AeroFighters Assault

Ending 1:

After beating the eye thing you fly out of the Ice Caves. If you haven't beaten the bonus stages it says To Be Continued...

Ending 2:

After you beat the UFO it shows you flying into the Goliath. Then it does flybys of the Goliath throughout the credits.


After you beat Grunty's Furnace Fun: Banjo and Kazooie choose Tooty as their prize between 2 other prizes for beating the game. Then they go to the beach and relax with Bottles, Tooty, Mumbo Jumbo, and a bikini babe. Banjo and Kazooie brag about being heroes. But Tooty spoils their fun and tells them to go catch Gruntilda because she got away. Kazooie says forget it. But Banjo grabs him and they are off again.

After you beat the final battle without 100 jiggys: Banjo and Kazooie go to the beach and relax with Bottles, Tooty, Mumbo Jumbo, and a bikini babe. Mumbo Jumbo says he has secret pictures that you can only see with all 100 jiggys. Then it cuts to Klungo trying to push a huge rock off of Gruntilda.

After you beat the final batle with 100 jiggys: Banjo and Kazooie go to the beach and relax with Bottles, Tooty, Mumbo Jumbo, and a bikini babe. Mumbo Jumbo shows them the pictures:

Picture 1: SharkFood Island in Treasure Trove Cove rises. Banjo and Kazooie enter the cave in it. Once inside they climb a mountain. At the top is a rotating pink egg with question marks on it.

Picture 2: You see the giant ice key in Wozza's cave in Freezeezy Peak.

Picture 3: The unopenable door in Gobi's Valley opens. Inside is a coffin with a rotating blue egg with question marks on it. Banjo and Kazooie ask how they could get the secrets. Mumbo Jumbo replies and says, "Secrets found in sequal Banjo-Tooie." Banjo and Kazooie are happy to hear there is going to be a sequel. It then cuts to Klungo who is still trying to push the rock off of Gruntilda.


Bio Freaks

If you win the one round match against the Mutilator, she explodes. The pieces of her float in the water. Then it shows your character do a long winning pose with different camera views. The "enter your initials" screen appears. After that, it shows 3 pictures of the character with their ending story. It really just says the same exact stuff as in the manual. Then the credits roll.

Blast Corps

The Carrior is going on the road, then the Carrior goes over a hill and then the Carrior runs into a cliff and it blows up the earth so all of the work you did was for nothing.

Bomberman 64

After you kill Altair, one of the other robots called Regulus (Which you think you killed) comes down and picks up Altair, then he says "You'll Pay." and they leave, after it tells you that you've cleared the level, you see the 5 Islands and out of the black fortress flies a small ship. The islands fly out into space and disappears. Then Bomberman is happy and there are alot of animals jumping around him. Sirius comes down, and says thank you and some other things, then he leaves and it shows the credits. -By:

If you get 100 gold cards and defeat Altair again Sirius will come down and steal the Omni Cube. After that he destroys Altair and you get to go to a new level, Rainbow Palace. When you reach the end of it you have to fight Sirius again. Halfway through the battle Regulus will so up and help you out. When you defeat Sirius he falls and explodes. Then the Rainbow Palace falls down and lands on the Black Fortress, causing it to explode. Regulus takes you back to the ground and says he'll be back. Then the other Bomberman cheers with you and the sequences during the credits are different.

Chameleon Twist

At the end of Chameleon Twist they show whichever charachter you chose running through a wierd course in the tree tops with the credits running at the sides. After the credits are over your guy runs to the rabbit you have been following and he says "Davy! you followed me all the way here? Did you enjoy your adventure? be sure to come visit some time. we'll be waiting." Then you come flying out of the pot with your backpack still on and you jump several times and he walks off and it says "The End" -By:

Chopper Attack


You fly around with your chopper and UFO's fly under you. Then it says "Game over."


You just fly around until it says "Game Over."


Clay Fighter 1/3

Your ending is the same whether you beat it on Normal or on Physco. It will give a short story telling you about what your character did after he defeated the evil ways of Dr. Kiln. Some of them are pretty dumb while stories are pretty funny. If you beat it on Phsyco you will see the story and the normal credits except at the end of the credits there is a code or codes (depending on how many times you beat the game) for Sumo Santa, Boogerman and Dr. Kiln. At the very end it will show a picture of LockJaw getting strangled by T-Hoppy and a caption that reads, "This animal was severely hurt in the making of this game. Rest in Peace Lockjaw." Then the Game Over screen comes up.

Cruis'n USA

Your car is put on top of the White House and you get an upgrade. Then credits that you can see just by waiting on the start screen for about 45 seconds.

Dark Rift

When you beat the game it shows the final boss Demitron start to shake violently and then he disappears. There is a different ending for every character in the game, and all of the endings are weak except Scarlets. When you beat the game it will give you the code to play as the 2 Bosses, Sonork and Demitron.

