Colin McRae Rally


Note: This is the 1998 game by Codemasters, not to be confused with the 2014 game Colin McRae Rally by Codemasters.

  • Cheat Codes

    Enter one of the following names to activate the corresponding cheat function:

    Result NAME
    All tracksFREEWAY
    Secret trackINTHECLOUDS
    Secret trackQUARRYVILLE
    Secret trackTROLLEYPARK
    Secret trackWILDAYWORLD
    Bonus carsLOTTOWIN
    Concept carHIPPO
    Toyota Celica GT4BEEFCAKE
    Green jelly carALIENGOO
    Custom replaySPECIALED
    Double powerBIGGUNS
    Fog modeWHITEOUT
    Four wheel steeringALLWHEELS
    Hover modeDELOREAN
    Low gravityGIANTLEAP
    Micro Machines modeBORROWERS
    Mirror tracksONTHEWALL
    Nicky Grist has high pitched voiceCHOIRBOY
    Night tracksDARKSIDE
    Rear wheel steeringTURNBACK
    Reversed tracksBACKAGAIN
    Tap keys to acceleratePRESSFAST
    Turbo boostROCKETMAN
    View credits during demoXCREDITSX
    Nicky Grist drives [Note]PASSEDOUT

    Note: Enable the code, then switch to the interior view to see Nicky Grist driving.

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