unlock Death Trap Track801256FF 0001
    Infinite Missiles on Pick-UpD0164BBF 0001
    801A6054 0009
    Press L For Low TimerD0014B35 0020
    811A671C 3E00
    Press L For Weapon ModifierD0014B35 0020
    811A6058 0000
    D0014B35 0020
    811A605A 00??
    No Laps to Race (GS 3.0 or Higher Needed)D11A5F2E 00FF
    801A5F2F 0002
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Weapon Modifier Code
    00 - Nitro
    01 - Hover Weapon
    02 - Lightning
    03 - 'Blimp' Missile
    04 - Spring
    05 - Diamond
    06 - Homing Missiles
    07 - Oil Slick

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