Diddy Kong Racing

This is the ending for Diddy Kong Racing Adventure 1. Wizpig gets mad and his rocket goes out of control. The rocket takes him all the way to the moon and the pieces of the rocket come flying back down. then you see Taj and some other carecters dancing. You go to see the boss with his children and pipsy is riding on one of the triceratops. You see drumstick come by the screen. Then you see in a small cave The boss named Bluey and T.T. Conker comes zooming out of the cave. You see the dragon and see timber riding on him. You also see Diddy in an airplane. After all this you see the face of Taj on a statue. You see Wizpigs ship and hear a ha ha ha!! then the credits. At the end you will see a code and the words to be continued... -By: MARIOARIO@AOL.COM

This is the 2nd ending! When you beat Wizpig in Future Fun Land (the space world) his rocket gets glitchy and he crashes into a planet. Back on Timber's Island everyone, even the bosses, is throwing another party. The Wizpig face in the mountain is changed to Taj. Then Wizpig's ship comes again and Wizpig laughs. In the credits you now also see Dragon Forest and Future Fun Land. It says "To Be Continued...", you get another magic code, and it shows the times you need to beat to play against T.T. in that course.

Doom 64

After destroying the head demon, (although they never tell you who it is) the space marine is standing defiantly in "outer darkness" that he's destroyed. And a message comes up that is more or less like this. "I've finally done it! I've killed the head demon and ended my nightmare!" Then he decides to stay in "outer darkness" forever to make sure that no demons will ever rise again. Then it shows a screen with a zombie on it, and when you press a button, it blows up, and then all the monsters come on the screen one by one, and you can keep on killing them!

Duke Nukem 64

L.A. Meltdown

Duke sees a bunch of babes being loaded onto a spaceship after defeating the Battlelord, so he sets on Auto Destruct and goes aboard the ship to rescue the babes and kick some more butt!

Lunar Apocalypse

Duke sees the face of the Cycloid Emperor who says something about Duke being distracted while aboard the spaceship, giving them time to take L.A. captive once more. Then you rocket back down to earth to whip butt one more time.

Schrapnel City

Duke and the dead Cycloid Emperor are in the center of the stadium. Duke breathes hard, and kicks the Cycloid Emerors single eye out. It goes through the goalpost, and it shows Duke, saying "Game...Over!!!". Also, instead of the signs reading "Duke Nukem Must Die!!!", they read "GOAL GOAL".


Not much to this ending. When you beat the game on single player on each level, it gives you a different secret code every time with some pretty cool light effects. Once you beat the Whole twelve levels, it gives you the ROACH (a pretty wicked bike). Then all twelve levels on a higher difficulty gives you the NEON WONDER, with maxed out attributes.

FIFA Soccer 64

It shows your team name in the standings and the world cup is on top of it.

Forsaken 64

When you beat the game on the hard setting it shows a camera going through Ramqan's level as the narrator says "The Babalas complex has been destroyed. The masters of the Mechnoid Defense Force have been defeated. The enemy forces now lie in disarray, their leaders crushed." It then shows a view of a large number of space craft returning to earth and says "The way was now open for the once nomadic human tribes to make their way home." Then it shows one of the space crafts landing on a barren waste. It then shows a man and a women staring at the remains of a city in the distance. Then the narrator says "An undiscovered realm awaits the inquisitive humans, and hidden within it's boundaries is the challenge of survival and the mastery of this brave new world."

Goldeneye 007

This is the Game Ending on Agent (easy) mode. You confront the leader of the Janus Coporation, Alec Trevelyan and he jumps of the platform falling to his death. You jump off the platform onto the bottom of a helicopter which takes you to safety. You then met up w/ Natalya in the jungle and you kiss her, a long long kiss . The game then shows the credits, like the credits from a movie like when it says staring: James Bond, Alec Trevelyan, also featuring .... ect... You then ( after beating the game on easy) have access to 33 players in the multi-player mode including Jaws, Oddjob, Scientist, ect.... and you get a cougar magnium for the rest of the game.

Once you beat 007 on the Cradle Level, it has the normal ending (Trevelyan dies, James jumps on the helicopter, Natalya and James kiss, credits roll by, etc.). But the ending for the Egyptian Temple is different. You kill Baron Samedi for the third time and you think he's dead. All of the bad guys disappear, and you walk down that hallway with the grooves in the wall. Then it shows Baron Samedi running up behind you and laughing 3 times, then you've really beat the game and you'll get the Golden Gun cheat automatically, and if you beat it under 6 minutes, you'll get the All Weapons cheat.

Hexen 64

As soon as you beat the boss, it blows up and shows a picture of an orb on a pedestal. It says that it could only be the chaos sphere that lets you destroy and create worlds. Then it shows the sphere close up and says that it was the source of Korox's power. Then it shows a red hand moving a chess piece that looks like a scavenger from Diablo (TM). then it shows your piece and says that there are others mightier than you and who could know their next moves? Then it shows the credits.

