Age Of Mythology: The Titans

Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • Save space with more resources

    Once the "DIVINE INTERVENTION" code is enabled to get multiple Plenty Vaults or Dwarven Gold Mines, you can use [Pause Break] to pause game play. Then, all the Plenty Vaults or Gold Mines can be put one over the other. Many Plenty Vaults at the same location will give an enormous gain of space, and give the same amount of resources. Many Gold Mines can be placed like a linked barrier to stop enemies. Many Gaia Forests can be put around a Titan once the game is paused to stop him from moving for the entire scenario, which gives you the freedom to attack whenever one is completely ready. Note: Once the game is resumed, more Plenty Vaults cannot be put at the same location again. Also, the Invoked god power is not visible until the game is resumed.

  • Killing Cerebus

    On the level where you have to kill Cerebus, in order to protect the Son Of Osiris train at least 30 Priests to defend him.

  • Avoiding Kronis

    On the last level when you have all of the four summoning trees, do not attack the enemies base or Kronos will come from the Tartauras gate and destroy your empire. Kronos cannot be defeated by anyone except Gia.

  • Training Rocs

    On the level where the Promeatheus Titan comes, after you have defended your base for the time limit, the Titan will attack you. You must train 3 Rocs and send them to Kastor's base. It is better to train them at the start of the level.

  • Defeating the Norse Titan

    In the level that you need to defeat the Norse Titan, enable the "DIVINE INTERVENTION" code a few times. This will allow more usages of the God Power Healing Springs. Put them near all of your allies bases. Then, take the King Frost Giant as well as about ten Fire Giants and ten Giants to attack. If you have extra resources, build up an army to take out the enemy base (in red). The King will freeze the Titan and your Giants will do the attacking. This is a good way to defeat the Titan instead of waiting for the Nidhog.

  • Boats on land

    Get the Implode God power. You can get this by being Atlantean and worshipping Atlas; or by using the "ZENOS PARADOX" code. Next, get some boats and bring them as close to the shore as possible. Then, cast Implode just barely in range of the boats. This may require a few attempts; enable the "DIVINE INTERVENTION" code until done correctly. The orb will suck them in. When the orb explodes, they will fly through the air and land on the ground. Note: You cannot move them at all.

  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, press [Enter] and type one of following case-sensitive codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result Cheat Code
    1000 FoodJUNK FOOD NIGHT
    1000 GoldATM OF EREBUS
    Chicken meteor god powerBAWK BAWK BOOM
    Enable used god powerDIVINE INTERVENTION
    Expert AIMR. MONDAY
    Fast constructionL33T SUPA H4X0R
    Faster gameLETS GO! NOW!
    Flying purple hippoWUV WOO
    Full mapLAY OF THE LAND
    Herd animals fattenedENGINEERED GRAIN
    Instant TitanTITANOMACHY
    Laser bearO CANADA
    Lightning storm, earthquake, meteor, tornadoWRATH OF THE GODS
    Lots of monkeysI WANT TEH MONKEYS!!!!!
    Maximum FavorMOUNT OLYMPUS
    New random god powersPANDORAS BOX
    Random unit ownershipTINFOIL HAT
    Red waterRED TIDE
    Reveal all animals on mapSET ASCENDANT
    Slow down unitsCONSIDER THE INTERNET
    Small hero campaign armyISIS HEAR MY PLEA
    Turn enemies into goatsGOATUNHEIM
    Units can move over waterCHANNEL SURFING
    Use the deconstruction in all buildings and units
    except settlement for all players
    Walking berry bushes god powerFEAR THE FORAGE
    Win scenarioTHRILL OF VICTORY

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