Super Robot Spirits

Strategy Guide

  • All characters

    At the opening screen, press L(9), R(7), Z, C-Down(10), C-Right(5) before the Banpresto logo disappears.

  • Play as Master Gundam

    Beat Master Gundam three times in story mode. Then, Master Gundam will be selectable in story mode.

  • Play as Devil Gundam

    Beat story mode using all characters. Then, select Master Gundam as a fighter and beat Devil Gundam in 64 mode.

  • Play as Judecca

    Accumulate at least three hundred hours of game play.

  • Super mode Shining Gundam

    Win at least twenty matches as Shining Gundam in vs. mode. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Shining Gundam and press Start. Shining Gundam may now be selected in all modes, including 64 mode and training mode.

  • Alternate Dunbine and Walker Galliam costumes

    Accumulate at least fifty hours of game play. Then at the character selection screen, highlight Dunbine or Walker Galliam and press Start.

  • Select victory pose

    Hold L or R when the "K.O." message is displayed at the end of the match.

    Game Shark Codes

    P1 Infinite HP802016A7 0000
    P1 Infinite SP802016AB 005A
    Infinite Time80260BDE 0000

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