International Superstar Soccer 64

When you beat it on International Cup, your team stands in center field and everyone cheers your team, and your team holds the cup and confetti falls from the sky. Your star players scoring stat shows up. -By:

Winning world cup (medium mode) makes the sky full of falling paper in all kinds of colors. You will see your team stretching their arms in the air around the mid circle, receiving a Pokal. You will also hear a new theme while your players are running around the stadium.

Afterwards you can view the statistics for your team. When you've seen the statistics, the credit scene will come up. Enjoy the credit scene, viewing large players showing their skills with the ball.

Killer Instinct Gold

If you beat it on very easy then it will just congratulate you and tell you to try it on a harder level. If you beat it on easy then it will give you a little part of the characters (whoever you killed Gargos with) story. Each time you beat it on a harder level it will tell you more of that characters story until you get the complete story.

Kobe Bryant in NBA Courtside

After winning an NBA championship the players run to mid-court and the pointguard will have the trophy and everyone is jumping around. -By:

Mace: The Dark Age

After defeating Grendel, You see a cinematic of your character looking around while standing on a mysterious platform, then runs across a bridge as it collapses behind him. You reach a circular arena with Asmodeus' symbol on it and in a flash Asmodeus appears and starts seriously whooping you up. If you are good enough (or have the all powerful Game Shark) you can defeat him and get a very rewarding ending. The ground starts braking up and Asmodeus falls over. It opens up even more to reveal a lava pit and Asmodeus is pulled towards it as he desperately claws at the ground to save himself. He is then totally taken in by the lava and a huge cylinder of light shoots out of the ground and you stick your hand in and have the mace in your hand. Then you stick it high in the air and scream. It then proceeds with the book opening up and telling your particular characters story. It's very rewarding.

If you beat the game with Pojo, he grabs the mace in his beak and grows really big. It then tells you that he feels the strength of 10 thousand chickens and he attacks the world. People describe him as breathing fire which caused the belief of dragons.

Madden 64

After you win the Super Bowl, it shows the EA Sports trophy and somebody says "You are an EA Sports Champion." Then, there's the madden bowl which is pretty cool, because some of your created players are there. Then after that it asks you if you would like to start a new season with the same rosters. -By:

Major League Baseball Featuring Ken Griffey, Jr.

The World Series logo and your team's logo are shown in the middle of the screen. The announcer then says, "And now your World Series champions!" Players run out on too the field and jump around. Camara pans around them as they give high fives, jump around, roll on the ground, and other things as they celebrate. Camera then does a fly by of the stadium. After that is over, it comes back on to the infield where the players are and starts to show the credits as the camera continues to show the players celebrating.

Mario Kart 64

Okay, we've probably all seen the trophy presentation. Well, if beaten on 150cc Special Cup, You get to see sweet camera angles on all the courses and the credits. Then it ends focusing on Peach's Castle and Mario says, "Hey, you-a very good! See you next time!" Now, if the N64 is reseted, you will see a different picture at the start. Go into 1 or 2-player, go to Mario GP and you will notice an Extra Circuit. These are mirrored tracks which means all the turns go from left to right and vice versa. Except Toad's Turnpike which has the traffic go towards you which makes for a difficult drive. This option also appears in Vs. Mode but there's nothing you can do in there that will affect the game. If you beat Extra Special Cup, The SAME ending plays and ends the same way.

Mischief Makers

Marina and the king return to Nepton Village and discover that Celes is the king's daughter. A celebration begins and shows Teran walking away. He tells Celes that he is not her brother and that he is from another planet. This is the ending if you don't get all the gold gems. To see the credits, select it on the stage select screen.

If you get all 52 Gold gems, this is the ending:

Marina and the Prof. return to Nepton, followed by King Aster. He reveals that Celes is really Ondine, his daughter. There is a coronation ceremony, but during the celebration, Teran walks away. Ondine comes after him, but he tells her that he's not her brother that he is BLOCKMAN, and is from another world, hired to protect her. But Sarie convinces him to stay with Ondine. It then shows Marina and the Prof. leaving Clacer. Then there are some credits, none of which are on the real credits. Then, the real cool part begins. Geold comes back, and changes Lunar, Tarus, and Merco back to their human form. He then offers humanity to Marina. At first he fails (she's turned into a dog, then back again), but then he gets it right, and she turns into a fine chick, and that's the end.

Mortal Kombat 4

Liu Kang

Liu Kang: It's over. I once again defended my title as champion of Mortal Kombat and defender of the realm of Earth, but I have failed to save the realm of edeneia. In doing so, I have also lost Kitana forever...Kitana? Kitana: Yes, Liu Kang, it is I. Liu Kang: But I thought you were going to...? Kitana: With Shinnok's destruction, you have not only saved the realm of Earth but you have also saved my own realm. For that, I never repay you. Liu Kang: Knowing that you survived is all that I need. Kitana: As heir to the thrown of my realm, I offer you the chance to rule by my king of Edeneia forever. Liu Kang: I cannot accept your offer. I belong here on Earth as champion of Mortal Kombat. Kitana: Then I wish you good luck Liu Kang on all your journeys. Liu Kang: Goodbye, Princess Kitana.


