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"Now that you done tooken away them ads, I ain't got that killin' feelin' no more. I swear fellas, I was on muh way to findin' you, and makin' you PAY for all them popperups and ads and whatnot. If that little monkey fella asked me to be his friend one more time...BLAMMO! But now that I see things from your perspective, I unnerstan' that you were only doing what you had to do to survive and I respect that. No hard feelings."

Earl Futhermucker II - Boise, Id


"Now that I can surf CCC without ads, and get all of that stuff on Platinum as an added bonus, you guys don't suck nearly as much as I said you guys did on Usenet. I was just raggin on you guys. Hey man, if it means paying 8 cents a day to not EVER having to see another ******** pop up ad again, count me in. I have been a CCC loyalist since 98 and I love you guys and I don't mind helping out. If it wasn't for CCC I'd never have any great codes."

Zane Cuero - New York, NY

You Asked For It - We Listened!!

Dear Valued Cheat Code Central Visitors,

Over the past few months, we have received countless emails urging us to find a solution to the web-advertising that has appeared on our popular website. As many of you know, pop ups and banner ads have become a way of life on the Internet for many sites. To operate a website as popular as Cheat Code Central, the Number 1 cheat code site and Number 2 video game site in the world, it takes thousands of dollars per month just to keep "the doors open".

Cheat Code Central runs on some of the most powerful servers available, and we average 350 GB of bandwidth usage per month and that figure is growing. We needed the ads and pop-ups as a way to pay the enormous costs involved. But we also understood that you, our loyal visitors, were becoming frustrated with the amount of advertising that was present on the site.

You asked us to do something about it....And we did!

Starting NOW, all members of our Platinum service, will receive at NO EXTRA CHARGE, the ability to surf CCC 100% AD FREE! Cheat Code Central Platinum is already 100% AD FREE!

Other video game paysites still feature advertising in either banners, pop-ups or clever articles that are nothing more than advertisments with links to their checkout counter. WE DON'T WANT TO SELL YOU GAMES! We want you to belong to the most powerful cheat code site and enjoy yourself. It's all about the games, not how many we can sell you!

Here's what you will get once you join Cheat Code Central Platinum:

ball.gif (852 bytes) CCC & CCCP 100% Completely Ad Free!
ball.gif (852 bytes) The Latest Codes, Hints and Cheats on Platinum Before They are Posted on Cheat Code Central!
ball.gif (852 bytes) The Best Game Reviews, Previews & News!
ball.gif (852 bytes) Like Winning Stuff? Tons of Contests!
ball.gif (852 bytes) Updates 365 Days A Year! Yup, Even on Christmas!
ball.gif (852 bytes) Interaction with the CCCP Crew! Email Us, We Respond!
ball.gif (852 bytes) Original Funny Stuff! You Won't Find This Anywhere!
ball.gif (852 bytes) Our Q&A Dept. Is Always Ready To Answer Your Q's!
ball.gif (852 bytes) 100% Idiot Free Forums! Guaranteed!
ball.gif (852 bytes) And Much More!!!
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