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Strategy Guide

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  • Bonus teams

    Highlight the "Pre-Season" option from the main menu. Then, hold L and press A. Press Right to access the Nintendo Gamers, Nintendo Plumbers, and Left Field Lefties teams.

  • Alien heads

    At the main menu, press C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, Start(2), A, B, A, R, Z. Press B to return to the main menu. Then, enable the "Bonus teams" code and select the "Left Field Lefties" team.

  • Small players

    At the main menu, press C-Right(2), B, R, R, C-Down, Up, Down, C-Up, A, Z.

  • Big heads

    Pause the game and press Right(2), Left, R, Z, Start, A, Start, A, Start, Z.

  • Disco mode

    Pause the game and press A, C-Up, Down, Up, C-Down, R, R, B, C-Right, C-Right, Z.

  • Unlimited fouls

    Intentionally foul out all the bench players on your team. Then the remaining players may get an unlimited number of fouls.

  • View replay

    Pause the game and enter the preferences menu. Then, set the "Special cameras" option to "Replays". Now resume the game and press B + Z after scoring to view the replay of the basket.

  • Alternate replay angle

    During a replay, hold B.

  • Micheal Jordan clone

    Create a player First name: Michael, Last name: Jordan, Age: 35, Years pro: 13, Jersey Number: 23, Height: 6'6, Weight: 215, Position: Guard, Head: 7, and max all abilities. Then, save and release the roster player from the Bulls, and sign Michael Jordan.

    Game Shark Codes

    Diddy Kong Racing Keycode Required
    Enable Code (Must Be On)DE000400 0000
    Home Team Scores 0813F4CA6 0000
    Infinite Time Outs Home Team803F4CA4 0009
    803F1924 0009
    Infinite Turbo Home Team81121D12 0100
    81121EEE 0100
    811220CA 0100
    811222A6 0100
    81122482 0100
    Away Team Scores 0813F1926 0000
    Infinite Turbo Away Team8112265E 0100
    8112283A 0100
    81122A16 0100
    81122BF2 0100
    81122DCE 0100
    Infinite Shot Clock8012AA07 00FF

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