Sonya: It's over Jarek! Shinnok is dead...the good guys won. You're coming back with me. Jarek: Never Sonya. I agreed to help defeat Shinnok, not turn myself into the Special Forces. The Black Dragons live on! Sonya: The Black Dragons died with Kano. You're the last one Jarek. Jarek: Never...ahhrhghgh... Sonya: Come in Major Briggs...this is Lieutenant Sonya Blade...over. (A) Jax: Sonya, glad to hear you're alive. Sonya: You actually sound happy to hear from me Jax. Things get boring? Jax: Not since you followed Liu Kang into the Nether Realm... Sonya: Well, it is over now. I'm returning to base. 10-4, Jax...


...from Sonya Point (A). Sonya: Come in Major Briggs...this is Lieutenant Sonya Blade...over. Whaaaa [as she's pulled over the edge of a cliff]... Jax: Sonya this is Major Briggs...come in...Sonya this is Jax...are you there? Jerek: Ha ha hah. (B)


...from Jerek Point (B). Jax: Going somewhere Jarek? Jerek: Jax! I thought you were... Jax: Dead? Like my partner you just threw off the cliff? Jerek: I'm sorry Jax. Please don't drop me...Wait...I promise... Jax: To late, Jarek. Jerek: Wait you can't drop me, you have to uphold the law! Wait...wait..this is can't do it! Jax: Wrong Jarek. This is not a brutality--this is a fatality! [Drops him]


Tanya: Follow me Liu Kang. Raiden has aked that I lead you to him. Liu Kang: What about the others? Tanya: He has something special planned for them. Liu Kang: Tanya what's going on? Tanya: Ha ha ha! I don't know what Kitana saw in you. Can't you see Liu Kang that is is a trap? Quan Chi: Welcome, Shaolin warrior. Your thunder god has been beaten, Earth warriors destroyed and you are the last remnant of the forces of light. Do you wish to beg for mercy from your new master, the Lord Shiinnok? Liu Kang: Never sorcerer...ahhh...[as he is blown into little pieces]... Shinnok: Fool! Ha ha ha...


Raiden: Elder God: Raiden, for many years you have protected the Earth realm from the forces of evil. You have earned your place among us. With your ascension to the pantheon of elder gods, you must choose a successor--a new protector of Earth. Raiden: With the aid of Earth mortals, I once again managed to defeat Shinnok and his minions. I choose Fujin--he will guide the mortals of Earth as we move into the new millennium.


Reptile: Quan Chin, I have served Lord Shinnok well in the destruction of the Earth warriors. Quan Chi: Yes, we are most appreciative of your efforts. Reptile: Now I wish to return in time to my home world before it was destroyed at the hand of Shao Kahn. As the new ruler of the supreme all reality, Shinnok alone has the power to grant me this wish. Quan Chi: You dare make such impetuous requests from your lord and master? Reptile: It is a simple request for one of such power. Quan Chi: It is also not worth his attention. Reptile: I demand It! If it were not for warriors such as myself, his attack on Raiden's forces would have failed. Quan Chi: Perhaps you could convey your feeling to Lord Shinnok himself. Reptile: What? Shinnok: Infide! You are in no position to demand anything. I could kill you with a mere thought. Reptile: But we had a deal... Shinnok: A deal? I am not a god of my word, Reptile. All deals are off!


Raiden: You fought well Kai. You are now a true Shaolin warrior. Kai: Thanks Raiden, but I'm not interested in becoming a Shaolin warrior any more. I've got too many problems to deal with. Raiden: What will you do next? Kai: I don't know...wander the Earth, search for my soul--that kind of thing. Raiden: Well perhaps you could use this on your journey? Kai: Your lighting staff? Raiden: It holds the power to thunder and lighting. Wield it wisely, because it can show you the path to immortality. You've earned it. Kai: Thank you, Raiden. I will not fail!


Sub-Zero: You're finished. Your quest for vengeance is over. Scorpion: You cannot kill a dead man. You have defeated my physical form, but my soul is eternal. You will pay for massacre of my clan and family. Quan Chi: Well done Sub-Zero. Like your brother before you, you have served my purposes well. Sub-Zero: I serve no one...not the Lin Kue and not you. Quan Chi: Scorpion agreed to fight for us in exchange for his freedom from the nether reamls--a deal I had no intention of fulfilling. By killing him, you have saved us the trouble. Both you and Scorpion were pawns for Shinnok [Scorpion gets up from the ground and blows Quan Chi into little pieces]. Scorpion: Our battle is finished! You are now free from my curse. Live well, Lin Kue warrior.

Johnny Cage

Fans: Yeah... Cage: Wow! I don't know what to say? [Standing at a podium in front of his fans] I guess I could start by thanking all of my fans out there...But that's enough of the mushy stuff. I mean, let's get real here. When am I going to get some real competition? Fans: [silence] Cage: Come on! Don't get silent now...where are all the cheers? Fans: Boo! Cage: Hey, wait a minute...I'm your number-one guy...I'm going to remember this! Fans: [throw things at him] Cage: Ow! OK, now I'm mad...hey come on...quit it!

