Aliens vs. Predator 2: Primal Hunt


  • Cheat Codes

    While playing the game, press [Enter], type one of the following codes, then press [Enter] again to activate the corresponding cheat function. If you entered the code correctly, you will hear the sound of the predators mask switching vision types. Note: There is a space between "<cheat>" and the remaining portion of each code.

    Result Cheat Code
    Toggle invincibility<cheat> mpcanthurtme
    All weapons and ammo<cheat> mpschuckit
    Infinite ammunition<cheat> mpbunker
    Full armor<cheat> mpsmithy
    Full ammunition<cheat> mpkohler
    Full ammunition<cheat> mpstockpile
    Set health to indicated number<cheat> mpdoctordoctor [number]
    Teleport to level start with default
    <cheat> mpbeamme
    Toggle no clipping<cheat> mpsixthsense
    Toggle third person view<cheat> mpicu
    Toggle speed display<cheat> mptachometer
    Toggle size display<cheat> mpsizeme
    Toggle rotation display<cheat> mpgrs
    Show position info on/off<cheat> mpgps
    Use keys to edit FOV value<cheat> mpfov
    Use keys to edit vertext tint<cheat> mpvertextint
    Use keys to edit light amplification<cheat> mplightadd
    Use keys to edit light scale<cheat> mplightscale
    Use keys to edit weapon breach<cheat> mpbreach
    Use keys to edit weapon offset 1<cheat> mpwmpos
    Use keys to edit weapon offset 2<cheat> mpwpos
    Marines have slurred voice<cheat> mpmillertime
    Change into indicated character type<cheat> mpmorph [character type]
    Level select for all three species<cheat> mpxfiles
    Unknown<cheat> mpreloadbutes
    Unknown<cheat> mptriggers
    Unknown<cheat> mpmph
    Unknown<cheat> mpconfig
    Unknown<cheat> mpdeathtoall

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