Rakuga Kids

Strategy Guide

  • Play as Inoz

    Accumulate over two hours of total game play. Then at the character selection screen, hold L while choosing Mamazo.

  • Play as Darkness

    Accumulate over five hours of total game play. Then, Darkness will be selectable at the character selection screen.

  • Extra options

    Accumulate over ten hours of total game play. Then, an "Extra options" selection will appear on the options menu.

  • Alternate costume colors

    At the character selection screen, press the various Punch and Kick buttons while choosing a fighter.

    Game Shark Codes

    Infinite Health P1810AC338 0140
    Infinite Super Attacks P1810AC33C 0003
    P1 Score Modifier810AC3B6 00??
    Infinite Health P2810AC428 0140
    Infinite Super Attacks P2810AC42A 0003
    P2 Score Modifier810AC4A6 00??

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