Quan Chi

Shinnok: As payment for your loyal services, Quan Chi, I grant you the gift of your existence. Quan Chi: My existence? Shinnok: Understand sorcerer: I consume all energies, including all those that live, but I shall spare yours. Quan Chi: If it was not for me, you would still be a tortured soul rotting in the pits of the nether realms! Shinnok: You dare question me! Quan Chi: I do more than question you, Shinnok--I challenge you... Shinnok: Then you shall die...what!?! Quan Chi: Your powers are useless against me. Shinnok: How can this be? Quan Chi: I am in possession of your sacred amulet. Years ago, I delivered to you an exact duplicate while I retained the original. I even fooled Raiden. Now I am ruler supreme and you, elder god, are finished [as Shinnok is blown into little pieces].


Shinnok: For millions of years, I suffered in the bowels of the nether realms. You, thunder god, are responsible for my suffering. Now the mortals of earth will pay for my grievance. Raiden: You turned againts your fellow elder gods. You betrayed your title. You deserve much worse. Shinnok: But it's too late Raiden. I win. With the elder gods out of the way, I will take my place as rightful ruler of all eternity. I can already feel the power surging from within. Raiden: You're mad! Shinnok: Farewell thunder god...ha ha ha ha...[as he blows Raiden into little pieces].


Scorpion: I have defeated you, Sub-Zero. I have avenged the death of my family and clan. Now my soul can finally rest. Sub-Zero: Your soul will nver rest Scorpion. The Lin Kue may have been responsible for your murder, but your family's true killer remains free. Scorpion: If you are not the murderer, then who is? Quan Chi: I am the one you seek. To defeat my nemesis Sub-Zero, I needed the power of a specter. You've done my bidding well Scorpion, but now I must return you to the nether realms [as the portal opens, Scorpion pulls Quan Chi into the portal with him and take Quan Chi back to the nether realms].


Fujin: Our forces of light have defeated Shinnok's. Now I must return to my duties as Earth's god of wind. Elder God: You have served your element well Fujin, but we have a new mission for you. Raiden: Our battle with Shinnok's forces are over. I must move on to my new position as an elder god, and you, Fujin, must take my former position as protector of Earth. Fujin: Raiden, it would be an honor to succeed you. Raiden: Take special care of the mortals of Earth. They are great people but have the ability to self destruct. Be patient and offer your wisdom and guidance. Fujin: Farewell, thunder god, I will not fail you. Raiden: That is why I picked you.


He goes back to his home Realm.


No ending for him.

Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Sub Zero

When you beat Mortal Kombat Mythologies on easy Rayden shows up and tells you about a journey to the netherealms you must take to save everyones soul from being lost. Then it says you must jack up the difficulty to go to the next level. -By:

After you beat Shinnok, he turns into a big monster. Then, Rayden's portal appears. So, you jump through Rayden's portal. There, you meet Rayden, being breathless, and you talk to Rayden. Then you ask him for some thanks, and he says "Thanks for undoing a problem you created" then, you say "Quan Chi said my soul was tainted with evil, otherwise I couldn't have entered the Netherealm, is this true?" Then Rayden says "your a great warrior Sub-zero, but only you can choose your path" then you say "was that a yes, or no?" Then Rayden says "yes, but only you can change that." Next, you appear at Lin Kuei Head Quarters. You say "I live to serve the Lin Kuei" then, the grandmaster says "you are a honorable warrior, Sub-Zero, you serve the Lin Kuei well, and I have a new assignment for you." Then it shows Shang Tsung, not like in the games, but with white hair, and a big long white beard. Then, the grandmaster says, "this is Shang Tsung. He would like you to compete in a small tournament called Mortal Kombat." Then, the credits roll.

Mortal Kombat Trilogy

When you beat it, Shao Kahn will turn green and all of the guys will start flying out of him, exploding on the ground. If you beat it on endurance mode, you will be able to pick a secret treasure.

Mystical Ninja Staring Goeman

Once you defeat Spring Breeze Dancin' and Kitty Lily, they say how they can't be beaten and talk about the Stage Beam. Goeman says something and then Impact uses Laser Mouth and blows up the baddies. Then they become a star that blinks. After that the screen zooms inside Impact and Goeman, Ebisumaru, Yae, and Sasuke talk about the bad guys. Then Goeman says it is time to go home and the screen finds Earth and they go back home. Once on Earth, Sasuke mentions how they left Kyushu in Outer Space, and on cue the island floats back to Japan. Then a mob comes rushing to the four. Goemon and Ebisumaru think they are girls greeting them and Ebisumaru says whoever wants an autograph form a line here. Yae says I don't think so. The mob screams at the four because they killed Dancin' and Lily. They do this because the girls love to watch Dancin' and Lily do there musical and how they would not be able to see it ever again. The four then are so scared that they get in an afraid and defensive position. They looked so funny. The credits roll, and then displays the amount of fortune dolls (cats) you collected. -By:

Nagano Olympic Hockey '98

After you win the gold medal, the announcer says "(team) wins the Gold Medal." You see one of you players celebrating, while your team's anthem plays, the flag flaps in the breeze, and two gold medals spin around.

