Tonic Trouble


All special items

Stand on the mushroom to face the scientist when first meeting him. Then, quickly press R(2), Analog-stick Up, Analog-stick Down, Up, Down, C-Up, C-Down, C-Left, C-Right, C-Up(2), C-Left(2), C-Right(2), C-Up(2), C-Down(2), Analog-stick Up, Analog-stick Down, Analog-stick Left, Analog-stick Right, Start to receive all special items.

Final battle

Pause the game, then press A, B, A, B, A, Left, Right, Up, Down, Z to advance to the final battle with Grögh the Hellish.

Resume with previous energy

Successfully complete the game using a memory pak. Then, start a new game to begin with the energy level from the game that was just completed.

Game Shark Codes

Infinite Lives8013A9F3 0009
Infinite Health8129A898 0F0F
All Dominoes812AA88A 0006
All Propellers812AA88C 0006
All Jumping Stones812AA88E 0006
All Pigs812AA890 0006
All Purple Feathers812AA892 0006
All Bouncy Coils812AA894 0006
Darts Modifier812AA888 ????
Ski Slope
All Bonus Spheres812AA896 0014
All Thermometers812AA898 000A
South Plain
All Bonus Spheres812AA89A 0014
All Thermometers812AA89C 000A
Doc's Cave
All Bonus Spheres812AA89E 0014
All Thermometers812AA8A0 000A
Vegetable HQ
All Bonus Spheres812AA8A2 0014
All Thermometers812AA8A4 000A
North Plain
All Bonus Spheres812AA8A6 0014
All Thermometers812AA8A8 000A
All Bonus Spheres812AA8AA 0014
All Thermometers812AA8AC 000A
Glacier Cocktail
All Bonus Spheres812AA8AE 0014
All Thermometers812AA8B0 000A
All Bonus Spheres812AA8B2 0014
All Thermometers812AA8B4 000A
Pressure Cooker
All Bonus Spheres812AA8B6 0014
All Thermometers812AA8B8 000A

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