Vigilante 8

Strategy Guide

  • All vehicles

    Enter "GANGS_UNLOCKED" as a password. Note: This does not unlock the UFO.

  • "Y" the Alien

    Enter "GIMME_DA_ALIEN" as a password.

  • Super Dreamland 64 level

    Enter "DDDDDDDDDDDDDD" as a password. Alternatively, successfully complete all of "Y" the Alien's missions in "Quest" mode to unlock the Nintendo 64 exclusive bonus level. -From:

  • All vehicles and levels

    Enter "JTBT7CFD1LRMGW" as a password. -From:

  • Level select

    Enter "LEVEL_SHORTCUT" as a password.

  • Invincibility

    Enter "LIVING_FOREVER" as a password.

  • Missile power-up

    Enter "MISSILE_ATTACK" as a password.

  • Quick firing weapons

    Enter "FIRE_NO_LIMITS" as a password.

  • Ultra-high resolution mode

    Enter "MAX_RESOLUTION" as a password.

  • Same vehicle in multi-player mode

    Enter "MIX_MATCH_CARS" as a password.

  • Low gravity

    Enter "A_MOON_GETAWAY" as a password.

  • No enemies

    Enter "POPULATION_OUT" as a password.

  • Slow motion mode

    Enter "GO_REALLY_SLOW" as a password.

  • Expert mode

    Enter "I_AM_TOUGH_GUY" as a password.

  • View ending sequences

    Enter "LONG_SLIDESHOW" as a password.

  • Play as Dave

    Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Chassey Blue and Slick Clyde.

  • Play as Convoy

    Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Sheila and John Torque.

  • Play as Molo

    Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Loki and Houston 3.

  • Play as Sid Burn

    Successfully complete "Quest" mode with Boogie and Beezwax.

  • Play as "Y" the Alien

    Successfully complete "Quest" mode with all characters.

  • Special weapons

    Enter the following actions while playing the game to active the special attack of the indicated weapon. Note: The required weapon must be in the inventory, but does not need to be currently active.

      Interceptor Missiles (Halo Decoy), uses 2 missiles

      Press Up(2), Down then shoot the machine gun to cause your opponent's homing missiles or special attacks to follow your missiles instead of your vehicle.

      Interceptor Missiles (Turbo), uses 2 missiles

      Press Up(3) then shoot the machine gun to speed up for a few seconds.

      Bull's Eye Rockets (Stampede), uses 1-5 rockets

      Press Up, Down, Up then shoot the machine gun to rapidly fire multiple non-homing rockets.

      Bull's Eye Rockets (Boost Rocket), uses 2 rockets

      Press Up, Down, Up, then shoot the machine gun. If an opponent is hit, he or she is taken for a sky ride.

      Sky Hammer Mortar (Turtle Turnover), uses 2 shells

      Press Down(3) then shoot the machine gun to flip your opponents' vehicles.

      Sky Hammer Mortar (Crater Maker), uses 5 shells

      Press Down(2), Up, then shoot the machine gun to drop a mega bomb that will leave a crater.

      Bruiser Cannon (Cow Puncher), uses 2 shells

      Press Down, Up, Down then shoot the machine gun to punch opponent vehicles back.

      Bruiser Cannon (Scatter Blast), uses six shells

      Press Down, Up(2), then shoot the machine gun to shoot six cannon shells simultaneously.

      Roadkill Mines (Cactus Patch), uses 1-6 mines

      Press Left, Right, Up then shoot the machine gun to rapidly deploy a group of mines.

      Roadkill Mines (Magnetic Mine), uses two mines

      Press Left, Right, Down, then shoot the machine gun to drop a mine that will attract nearby cars.

    Game Shark Codes

    Activate Cheat Modifier81181572 ????
    Unlock Vehicle/Missions Finished
    Chassey Blue80191298 001F
    Slick Clyde80191299 001F
    Sheila8019129A 001F
    John Torque8019129B 001F
    Dave8019129C 001F
    Convoy8019129D 001F
    Loki8019129E 001F
    Houston 38019129F 001F
    Boogie801912A0 001F
    Beezway801912A1 001F
    Molo801912A2 001F
    Sid Burn801912A3 001F
    "Y" the Alien801912A4 003F
    Quantity Digits to Accompany Activate Cheat Modifier Code
    0001 - Big Tires
    0002 - Low Gravity
    0004 - No Enemies
    0008 - Invincibility
    0010 - ?
    0020 - Can Choose Same Cars
    0040 - ?
    0080 - ?
    0100 - ?
    0200 - ?
    0400 - Missile Power-Up
    0800 - Rapid Fire
    1000 - Expert mode
    2000 - Slow Motion Mode
    4000 - Ultra-High Resolution Mode
    8000 - ?

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