NBA Hangtime

After you beat the last team on the tournament, you get a trophy, and it tells you how "good" at the game you must be and it also says "Play on for an even greater challenge!". Also, if you have a created player, it gives you 10 attribute points, which, if you already have all you can get, is very helpful!

Pilotwings 64

If you clear all main stages, you get a fly-around-the-us in the evening and says presented by Nintendo at the end. If you clear all Stages with golds, it'll be daytime and will say try for harder or something. And if any of you chowder-heads can be as good as I and make a perfect game with 100% in every stage, it'll be night and say "You made gold in every Level!! We just can't believe it!! Your Unbelievable!!!

Quest 64

After you have killed Mammon on Quest, he disappears and says his final words: "Ah...Ah, ah, ah, ah, ah...Why am I dying...Why is my flesh decaying...? Oh-h-h-h-h-h...I...Why am I....dying... Life... I hated it.... this.. death... peaceful... sl... sleep...." Then Brian disappears in a flash and appears in front of Shannon, she then talks about how she was suppose to slave or be bound with mammon for all eternity, and she tries to figure out: what the meaning of life is, then she talks on about how she's going to meet people of the world and try to be human, instead of a puppet to guide Brian. So then peace returns back to the land with no fears, monsters and everybody gets on with their happy lives.

Rampage World Tour

After you beat the moon stage a spacecraft will descend on the surface. The scientist will zap your monster with a laser and you will shrink. She thinks she got rid of you, but you come inside her ship and laugh.

Robotron 64

After beating the final boss, you can shoot him a few more times for points before he blows up, then you warp away and it shows a picture of the last human family and it says, "Thanks to you, the last human family will live to see the year 2085. Try the normal setting to face the full army of robotrons." Then it shows your standings and returns to the title screen.

San Francisco Rush

After completing a circuit in San Francisco Rush (in first place) you see your rank and standings. After the standings screen, you move to a screen with San Francisco in the background, Confetti flying through the air, and a large trophy. Pressing the accelerator causes the trophy to tip towards the screen exposing the indy car and the code to get it. After this, there is no choice but to press start, and pressing that will return you to the "Rush" screen.

Snowboard Kids

When you beat all the courses up to Dizzy-Land, you'll see your character on a stage, waving to the audience (other characters chosen randomly) with a copper pass to the right. A sentence then signs onto the bottom of the screen. It says "CONGRATULATIONS, YOU WON THE COPPER PASS". Finish Quicksand Valley, and you'll get the Silver Pass. Go in 1st in Silver Mountain and you'll get the Gold Pass. You'll see the credits. But that's not over yet, beat Ninja Land and sit through the credits again, and NOW you've opened up all the courses.

The credits start with a red curtain. The curtain opens up and Tommy walks slowly, eating a hamburger. Then Slash comes and says "Gimme that hamburger!" Tommy votes for negative and Slash tries to pry it from his fingers. He snatches it and Nancy comes on screen. She tells Slash that the burger is Tommy's and demands that he give it back. Slash ignores Nancy and eats the hamburger. That steams Nancy, so they run for an incredibly long distance over snowbanks and hills of snow and across pine trees. Tommy then pulls out another hamburger from his pant pocket, holds it up in the air, and starts eating again. Nancy gives up but Slash keeps on running. He eventually crashes into Jam and Linda, who are polishing their snowboards. Slash starts arguing with Jam. Linda tries to settle the argument, but instead, the two pushes Linda around. Linda gets her board and starts swinging it around like a maniac. Slash gets away but Jam gets hit. They start running in the opposite direction of the first chase, and they eventually (again) meet Nancy. Slash and Jam yell "HELP HELP HELP HELP..." and push Nancy toward Linda. Linda stops swinging her board. Then Slash and Jam run away from Linda and she starts chasing them again. They accidentally run into Tommy, who's still eating his extra hamburger. Slash and Jam fall and Nancy comes running back, with Linda bringing up the rear, and everyone trips over each other. Jam taps Slash on the shoulder and everyone recovers. They then bow, and the curtain comes down. Then you see the ATLUS logo and you get lots of rewards to experience the credits. The top half of the screen is the characters themselves, while the bottom shows the names of the people. They also play some weird Christmas music at a low volume, which is appropriate because they're still on the slopes. The left edge of the snowy scenery is the fast food shop that Tommy came from, and the right edge is a log cabin with snowboards hanging from a few hooks. In between are lots of evergreen trees and mountains in the background.

Star Fox 64

In the end Andross is blowing up and you race up and out. You fly back to the Great Fox to head back to Corneria. When you get there you land near the main base and is offered to work for the army, but you say no. You all hurry out of the building. It shows you running towards the Great Fox to go home.

