Strategy Guide/Walkthrough/FAQ


  • All vehicles (network mode)

    At the network race selection screen, type "JOYRIDER" (case-sensitive). Then, select "All Cars" in the options screen. Note: Only the host play may access the cheat mode cars. The client player may access all other cars.

  • All vehicles, level select

    At the car selection, view info, start race, or change race screens, type "KEVWOZEAR" (case-sensitive). If you entered the code correctly, you will hear a sound.

  • Decrypt external data text files

    At the car selection screen, type "IWANTTOFIDDLE" (case-sensitive). Now the external data files, which are in text format, will be decrypted to allow editing the game physics.

    While playing the game, enter one of the following codes to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Cheat Code Result
    BIGBOTTOMDamaged body
    SUPERHOOPSExplosive pedestrians
    GOOGLEPLEXUnderwater ability
    SPAMFORRESTInstant handbrake
    BUYOURNEXTGAMEJelly suspension
    SOAPYTITWANKSSuper turbo mode
    CHICKENFODDERBouncy mode
    FUNNYJAMTurbo pedestrians
    ISLANDRULESVolcanic corpses
    SPAMFRITTERSFree repairs
    GIVEMELARDMoney bonus
    TRAMSARESUPERPedestrian harvest
    SMALLUDDERSGiant pedestrians
    HAMSTERSEXBlind pedestrians
    SPAMSPAMSPAMSPAMPedestrians stuck to ground
    ILOVENOBBYPedestrians viewed on map
    RUSSFORMARIOPedestrian electro bastard ray
    NAUGHTYTORTYPedestrians re-spawn
    IHAVESOMESPAMStrange gravity
    RABBITDREAMERGravity from Jupiter
    BOYSFROMTHEBUSHExtra grip tires
    SPAMFRITTERSFree repairs
    INTHEWARInstant repair
    SEXWITHFISHDisable timer
    MILKYSMILESTime bonus
    SPAMACCIDENTSFrozen opponents
    NASALSMEARFrozen police
    YUMMYLARDFaster opponents
    YAKATTACKFaster police
    SECRETCOWSWall climber
    ILOVENOBBYView pedestrians on map
    BENFORMARIOGreased tires
    WEHATEMARIODamage multiplier
    ICECREAMHOLEFive free recovery vouchers

  • Edit mode

    During a race, type "ibetyoucantprintcunt". Then, press [F4] to cycle through track and car editing modes. Enter one of the following codes while edit mode is enabled to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Cheat Code Result
    1Large credits
    2Paused pedestrians
    3Giant pedestrians
    4Exploding pedestrians
    5Hot rod
    6Fast pedestrians
    8Free repairs
    9Instant repair
    0Small credits
    [Shift] + 1Underwater mode
    [Shift] + 2Time bonus
    [Shift] + 3Wrecked body
    [Shift] + 4Mine
    [Shift] + 5Paused opponents
    [Shift] + 6Paused police
    [Shift] + 7Fast opponents
    [Shift] + 8Fast police
    [Shift] + 9Lunar gravity
    [Shift] + 0Timer stopped
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 1Bouncy Bouncy mode
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 2Instant handbrake
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 3Pedestrians from Hell
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 4Turbo
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 5Mega turbo
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 6Blind pedestrians
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 7Pedestrians Re-spawn
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 8Five free recoveries
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 9Solid granite car
    [Shift] + [Alt] + 0Explosive pedestrians
    [Ctrl] + 1Drugs
    [Ctrl] + 2Gripomatic tires
    [Ctrl] + 3Pedestrian harvest
    [Ctrl] + 4Volcanic corpses
    [Ctrl] + 5Jupiter gravity
    [Ctrl] + 0Rock Springs
    [Alt] + 1Wall Climber
    [Alt] + 2Bouncy Bouncy mode
    [Alt] + 3Jelly suspension
    [Alt] + 4Show pedestrians on map
    [Alt] + 5Pedestrian Electro-Bastard ray
    [Alt] + 6Greased tires
    [Alt] + 7Damage magnifier
    [Alt] + 8Jupiter gravity
    [Alt] + 9Fast opponents
    [Alt] + 0Pinball mode

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