This is the ending that you get if you take the hard path. When you first get to Venom, you'll have to fight a more powerful version of Star Wolf. If you defeat them, you'll go to Andross. You'll go through a long series of tunnels before you finally get there. When you do get there, the fight is the same as the easy Andross, but instead of A robot head appearing, you'll see a giant brain!!! I guess this is what his experiments did to him... Anyway, when you defeat his eyes and his frontal lobes, "If I'm going down, I'm taking you with me!!!" He then violently explodes. Now comes the hard part! You have to navigate the maze of tunnels, and a wrong turn will lead you into a wall of fire! This may seem hard, but you have help! You're dad comes back from the dead and guides you out of the maze to the safety of the great fox. After that, the ending is the same except you don't see Andross's face when you get you're final score.

You will get a different ending when you beat Andross (he is a big brain this time) he says "If I'm Goin down then I'm gonna take you with me!" and then he blows up and you are pretty much dead but then your dad comes flying in and helps you get out and you get to play the ending and when you get out he disappears and you start to look around and the rest is the same as the other ending.

First, get to Expert Mode (Get 15 Medals in the Main Game). Then beat the game on expert. Depending on what route you take, after the credits roll, you will either see a screen with the faces of main characters and the message "Thank You", or a picture of the Star Fox team and the word "GREAT!". After that, you see the Invoice Bill that tells Gen. Pepper how much he has to pay for the service of Star Fox. If you get over 1000 points, Pepper says in disbelief, "WHAT???".

There are 2 endings in the game. Go the easy way to Venom and fight Andross. Shoot his eyes and when he winces, hit his hands with all you've got. When the hands are gone, shoot his eyes. He'll turn into a robot. Shoot the eyes more and he'll blow up.

If you go on the Hard route, you'll fight the head again but this time he'll turn into a brain. Shoot his eyes then go for the lump on his head. When Andross blows up, the ghost of James Mcloud will show up. Follow him through the chamber (Make sure you follow him or else you'll blow up.) Either way, the ending is the great fox landing in Corneria and a short chat between Fox & Pepper. If Katt or Bill appear in the game, their ship will be seen in the credits.

If you defeat Andross coming from Area 6, then instead of the normal Venom battle you will defeat a harder version of the Star Wolf team. They'll say stuff like ``We have better ships''. Star Wolf will also look different when they say things. Beat them real fast and each one will give you *50* points! After they are dead, you'll go to a two path way (instead of 1) to Andross. The first half of Andross will be the same as last time, but after that, a brain instead of an android will appear (this will be an all range battle) When you turn around, you won't get out automatically, you'll have to follow your father James McCloud out of the two path tunnel (you can hear him talking to you!) Don't worry about keeping up with him, he'll always appear. If you crash or go the wrong way, you'll lose a life but only go back to after Andross. The rest is about the same. Peppy will say "what's wrong fox?'' and fox will say "nothing... nothing's wrong." You won't hear Andross laugh this time, either.

Star Wars: Shadows Of the Empire

Easy: the skyhook will blow up. Luke and Leia will get choked up on Dash's death because he was in it when it blew. It will then say, "Did Dash Really Die? Try it on Medium or harder to find out!" It then shows the credits.

Medium\Hard: Same thing happens except at the end it shows the Outrider in hyperspace. Leebo doesn't understand why Dash is so happy about everyone thinking he's dead. He says, "Well one, Xizor's sent every thug in the galaxy after us but if we're dead, who's gonna be looking? And second, it's nice to be remembered as a martyr and still be alive!" Then credits.

Jedi: Same thing. Before the credits it says, Congratulations! You are truly a Jedi Master!

Super Mario 64

Ending 1

Requirement: Beat Bowser with between 70 and 119 stars.

Bowser lies on his back in the middle of the arena. Bowser: Nooo! It can't be! You've really beaten me, Mario?!! I gave those troops Power, but now it's fading away! Arrggghh! I can see peace returning to the world! I can't stand it! Hmmm . . . It's not over yet . . . C'mon troops! Let's watch the ending together! Bwa ha ha! Bowser fades away, and a giant star appears in his place. Mario grabs the star and gets a wing cap. He flies off into the distance. Mario lands on the bridge in front of the castle and the wing cap disappears. Mario looks up and sees the star in front of Peach's stained glass window turn into Peach. She floats down, and lands between two Mushroom Retainers. Mario, taking off his hat and holding it in front of him, runs up to her. She opens her eyes and looks at him. Peach: Mario! The power of the stars is restored to the castle . . . and it's all thanks to you! Thank you, Mario! We have something special for you! Peach leans down and kisses him on the nose. Mario jumps up and puts on his hat. Mario: Here we go! Peach: Listen, everybody! Let's bake a delicious cake . . . for Mario. Peach and the two Mushroom Retainers walk inside. Mario looks up at the sky. Peach: Mario! Mario runs inside. The screen pans up, showing several birds flying away. The credits appear, along with cameras going around the different levels. After the credits, Mario and Peach, between the two Mushroom Retainers, wave goodbye. Lakitu comes down and flies overhead as the screen fades. The screen shows a cake, with Peach and Mario at the top, and candy bar saying "Thank You" and a tea set surrounding it. It says "The End" at the bottom of the screen. Mario: Thank you so much for-a playing my game.

Ending 2

Requirement: Beat Bowser with 120 stars.

Bowser lies on his back in the middle of the arena. Bowser: Noooo! You've really beaten me this time, Mario! I can't stand losing to you! My troops . . . worthless! They've turned over all the Power Stars! What?! There are 120 in all??? Amazing! There were some in the castle that I missed??!! Now I see peace returning to the world . . . Oooo! I really hate that! I can't watch-I'm outta here! Just you wait until next time. Until then, keep that Control Stick smokin'! Bwaa ha ha! Bowser fades away, and a giant star appears in his place. Mario grabs the star and gets a wing cap. He flies off into the distance. Mario lands on the bridge in front of the castle and the wing cap disappears. Mario looks up and sees the star in front of Peach's stained glass window turn into Peach. She floats down, and lands between two Mushroom Retainers. Mario, taking off his hat and holding it in front of him, runs up to her. She opens her eyes and looks at him. Peach: Mario! The power of the stars is restored to the castle . . . and it's all thanks to you! Thank you, Mario! We have something special for you! Peach leans down and kisses him on the nose. Mario jumps up and puts on his hat. Mario: Here we go! Peach: Listen, everybody! Let's bake a delicious cake . . . for Mario. Peach and the two Mushroom Retainers walk inside. Mario looks up at the sky. Peach: Mario! Mario runs inside. The screen pans up, showing several birds flying away. The credits appear, along with cameras going around the different levels. After the credits, Mario and Peach, between the two Mushroom Retainers, wave goodbye. Lakitu comes down and flies overhead as the screen fades. Then a cake appears, with statues of Peach and Mario at the top, a candy bar saying "Thank You," and a tea set surrounding it. It says "The End" at the bottom of the screen. Mario: Thank you so much for-a playing my game.


The bats put on a little show for you. They chase each other around a stage. They all fall of the stage one at a time, and then you get to see the credits.

Top Gear Rally

When you beat the whole game you drive up a big ramp and fly onto a big platform and then and everyone cheers and it says "Congratulations." Then if you push reset you can use new cars and 1 new track. When you beat the game with that you drive on the platform like when you win a regular race except you drive off into the jungle.

Turok: The Dinosaur Hunter

The ending of Turok is pretty good, but short. After defeating the Campaigner you watch him start to blow up. He stops blowing up and walks toward you, then he jerks back and completely blows up. Then the whole place starts to blow. Turok goes down an elevator and starts to run. Fire is right behind him the whole way. Then he gets blown out of the building and lands in the moat. He looks up and watches the building blow up.

Virtual Chess 64

If you are the color black: At the ending, it shows the black king leaving behind the white king, on a small rock in the middle of an ocean, with a shark swimming around it.

If you are the color white: At the ending, it shows the white king sitting on top of a white castle. Then, the black king runs up, and bangs on the door several times. Finally the door falls over, killing the black king as the white kings laughs.

War Gods

First, you battle Grox and Exor in a standard one-on-one fight to the finish, except you can't do fatalities on them. After beating Exor, and he explodes, the ore will appear. Your character will grab the ore and then it'll say your character has won. A screen should then appear, saying that your character has won the ore, but the battles are not over. More challenges are soon to come and to keep playing. -By:

Wave Race

After the last race, you are on the podium. You shake once of the racer's hands and the other claps for you. Then, on Expert or Reverse mode, you grab the gold trophy and hold it over your head. The crown cheers and then the announcers says, "You are a great wave racer." or "Your the champion, congratulations!" Then, your times are scrolled and then the Title screen come on. One more thing, if you get the Dolphins, check your title screen, you are riding them rather than wave runners. It alternates every other time.

Wayne Gretzkys 3D Hockey

Your star player dances around with the cup.

WCW vs. NWO World Tour

For WCW vs. NWO mode:

It shows a hand holding a trophy and saying something like "NWO (or WCW, depending on which you used) is the world champion"

For League Challenge:

After battling through your league, you face their secret character (a different one for each league). After beating the character, you get the same ending as above, but after that it says "Newsflash! (league's secret character) is now available in WCW vs. NWO!". Then you will be able to use that character in the game (just remember to save your game) For example, beating NWO will get you Macho Man Randy Savage.

Wheel of Fortune

If you win every puzzle (even the bonus one) you'll see Vanna White and she'll say "Thanks for coming! Bye!" That's it. Nothing exciting.

Yoshi's Story

Once you beat Baby Bowser, Toadies will pick them up and take them away from you. Then, the game will read the story just as you played it up to the end, and the Yoshi's start dancing around the Super Happy Tree. If you have found the Black and White Yoshi and kept them alive, they will join the dance. -By: